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Hello! I hope you’re okay! Can I have a scenario with Iwaizumi, Bokuto and Matsukawa? They have an temperamental and easily blush girlfriend, usually she don’t start affection toward them, but one day, due jealousy, she surprise them with a fast and fiercely kiss(the ones that the girl drag him down and they stay shocked). How would they react? Bonus points for teasing after kiss. Thank you so much in advance!


Originally posted by jeannette11

  • He found your tendency to blush easily adorable
  • He took advantage of it a little too much, if you ever snapped at him it usually made your blush darker so it was just a bonus in his eyes
  • Oikawa had the huge fanbase but that didn’t mean that Iwaizumi didn’t get attention either
  • He was very popular amongst the girls who were brave enough to approach him
  • It didn’t happen all that often, especially when you were around.
  • Whenever it did happen with you around he wouldn’t even be aware of it
  • The only time he ever became aware of a girl flirting with him when you were around was when you responded
  • You responded by pulling him into a deep, rather heated kiss
  • This boy was shook
  • You very rarely initiated affection, and something so intense and public to add as well
  • He was in a stunned silence for a good minute or so afterwards
  • Then it took another minute or so to actually create a coherent sentence
  • “Not that I’m complaining…but where did that come from????”
  • When you tell him he immediately jumps on the chance to tease you
  • “Awww ____ you don’t have to be jealous, you know I only have eyes for you~”
  • He then teases you for your blush


Originally posted by bokuroofanzine

  • Bokuto is more than happy to initiate affection and does so often
  • He initiates it so often that he doesn’t even notice that you don’t
  • Bokuto has a bit of a fanbase so girls asking him for his autograph, asking him on dates or just flirting with him is not uncommon
  • Bokuto almost never notices that he’s being flirted with unless it’s an obvious ask out
  • Since he’s so obvious about his relationship with you it almost never happens when you’re around
  • One day it does though, Bokuto once again did not notice that these girls were flirting with him
  • You did however
  • So you grabbed his face, pulled him down and kissed him hard
  • He was definitely stunned but one of his biggest talents is his ability to bounce back
  • So it wasn’t long before he reciprocated the kiss
  • When you pull away you’re completely red, he just grins at you
  • “What?” You say, a little too sharply maybe, he isn’t phased
  • “That was adorable, you should do that more often”
  • He’d poke your cheeks and kiss your face
  • He’d be pretty surprised when you explained why you suddenly kissed him
  • He’d still tease you for your blush though


Originally posted by haikyuu-yuu-yuu

  • Matsukawa knew you didn’t initiate affection and he was completely fine with that
  • He also knew that you could be rather temperamental, this also didn’t bother him
  • What he didn’t know however, was how fiercely jealous you could get
  • He never flirted with other girls but girls would check him out and flirt with him from time to time
  • He usually made it pretty clear that he was with you though, so it didn’t happen all that often
  • This was one of those times that it did
  • A small group of girls were checking him out and giggling, daring each other to go ask him out
  • They either didn’t notice you or simply ignored you, it wasn’t clear which one
  • Mattsun didn’t notice it at all, he was doing his own thing, blissfully unaware
  • That was until you grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down into a hard, fierce kiss
  • He was 50 shades of shooketh  
  • He blinked when you pulled away, he had no idea where that came from but he definitely wasn’t about to complain
  • When he saw your blushing, pouty face he couldn’t help but tease you
  • “Awww that’s was unusually brave of you~”
  • This lasted for hours, teasing you for your blushing, jealously, sudden bravery
  • But he loved it, he has a dopey smile for the rest of the day
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My MattsunMakki AU

  • Where they have a long-distance relationship in half a year and they don’t know each other’s face (I headcanon them as not good at taking selfie !!)
  • Then Oikawa decided to send some Makki’s picture to Mattsun and encouraged him to go to his place to meet face-to-face with Makki and then Mattsun just went “YEAHHHH SUREEEE”.
  • But Makki still doesn’t know Mattsun’s face, and because he is working as a tour guide at the airport, he met Mattsun without knowing its his lover. Felt that was so fucking damn cute when Makki approached him with a bright smile and asked him to go out on town, Mattsun acted like he didn’t know it was Makki and go with him to the city center to eat cream puff and cheese burger and so on.
  • Stuffs I wanna draw: Mattsun pretends like that to enjoy Makki’s cuteness and excitement, pretends he doesn’t know anything and asks Makki about his bf and Makki is still angry because he thinks Mattsun didn’t text him so he just goes “I do have a bf but he is a dumb stupid”
  • Soft MattsunMakki is life what else

Will try to done this short strip tonight, I’m stuck at school so just can post this as a spoiler 😭 but if you guys enjoy it let me know ‘cause I love MattsunMakki so much like IwaOi !!!!!!!!)

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Since tumblr is fucking dead boys, just like my love life 
Who’s single and rdy to mingle? Or to be friends! (●´ω`●)


  • Someone I have stuff in common w/, so it’s never a dull moment
  • Who I can laugh with nd cuddle on during sleepy restless nights
  • Who will make me feel loved in general, who also likes physical affection
  • Oh and be 18+

♥ So~ Who wants to be the Matsukawa to my Hanamaki? ♥

About me?: Well, I like cosplaying, spending way too many hours gaming on tf2, cuddling my days away, will spam you constantly with dumb memes and animal gifs saying: us, write you sappy posts at 4am in the morning, and spending way 2 much money on a matsuhana ita bag and so much more dumb nonsense. I’m a character.. to say the least. Hopefully a catch 😘

Hmu on discord if u want to get a gander at this (not)hot mess: Hanahaki…🌸#8883
Since I don’t check tumblr.. at all.. if u cant reach me on discord u can try to contact me on twitter, Makkipuffs. Cheers! May we find what we’re looking for. 

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Hey can I get a Haikyuu matchup? I'm a bisexual female whose 5'1 and is a bit sensitive about being called short. Other than that I'm fairly confident and can take jokes. I also love memes and goofing around, but I actually am mature and responsible. I also do really well in school. I'm also more of a tomboy than a girly girl, I also have a dark-Irish sense of humor

I ship you with Mattsun!

Once he learnt that you were sensitive about your height he wouldn’t mention it, even in a joking sense. He’d love your confidence and your ability to take jokes since he is absolutely full of them, the more jokes he makes about someone the more he likes them so prepare yourself. He loves that you like memes too, he’ll often send you some throughout the day (or night) a lot of them team related, sometimes he takes photo’s of the team and turns them into your inside memes. As much as he loves your goofy, memer side he likes that you can be mature and responsible and study dates becomes a thing that happen quite regularly. He loves your sense of humour and, no matter how dark your jokes are, he’ll be sure to match them

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MatsuTen - First Kiss

The first touch of their lips was soft, so soft it was almost as though they were ghosts to each other, their nerves holding them back as though they were tethered.

Matsukawa nearly opened his eyes, wondering if Tendou were second guessing this; had he pushed too hard, moved too fast?

Then a hand was in his hair, tugging him forward and Tendou’s lips slotted more fully against his own, a low hum vibrating Matsukawa all the way to his toes; apparently he wasn’t moving fast enough.

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