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#Mina Ashido

The anime website I use was buffering a bit during the newest episode of My Hero Academia, so I thought I’d share some of the screenshots I took of places the video decided to freeze up at

Bakugo foot pic


Lovely shot of Bakugo’s open mouth


I’ve always thought Mineta with his eyes closed looks a bit…strange


Blanket boi


Lovely shots of Mina’s elbow and fingers


God himself, along with two literal angels

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Another week, another episode!!!! Glad to have more Katsuki content since he makes the best damn faces in the show. Though my favorite shot this week has to be Iida losing his sanity because he’s so damn tired. Also, Jirou’s singing was awesome!!!! Loved listening to her sing and I can’t wait to hear more~! Next episode will be so much fun with Monoma appearing again, and also more Eri!!!!


(One day. One day this damn photo will change and I’ll be able to see it because I’ve screenshotted it every damn time it appears)

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 My first request! Hope you enjoy, anon! 


Originally posted by animepenguin

 “Hey, Mina? Is Y/n ok? He seemed pretty stressed out about the upcoming exams.” Kirishima asked Mina. She frowned a bit, wondering the same thing about her boyfriend. He had been distancing himself from her the past week or so, locking himself in his dorm room to study.

 “Is he in his dorm? Maybe I should check on him, oh! I can help him study!!” Mina jumped up and down and bolted off to his dorm. You were sitting at a desk in your dorm, staring at the textbook, frustrated beyond belief. It shouldn’t be this hard to understand, your grades were slipping and you couldn’t risk getting expelled by Aizawa. A knock on your door snapped you out of your train of thought, and you spun in your chair to look at the door. 

 “Y/n? Can I come in?” Your girlfriend’s bubbly voice rang out. She sounded concerned, which was the exact opposite of what you had hoped. Mina had better things to do in your eyes.

 “Yeah, you come in.” Mina opened the door, and instantly noticed how exhausted you looked. She walked over and opened her arms, expecting a hug. Her cheeks were puffed out, almost looking disappointed that you had not given her affections immediately. You got up from your chair and hugged your girl, and she wrapped her arms around you tightly.

 “Are you okay, babe?” Mina asked you, and you tried your best to hide your exhaustion. Mina really shouldn’t have to worry about you, it should be the other way around, right?

 “Of course, why wouldn’t I be okay?” You say, kissing her forehead in reassurance to your words. She looked up at you and glared lightly. 

 “Don’t lie to me, is it because of exams? You know I can help you study right? It’ll be fun!” She smiled up at you brightly, and you cursed at her cuteness. Mina’s bubbly personality was hard to stay upset around, she brightened up wherever she was. Mina bounced over to your desk and peered at what you were working on.

 “Hey! I’m struggling with this too, so we can work together! Two heads are better than one!” She says and grabs your hand to pull you back over to the desk. You sit on the chair, and she cheekily places herself upon your lap before rambling about the English work on your desk. Mina stopped and looked at you before kissing your forehead, much like you did earlier.

 “Don’t stress so much! I’ll help you as much as I can okay? Once we are both stuck, we can go bother Bakugou to help!” She reassures you, kissing your cheeks and forehead again before going back to work on the paper in front of you. You smile and wrap your arms around her waist to secure her place there and listen to her ramble. Maybe it was okay for her to worry about you like this, or maybe you were just too in love to be bothered by her. 

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Sero: Whose turn is it to cook for the Squad tonight?

Bakugou: Pikachu’s!

Ashido: *pulling face* Ugh, we're gonna die, aren’t we?

Kaminari: Don’t worry my dudes and dudettes! I found this amazing five stars recipe online, this is gonna be Kaminamazing!

Kaminari: *enters kitchen and washes hands, starts gathering recipe's ingredients*

Kaminari: *doesn’t find pepper and replaces it with piment*

Kaminari: *can’t find clean teaspoon thus uses tablespoon*

Kaminari: *isn’t patient enough to wait for the whole recipe to cook in the oven an puts it in the microwave* 

Kaminari: Bros, it’s ready!

Bakusquad: Digs in and almost dies.

Kaminari: …

Kaminari: Gets smartphone and leaves one star on online recipe. 

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Can I ask for a hc of Mina asking out her super shy crush? 🥺💞

holy shit,, the things i would give to have mina ask me out lmfao


Mina Ashido

  • lowkey i feel like mina would have no shame admitting that she’s attracted to someone
  • so if she finds that she’s into you, the whole class will know
  • shit, the entire school will know lmao
  • she makes her interest clear by firing compliments at you every time you so much as inhale 
    • “ugh oh my god (y/n)’s really out here being so damn cute as always,,, gonna give a poor girl a heart attack”
    • “skfjdkghj i just scratched my shoulder :’^) ”
  • and mina’s minimal perception of personal space makes it almost impossible to stay away from you for a prolonged period of time
  • whether she’s leaning against you or messing around with a piece of your clothing, she just always wants to be as close to you as possible
  • and oh my god the heart eyes she makes whenever you smile,,,,
  • how has this girl not tried to make things official yet ??
  • while it’s not as obvious, everyone can quickly pick up on reciprocated feelings from your end
  • it just drags on with the two of you dancing around the inevitable until bakugou just gets absolutely fed up 
    • “:0000 holy shit,,,, ur right,,, but how,,,,,,,”
  • so now mina’s genuinely thinking about asking you out
  • and oh boy is she a mess
  • like all of a sudden, what was just playful flirting until something happens is now mina frantically searching for the best opportunity to pop the question and make things official
  • she then settles on an exact day to ask you out, but she still needs to figure out how to make the moment absolutely perfect so there’s no way you’d say no
  • but tbh she’s pulling a complete blank here
  • after trying to come up with a plan and asking for help way late into the night, she finally comes to a conclusion
    • “ykw maybe i’ll just wing it like i always do !!”
    • “,,,, you kept me on the phone until 3 am just for that,,,,,,,,,”
    • “sorry sero <3”
  • so come the next day in class and mina’s literally vibrating in her seat just waiting for you to walk in
  • the bakusquad has already figured out what’s about to go down so they’re trying to calm her down but if anything it’s only making things worse skfjfgh
  • like honestly we’ve never seen mina so genuinely panicked in her life where villains aren’t involved
    • “oh my god oh my god wait wait i don’t know if i can do this what if i come off too strong and scare them away and ruin all my chances oh god oh shit i shoulda thought this through i-”
    • “mina they’re coming in”
  • by this time the entire class is trying to get mina’s shit together just so she can speak coherently
  • surely enough when you walk in you’re kinda surprised to see the whole class surrounding mina who’s currently an absolute trainwreck
    • “um, is everything okay ?? what’s going on ??”
    • “oH,,, i,,,,”
  • mina figured she shouldn’t have blurted it out while she was still panicked
  • but now the cat’s out of the bag and all she can do now is beg silently for a positive answer
  • it’s kinda quiet for a while, and she slowly concludes that the feelings might not have been mutual like she thought
  • the silence is absolutely deafening
  • but then she hears a small huff, and it almost sounds like a laugh
  • when she finally has it in her to make eye contact with you, your cheeks are flushed to almost match her skin color as you try to hide your smile
    • “i mean,,, i like you too,, so i don’t see why not :’) ”
  • kxdjfjdfg the way mina snaps out of her panic nearly gives everyone whiplash
  • she’s instantaneously back to her carefree, eccentric self except now she’s literally latched onto you skdjswg
  • this is going to be the start of a wonderful relationship i can just tell lmao
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You slid open the door to the gym, pausing when you realized someone else was already there. Mina was in the middle of dancing to an upbeat song. Seeing you, she smiled through the sheen of sweat. She paused the music from her phone in her pocket. “Yo! Wanna join in? It’s a lot of fun!”

[Alien Queen Workout Mix]



  1. Wildcard - KSHMR
  2. Lone Digger - Caravan Palace
  3. Sleep When We’re Dead - ItaloBrothers
  4. Work This Body - Walk The Moon
  5. Warrior - Ke$ha
  6. Lean On - Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat MØ
  7. Angels - Vicetone feat. Kat Nestel
  8. Me Too - Meghan Trainor
  9. Power - Little Mix
  10. War Child - Hollywood Undead


By the time the last song came on, Mina was slowing down, out of breath and clearly reaching the end, while you yourself had to bow out four or five songs ago, opting instead to watch the talented girl and marveling at her ability. At long last she let out at ‘whoop!’ and sat beside you for a while. “So?” She says, staring at you with intense gold eyes. You were unsure what she meant. She laughs, “Dancing, dummy. What do you think? Fun right?” You couldn’t help but smile at her energy and offer her a nod. She grins, flipping open her water bottle, “We should do it again sometime!”

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