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Hi! I love reading your matchups! I’m an ISTP-T and a Slytherin. I’m quiet but with close friends, I’m rather mischievous when I’m in the mood. I get bored easily and need a lot of space. I’m kinda frank. My friends say I’m good at giving advices but I think that’s limited to practical ones. I’m useful in a crisis because I don’t get emotional. But in the long run, I have trouble handling my feelings. I don’t get attached easily. I also like trying new things just for the experience. Thank you!

Matsukawa would be great for you! He’s pretty level headed. People always have trouble handling with their own feelings and because of his steady personality, I think you’d feel comfortable enough to really open yourself up to him.

He definitely has thick skin, so even with your frankness, he’d understand where you’re coming from. Also 

I feel like even though this guy is quiet, he’s one of the funnier ones. I think it’d genuinely be hard to get bored of him because you’re always anticipating the next funny thing he’s going to say/do.

He’d totally appreciate your willingness to experience new things as he also probably enjoys going on adventures/being mischevious.

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for a prompt how about matsukawa, hanamaki, oikawa and iwaizumi and makki has a cat allergy and the others tease him for it?

I haven’t forgotten about this, I just kept putting it off. Sorry. But here it is :D

“Look how cute this cat is!” Matsukawa cooed at the small animal in his hands. He didn’t know who owned the cat, but the tiny, withe animal had trotted up to them and rub herself against his leg, and Issei was in love in a second. The cat purred happily in his arms, content with the attention it was given. 

“Smile, Matsun!” Oikawa said. He had picked up his phone and was already snapping pictures of the two of them. Matsukawa smiled with ease back as he hugged the cat flower to him. “This is going on my snap-story.”

Iwaizumi scratched it behind the can’t ears, and he swore he saw the cat smile back. She had closed her eyes and it even looked like she would fall asleep soon. “It’s good that it isn’t a stray, since she has a collar.” Iwaizumi hummed, looking at the small name tag attached to the blue collar. “Koko, her name is Koko!”

“Awww,” Matsukawa squeaked, he was engulfed in this furry little cat. “so cute!”

“Hey, Makki, don’t just stand over there,” Oikawa yelled over to the brunet. Hanamaki had given them all a good distance the second the cat approached them. “don’t you want to pet her?!”

Hanamaki huffed back and dug his hands in his pockets. He shook his head. 

“Makki, why not?” Oikawa asked. “Did you see the snap I sent you?”

“No, I don’t want to.” Takahiro yelled back and glared at his friend. “Just get it done and let’s move on.” 

A smirk grew on Iseei, and he smiled at his distant friends. “Come on, Hiro, she wants to be petted by you.” He started to short walk towards him, cat still in his arms. 

Hanamaki’s eyes widened in horror. “Hey-hey, don’t bring that thing over here!” He waved his hands, trying to get Matsukawa to turn around and leave him alone.

“What’s wrong, Makki?” Oikawa tilted his head. He looked between the two of them and though it was slightly weird how Hanamaki straight avoided the cat. 

“Nothing!” Takahiro yelled back in distress. “I just wont that cat near me. Get way, Matsun!”

“Aww, but you can’t be scared of this little kitty, Koko just wants to be loved.” he made kissy faces at him and held the cat up. The small cat looked curiously up at Hanamaki. Clearly the house-cat was used to humans, becuse it looked like the fur ball expected him to pet her. No way!

“So, Makki is scared of a little kitty-cat. Funny:” OIkawa said as he also approached. He grabbed Hanamaki’s shoulders and held him in place. “Come on, it’s a small kitten. It can’t hurt you. Scary-cat.” he stretched out the last words in an annoying sing song voice. Hanamaki almost pushed the setter to the ground. That cat was his nightmare. He wasn’t scared, he just wasn’t so fond of those little claw machines.

He flinched in his place as Issei stepped forward again. The cat moved at him. How dared she? He could already feel his throat starting to tickle and his eyes dry out. He would much rather avoid getting an allergic reaction from the cat. 

“Hey, Hanamaki,” Iwaizumi yelled as he started to approach the other third year too. “aren’t you allergic to cats.”

“Yes,” Hanamaki voiced, his distress showing in his voice. “so help me, Iwaizumi.”

“He isn’t allergic, he is just scared.” 

“You know, Makki, exposure therapy is one of the best ways to fight something your are scared of.”

“I am not scared of it!”

“Oikawa, let him go. Matsukawa, stop it.”

Oikawa still held Hanamaki in place, while the wing spiker struggled to get away. “Just give it a little pet. It’s really cute when she purrs…” 

“And she is really soft too, you know.” Issei teased. “But you don’t, since you’re too scared. You’re gonna make her sad.”

“It’s a house cat, she is probably spoiled a lot at her home.” Iwaizumi added. While it may be true, it didn’t help Hanamaki. 

Oikawa and Matsukawa laughed as they teased him with the cat. Hanamaki wanted to slap them both. 

Suddenlty the cat wiggled out of Matsukawa’s light grans and landed gracefully at her feet and walked away. Her tails was up high in a small arch. She didn’t even look back. 

Oikawa realised his friend, still snickering. 

“You guys are the worst, you know!” Hanamka huffed while he straighten his school uniform. He rubbed a finger under his nose, feeling it itching. He glared daggers at all of them, or at least, Oikawa and Matsukawa. 

“Just the worst.”

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So dialogue prompt based off some hilarious tumblr post I saw flying around? Reader (about Mattsun, since he deserves the love): “I’m not gonna ask the guy I’ve fucked like three times is he’s insecure about his eyebrows” thx!

this is so sufckign funny wtflamdsflkadf LMFAO THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING


matsukawa x reader | 4 Times

word count: 1011

Your friends had dragged you along to one of Seijoh’s practice volleyball matches. Since it was nearing the Inter-High Prelims, they had more practice matches than normal. You thought it was strange that your friends were actually interested in coming to the match. You didn’t even know that they knew how the game worked. You were talking to your friends about something they saw online the other night until, the boys came out to the courts. Oikawa called out to your friends, “Oh, you guys really came to watch!”

Your friends squealed in excitement, “Of course, since you asked!”

You quickly realized what caused them to become so interested in coming to this practice match. You sighed, “I get why you guys wanted to watch, but what I don’t get is why you had to bring me.”

“Well, someone has to explain the rules to us.” Your friend explained, “Besides, you used to watch all their practice games before. Why do you only watch their official matches now?”

You watched the rest of the team walk into the gym, and you saw him. Matsukawa’s eyes slightly went wide at the sight of you. He bowed in your direction, and you gave him a quick smile. Your friends noticed that you weren’t paying attention to them anymore, and they looked in your line of sight, “What are you looking at?”

You turned around and headed towards the bleachers, “It’s nothing. Let’s go to the stands, they’re going to start soon.”

The boys from both schools were warming up and waiting for their coaches to enter the gym, so they could start the practice match. Your friend asked, “So, who would you guys want to hook up with if given the chance?”

One of you guys quickly added, “Oikawa is out of the running by the way, since he’d be most people’s top choice.”

“What kind of ridiculous conversation is this?” You rolled your eyes, “They’re not celebrities. You could literally go and talk to them if you wanted to.”

“It’s not like we’re actually serious.” Your friend laughed, “But if Oikawa was out of the running, I’d choose Iwaizumi.”

“I think I’d go for Hanamaki myself.” Your other friend responded. They then looked at you, “Who would you choose?”

“I don’t know.” You groaned, “Why are we even having this conversation?”

Your friend started counting off the boys on her fingers, “If we’re only counting the third years, and Oikawa doesn’t count, that just leaves Matsukawa.”

“Why’d you guys choose Matsukawa as the leftovers?” you asked, a little bit offended.

“He’s not leftovers at all.” Your friend spoke, “I just think that he suits you much better than us.”

“Speaking of Matsukawa,” your other friend began, “Don’t you think his eyebrows are a little bit weird?”

You couldn’t help but snort at your friend’s comment, “What makes you say that?”

“I don’t know. They just have a shape about them.  They don’t seem natural.” Your friend answered.

You looked at the tall boy on the court, “I’ve never really paid attention to his eyebrows.”

“They’re like triangles, dude.” Your friend pointed out, “Do you think he’s noticed them?”

“Say,” your friend looked over at you, “didn’t you guys used to hang out all the time? What happened with that?”

Your face turned a bright shade of red, “I don’t know. Maybe we got busier once we became third years.”

Your friends noticed the very apparent blush that was on your face and pressed on it, “Why are you blushing?”

You looked in the opposite direction of them and covered your mouth with your hand, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

The boys were running spiking drills, and it was Matsukawa’s turn to spike the ball. You couldn’t help but be drawn to him. Your friend joked, “Maybe you can rebuild the bridge between you guys and ask him about his eyebrows.”

You were so completely distracted with watching Matsukawa that you answered without thinking, “I’m not gonna ask the guy I’ve fucked like three times if he’s insecure about his eyebrows.”

“WHAT?!” Your friends simultaneously yelled, “THREE TIMES?!”

You slapped your hand over your mouth, and your friends were staring at you with nearly unreadable expressions. You looked down at the court, and you saw that your friends yelling garnered the attention of the boys on the court.

You looked at Matsukawa who was looking over at you with a perplexed look on his face. You felt your face turning red yet again. You gathered your things from the bench and excused yourself from your friends, “I’m going home!”

They looked at each other, and one snickered, “Don’t think that we won’t be asking you about it later!”

Later that night, you were lying in bed in complete disbelief of what had happened. You were at least thankful that what was said was still between you and your friends.

Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard your phone ring. You looked at it, and it was a text from Matsukawa. You figured it was him asking why you’d left the practice match early. Instead it read, “So, you finally told you friends about us?”

You quickly typed, “It was an accident, but how’d you know?”

After a couple of seconds, he responded, “I could see your friends giggling in my direction the whole practice match as soon as you left. Anyone could guess what the conversation was about.”

You read his message and closed your screen figuring you’d reply later. However, it pinged again. It was another message from him, “If you want, we can make it four times.”

Your face immediately heated up, and you were glad that you were texting him instead of talking to him in person because he’d definitely tease you if he saw you. Of course, he knew what your friends meant when they yelled three times. It wasn’t that hard if you connected all the dots.

You typed a response on your phone and pressed send.

Your message read, “Just hurry up and come over.”

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No writes about matsukawa!! Can you do one about reader being student president and is very close to Matsun, makki, oikawa, and iwaizumi? But matsun has a Lowkey crush on the girl but she considered to be very athletic, very beautiful, very kind and pretty popular with everyone so he thinks she's a better match with oikawa? Please and thank you!!!

omg honestly i love him and makki theyre tall bros for life i fukn love them 

thank you for requesting!


matsukawa x fem reader | Question

word count: 1426

You were bringing some papers to the student council room, so your other officers could help you complete them before the due date. Things had piled up, since it was nearing the end of the semester and that meant the school festival, so the pile was a bit heavier than usual. While walking, someone called out to you. When you turned around, you smiled at him, “Matsukawa! How’s it going?”

Matsukawa smiled at you, “I was just heading to the clubroom for practice. You?”

Before you could say anything, Matsukawa already grabbed the papers in your hands to carry the for you. “Wait, it’s okay! I can carry them.” You fretted, “I don’t want to make you late for practice!”

“I’m early anyways.” Matsukawa shrugged, “So, where are you headed?”

You smiled and tucked your hair behind your ear, “Student council room.”  

He followed you to the student council room and placed all the papers on your desk. Before he left, you said, “Please, tell the others that I said hi!”

Matsukawa held up a peace sign as response and you smiled to yourself.

In the club room, Matsukawa was met with the rest of his teammates changing into their practice clothes. Oikawa asked, “Usually you’re the first one here, Mattsun! What held you up?”

“I was helping Pres with something.” Matsukawa started changing, “She says hi, by the way.”

Oikawa dreamily sighed, “Our student council president is such a catch. To think someone can be that pretty and smart.”

Iwaizumi jumped in, “And athletic.”

Oikawa jumped back, “Iwa-chan! You don’t like her, do you?”

“Don’t be a dumbass.” Iwaizumi landed a fist on top of the captain’s head, “I’ll give someone credit where it’s due.”

“As much as I’d hate to say it,” Hanamaki added, “but I think Oikawa would be a good match with her. Don’t you agree, Matsukawa?”

Matsukawa slightly flinched at Hanamaki’s comment but quickly regained composure. “Who knows?” he shrugged and chuckled, “I’d feel bad for whoever ends up dating that guy though.”

Oikawa whined, “You guys!”

Iwaizumi ignored their complaining captain and told the other members to hurry into the gym. Matsukawa and the others followed after him.

Matsukawa would be an idiot if he told himself that he didn’t feel anything for you. To him, you were the perfect girl, but he knew that other boys saw you that way as well. Even though, Oikawa was quick to compliment you, Matsukawa couldn’t say he knew how Oikawa felt about you. What he did know was how often people thought you and Oikawa would look good together. He was around the both of you all the time, and he thought it himself. Matsukawa knew it’d be pointless if he ever acted on his feelings, but he couldn’t deny that he still had some hope for himself.  

The next day at school, you sat down at the desk in front of Matsukawa’s. You grinned at him, “Want to do me a huge favor?”

Matsukawa raised an eyebrow, “Depends. What is it?”

“It’s nothing too hard. I just need to interview someone from the volleyball club a flyer for the school festival.” You explained, “So, how about it?”

“Don’t you think Oikawa would be better for an interview?” Matsukawa responded, “He’s the one who always does them.”

You rolled your eyes, “If I have to hear ‘If you’re gonna hit it, hit it until it breaks’ one more time, I’ll break.”

Matsukawa laughed, and you laughed along with him, “So, today? Meet me in the student council room after your practice?”

Matsukawa nodded, “Sure. Today after practice.”

You stood up from the chair and smiled, “Great! I’ll see you later then!”

Matsukawa watched you leave his homeroom and could feel his stomach fill with butterflies. There was no way he wasn’t happy that you asked to interview him regardless if it was for the school.

After practice, Hanamaki asked Matsukawa, “You want to go to the convenience store and pick up some meat buns? Oikawa is treating.”

Oikawa jumped, “Who said that?”

Iwaizumi added, “I’ll have one pork and one beef.”

“If I’m treating, you’re all only getting one!” Oikawa exclaimed.

“I gotta pass.” Matsukawa shook his head, “I have something to do on campus today.”

“Alright, then I’ll take Matsukawa’s.” Iwaizumi replied.

The team left the clubroom, and Hanamaki asked Matsukawa, “What is it you have to do?”

“Pres asked if she could interview me for the school festival.” Matsukawa answered.

Oikawa frowned, “Why didn’t she ask me? We all know I’m the best at interviews.”

Matsukawa snorted, “Maybe you should ask her yourself. I think she phrased it the best way.”

“Good idea! I’ll go with you, Mattsun!” Oikawa replied, “I’ll show you it’s done.”

Matsukawa could feel his stomach drop. If he could have anything but that. As soon as Oikawa were to step into he room, all the attention would be put on him. Normally, Matsukawa didn’t care, but just this once he wanted it to be just him. That’s when Iwaizumi grabbed Oikawa by the collar, “Don’t think you’re getting out of buying us meat buns.”

Relief washed over Matsukawa, and he watched them walk away in the opposite direction. When Matsukawa reached the student council room, he opened the door to find only you in the room. You greeted him first, “Hey, Matsukawa! Take a seat.”

You pointed to the chair across from you, and he walked to the chair and asked, “Is it just you here?”

“Yup. I had to finish a little bit more work for the festival, so everyone already left.” You finished writing something, “But, I’m just about done.”

Matsukawa looked at the notebook in front of you, and he realized it was the budgeting book. He sighed, “Is there anything you can’t do?”

You tilted your head at him and laughed, “I don’t really do much! I’m just double checking the funds for this month to make sure there’s enough for everything we plan to do.”

“Still,” Matsukawa continued, “you’re pretty amazing.”

You felt your face go red, and you looked for some papers in your desk, “Well, should we get to those interview questions?”

Matsukawa nodded in response, and the two of you started. At first, the questions started out with basic, things like what he liked about the school, but after some time, the two of you kept straying from the interview and talked about other random topics. You were laughing, “People really think that your uniform doesn’t suit you?”

Matsukawa chuckled, “I think it’s the teal color.”

You thought for a moment, “I bet you get a lot of comments when you guys wear the away uniform.”

“Way more than you’d think.” He laughed.

You looked back at the list of questions, but instead of asking a question from the list, you asked, “So, you know, there’s a small dance at the end of the festival, and I know it’s a little far away from now. You probably haven’t given it much thought, but would you… like to dance with me after the festival is done?”

Matsukawa looked up at you with wide eyes, and you put your hands up, “It’s okay if you don’t want to.”

Without thinking, Matsukawa answered, “Wouldn’t you rather be with Oikawa? I think you’d two would suit each other better.”

Your smile quickly disappeared, and your shoulders dropped, “But I was asking you.”

Matsukawa regretted ever opening his mouth, and before he could say anything, you kept talking, “I don’t care if people think that me and Oikawa would be a better match. He’s not the one I like.”

You looked at the black-haired boy who sat across from you, “Matsukawa, I asked you to dance with me because I want to dance with you.”

“It’s fine, though.” You stood up from your chair and said, “We should probably finish this interview at another time. It’s getting pretty late.”

You stepped from behind your desk and headed to the door, but Matsukawa grabbed your hand, “Wait. That’s not what I meant.” You looked up at him, and he continued, “I’m glad you asked me. I just hear a lot of stuff all the time, and even though, I knew it wasn’t true I let it get to my head. What I’m trying to say is that I-I’d love to dance with you after the festival.”

Matsukawa let go of your hand and mumbled, “If you’ll still have me.”

You looked up at Matsukawa with a smile and held his hand again, “I’d really like that.”

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My MattsunMakki AU

  • Where they have a long-distance relationship in half a year and they don’t know each other’s face (I headcanon them as not good at taking selfie !!)
  • Then Oikawa decided to send some Makki’s picture to Mattsun and encouraged him to go to his place to meet face-to-face with Makki and then Mattsun just went “YEAHHHH SUREEEE”.
  • But Makki still doesn’t know Mattsun’s face, and because he is working as a tour guide at the airport, he met Mattsun without knowing its his lover. Felt that was so fucking damn cute when Makki approached him with a bright smile and asked him to go out on town, Mattsun acted like he didn’t know it was Makki and go with him to the city center to eat cream puff and cheese burger and so on.
  • Stuffs I wanna draw: Mattsun pretends like that to enjoy Makki’s cuteness and excitement, pretends he doesn’t know anything and asks Makki about his bf and Makki is still angry because he thinks Mattsun didn’t text him so he just goes “I do have a bf but he is a dumb stupid”
  • Soft MattsunMakki is life what else

Will try to done this short strip tonight, I’m stuck at school so just can post this as a spoiler 😭 but if you guys enjoy it let me know ‘cause I love MattsunMakki so much like IwaOi !!!!!!!!)

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Since tumblr is fucking dead boys, just like my love life 
Who’s single and rdy to mingle? Or to be friends! (●´ω`●)


  • Someone I have stuff in common w/, so it’s never a dull moment
  • Who I can laugh with nd cuddle on during sleepy restless nights
  • Who will make me feel loved in general, who also likes physical affection
  • Oh and be 18+

♥ So~ Who wants to be the Matsukawa to my Hanamaki? ♥

About me?: Well, I like cosplaying, spending way too many hours gaming on tf2, cuddling my days away, will spam you constantly with dumb memes and animal gifs saying: us, write you sappy posts at 4am in the morning, and spending way 2 much money on a matsuhana ita bag and so much more dumb nonsense. I’m a character.. to say the least. Hopefully a catch 😘

Hmu on discord if u want to get a gander at this (not)hot mess: Hanahaki…🌸#8883
Since I don’t check tumblr.. at all.. if u cant reach me on discord u can try to contact me on twitter, Makkipuffs. Cheers! May we find what we’re looking for. 

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Hey can I get a Haikyuu matchup? I'm a bisexual female whose 5'1 and is a bit sensitive about being called short. Other than that I'm fairly confident and can take jokes. I also love memes and goofing around, but I actually am mature and responsible. I also do really well in school. I'm also more of a tomboy than a girly girl, I also have a dark-Irish sense of humor

I ship you with Mattsun!


Once he learnt that you were sensitive about your height he wouldn’t mention it, even in a joking sense. He’d love your confidence and your ability to take jokes since he is absolutely full of them, the more jokes he makes about someone the more he likes them so prepare yourself. He loves that you like memes too, he’ll often send you some throughout the day (or night) a lot of them team related, sometimes he takes photo’s of the team and turns them into your inside memes. As much as he loves your goofy, memer side he likes that you can be mature and responsible and study dates becomes a thing that happen quite regularly. He loves your sense of humour and, no matter how dark your jokes are, he’ll be sure to match them

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Throwback to that one time Keichan was on the train on his way to the studio and the girl sitting next to him just happened to be listening to Haruka. Imagine being a random person sitting on the train and you’re listening to a song but you’re completely unaware that 1) the *actual vocalist* is literally sitting right next to you and 2) he’s screaming internally because oh god someone is actually listening to my music out here. Absolutely wild

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“You need to face the team, and have the team face you. If you’re able to do that, you’ll both clash and become even stronger. And if you’re able to do that, just know that you’re lucky. Teams like that don’t exist everywhere”

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