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#My Hero Academia
Hello, it's totally stormy where I live now and I am afraid of strong winds, that brought me an idea. Could you please write something where the reader is afraid of strong winds and Shigaraki tries his best to comfort his s/o while a storm is blowing through the city.

Sorry, I’m definitely late to this one. I hope the weather has since calmed down by now. We’re almost the same person. I absolutely hate bad weather, and get terrified when it gets too windy out there.

~Tomura Storm Fluff~



Tomura was doing his best to focus on the card tower that he was building out of bordem on the kitchen table while his game was busy updating. He couldn’t focus because of the gentle whining sounds you were making that you didnt think he could notice. You were currently looking out of the second floor living room window of your shared apartment. Each strong guest of wind seemed to get worse and worse. You watched people below struggling to keep hold of their things as they were going to their destinations and you were secretly thankful to not be out there.

But still…

Tomura sighed in annoyance and stood up from the table. He ignored the card tower that quickly tumbled apart. “Alright, come here y/n.” He opened his arms up and rolled his eyes when you quickly turned your attention to him. You ran into his arms and buried your face into his chest and he secretly smiled at the gesture. He placed his chin on top of your head and rocked you two gently where you stood. He took note to quietly inhale the scent of your shampoo and conditioner (and if you dont have hair, then he took note of the perfume/cologne/or lotion you put on). You shook just a bit at the sound of the strong wind pushing various small twigs at your window from the tree nearby the apartment. Tomura sighed and led you into the spare bedroom.

This was the room where you two made into a sort of den. He gathered tons of blankets and fashioned them into a sort of nest. Then he turned the fairy lights on. Next, he reached over to the shelf nearby and grabbed the small sound machine before going to bundle up with you in the covers. The machine was originally meant for infants to put in their cribs, but you two agreed to buy it when you both realized it had ocean sounds on it.

He turned the machine on, placed it on the side of the fluffy pallet, and pulled you into his lap before slowly beginning to rock you comfortably in his embrace. “You really need to stop being scared of this stuff. The wind cant get you in here. I promise I’ll keep that from happening. Here,” He laid back carefully, keeping you close so you’d be laying on his chest.

“Get a little rest, listen to the waves, and by the time you wake up that stupid wind will be gone.” Then he gently stroked your back and listened as your breathing slowed into a steady pattern indicating that you had fallen into a peaceful sleep. It wasn’t soon after that he joined you in dreamland.


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Bakugou x Reader


Valentine’s Special #3

#1: Midoriya

#2: Todoroki

a/n: Last mini-drabble special and I’m most proud of this one, I think this is my favorite.  I hope you guys enjoyed these past 3 specials and had a great Valentine’s weekend with your s/o’s or yourselves because the most important person you should love is YOU my precious babies.

Now that all 3 are up, the first person to match all 3 verses to each of the 3 posts gets a free request of their choice.  Good luck~

Look forward to a few more fluffs since I took up this undertaking in the middle of writing a couple others in the next week before we finally get around to some more angst!


Bakugou confessed to me the night before Valentine’s Day. He kissed me as the light of the full moon illuminated his features and his faintly pink cheeks. After that, he promised to celebrate our anniversary on Valentine’s Day in one big special day enough for both.

Having gained a key to my apartment, he would sneak in and close my bedroom door, letting me sleep late into the morning as he toiled in my kitchen. At around 11, he would finally knock on the door and wake me softly. “Baby, time to get up. Your teddy bear made brunch.” He’d place a full tray of food on the bed and gently stir me awake.

The first time I’d tasted his cooking, I was astonished how amazing it tasted.

“Hmph, just because I’m a little rough at the edges doesn’t mean I don’t have other hobbies,” he huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Calm down, teddy bear.” I touched his arm gently. “Thank you, it’s really delicious.”

The proud smirk on his face didn’t leave until I was finished eating.  I occasionally fed him bites of the brunch in bed he obviously made with all the love in his heart.  Even years after our first anniversary, this was a custom he never forgot.

After finishing our little meal in bed, he’d cast the tray aside and smoothly slide in a pickup line before pining me down to the bed and drown me in kisses, ranging from steamy to chaste, as he whispered sweet nothings against my skin.

“I should probably leave my clothes here more often, my giant shirt looks sexy on you,” he smirked as he hovered over me one year before devouring my lips, lifting his shirt up to caress the warm skin of my waist.  Later that summer, he decided we should move in together.

And this would be the first of many times he would kiss me that day.  Afterwards, he would take me by the hand and practically drag me out of bed to the bathroom to get ready for an all-day outing.  The first year he did this, I complained like a child and shut the door on him when he teased me about getting me ready himself.  The second year, he said made the same threat, and I returned his smirk with my own.  "Go right ahead.“

Surprisingly, it didn’t turn out as suggestive as either of us thought.  Katsuki sat me down in a chair in front of the mirror and styled my hair for me.  He needed some help in the beginning, but got better as the years progressed.  It was therapeutic, the way his fingers ran through my strands as he worked.  Ever the fashionista, he would even pick out an outfit for me to wear from my closet only to have it match with an outfit from his own.  We’d always take a picture together and it would be his phone background for the rest of the year, until our next Valentine’s Day.

We’d leave the house into the light of day to soak up the Sun together, hand in hand.  Our day of fun would continue in a variety of directions.  Sometimes we would go to an arcade, movie, bowling, pool hall, the list was endless and nothing was really off the table.  One year, we had to stay home because I was sicker than a dog and we had a movie marathon at home.  Katsuki got dinner delivered to our house and we snacked on junk food all day.

At the close of the day, we’d come home and stand in front of the door, the darkness enveloping us together.  From some strange hiding spot - either near the building or on his person - he would produce a bouquet of roses and a box, sometimes of chocolates and sometimes of jewelry.  Taking his place right in front of me, Katsuki’s crimson eyes boring into mine with endless love that I can tell grows deeper every year.

He’d take my hand in his and whisper the same 3 words as the dim light, his cheeks still sometimes turning a slight flush of pink.

"I love you, teddy bear.”

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I read chapter 261, and I keep coming back to the concept of high-end Nomu. I’m curious if Ujiko considers Kurogiri to be a Nomu or maybe a proto-Nomu or something else entirely especially since Shirakumo’s brain is not exposed. Although not all of the high-end Nomus had their brains exposed, sot hat’s likely not a criteria. If Kurogiri is a Nomu by Ujiko’s definition, then I’m curious if he’s perhaps a low-end Nomu. Like he’s a defense Nomu in that he can just fwip Shigaraki out of tough situations if need be while also providing butler-like services. Although perhaps Kurogiri is somewhere in the middle, which is what made him such a great Nomu to give to Shigaraki and a low-end Nomu might be one that can barely function.

I’m also curious if we’re heading for a reveal of whatever happened to Best Jeanist and if Bakugou will have a part in whatever that might be. 

There’s a lot to think about but not in a way that really lent to a regular reaction post since I kind of had to process it a little and then the questions started coming to me. Bummer we have to wait until March for more. 

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“I love you Hispanic fics can you possibly write one of Shigaraki trying to learn Spanish so he watches Dora the explore to impress readers parents and reader moms like hija, estas saliendo con un idiota”

shigaraki tomura x fem, latina! reader 

fandom: my hero academia / boku no hero academia 

note/song recommendation: lmfaoooo, i love the hell out of this request./ bailando - enrique iglesias 

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Could you write some really fluffy smutty headcanons or a fluffy smut scenario with Rappa or Tengai? Only if your comfortable with it though!

I guess this is a good time to give headcanons a shot. I definitely hope I dont mess this up lol

~Tengai/Rappa Fluff/Smut~




-Tengai has been a very busy man lately. You didn’t want to bring it up with him because you both support him, and also understand that he takes his job very seriously when it comes to Overhaul. Finally he was home today, and he was all yours

-You smiled to yourself and let out a soft yawn as the warmth from the morning sun slowly washed over your bed. While you were basking in the warmth of the morning, you hadn’t even noticed Tengai was awake and basking in your beauty.

-He carefully reached to touch your shoulder and you turned to see him giving you a gentle smile. “Good morning my handsome monk.” You winked at him. He rolled his eyes and playfully scoffed. “Oh, why the compliments this fine morning my darling? Could it be that you missed me as greatly as I missed you?” Tengai teased you sweetly. Now it was your turn to roll your eyes.

-It’s a little confusing to say quite how you two ended up in such a scandalous position only minutes later, but Tengai wasn’t going to complain. He knows you missed him because he missed you too.

-So this morning he was going to take everything slow. He definitely proved that as he took longer and deeper strokes within you, paying close attention to the soft moans that left those delicate lips of yours. The way you felt so warm around him, and the way the sun’s morning light washed over your (s/c) body really was too much

-Before you knew it, both of you were pushed over the edge of climax, both chanting each other’s name like a prayer or mantra. Then Tengai went to clean you up gently, and prepare a little breakfast for you. Time to make up for all that lost time with cuddles and love💖



-You clung to Rappa’s back and giggled while he silently tried to keep count. “145, 146, 147…” Rappa counted under his breath. You laughed and started counting: “58, 74, 23, 12, 90, 64…”

-“165, 166, 167-Damn it, y/n!!! Cut it out you little demon!” Rappa held himself up with one arm and used the other arm to sway playfully at you. Then he started from the top, determined to make it to 200 push ups. Meanwhile, you were definitely plotting a different type of workout

-Rappa hadn’t even made it past 100 when he felt a soft nibble at his ear. “C-cut that shut out baby. You know what that does to me.” He stuttered while you worked your way up his earlobe. You simply pulled away and moved to whisper in his ear. “Mmmm Kendo~ What does it do to you?”

-Thats really all it took before he had your little frame pushed against the semi cold floor while he worked at removing your clothes rapidly. You giggled when he got frustrated with how long it took, so he simply ripped everything (including your favorite panties/boxers/briefs). “Ra-Rappa!!!” You fake gasped. He simply winked at you and continued his movements.

-In maybe 5 minutes flat you were both naked and he had a large finger inside of you pushing in motions you didnt know you would like until now. Once he felt the time was right, he added a second finger just to watch you squirm and whine. “Rappa please…” you begged him between moans. “Oh no, y/n. Remember I asked you to cut it out earlier and you didnt? You wanted this shit, didn’t you? Now you gotta take it and maybe I might let you feel my cock if you’re a good girl/boy/babe for me.” Rappa whisperer huskily in your ear.

-You ended up cumming pretty damb fast with the way he worked you up. Now he was onto the main mission. He definitely turned out to be a loud grunter/groaned during sex with you. He’s also a growler and it gets rougher the longer you go. Despite this, he still makes sure not to take it too far because he doesnt want to ever hurt you.

-Rappa definitely won’t last long if you grip his long, unruly hair or you rake your nails down that hugs back of his. The feel of you cumming around him is what sends him over the edge with a loud groan. Then you two are left a panting and sweating mess while he’s still inside of you trying to recover.

So much for that workout


TIp Jar:$YuTakeyama

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We are now halfway to our first stretch goal! Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered so far! We had no idea we would get so many orders so fast, 25 by the second day open is amazing! We can’t wait to be able to show our first goal off! 

Keep spreading the word and help us make it all the way to the top of our goals!

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I uh, drew some cat girl heroes


The Maneki Neko and The Black Cat, because I love cat girls. Their names are Miyo and Yoru Saitou! I love them a lot. Miyo is actually a young aspiring idol/actress playing as a false hero, while Yoru wants to be a real hero. They are twins!

Miyo is outgoing and a pleasure to be around, drawing people in with her personality and friendly demeanor. She shows her as a hero persona named The Maneki Neko. A waitress at a maid cafe at day and teen girl hero prodigy at night!

Yoru is a harbinger of poor luck. :( She is a sweet, closed off girl and she is often treated as having that villain-like quirk or harmful quirk. Even though she has full control over it, but she is often blamed by others for their bad luck even if she is NOT the one who actually caused it.

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Hey, so, seriously, fuck everyone going after the MHA creator over stupid shit. The doctor’s name? Seriously? For all you know, that could’ve been a mere coincidence. Even if it wasn’t, it could’ve had meaning in the context of the show. And if he hadn’t changed it because of how big of douchebags you are, we might’ve seen why.

AND BIRTHDAYS??? REALLY??? Do you know how many people in REAL LIFE share birthdays with those bad people? Grow the fuck up. Just like the RWBY fandom, y’all will look for any little thing to bitch about. If you don’t like some of the content, then get the fuck out of the fandom, because your negativity isn’t welcome here.

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11 episodes in to cells at work and here’s my hot take: white blood cell is the better version of bakugo

mans goes from “TIME TO DIE” to “hey red blood cell 💕” without blinking

it’s like if bakugo and todoroki had a child together

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Miruko was attacked and out numbered right out of nowhere by super powered nomu and hit with a slap strong enough to launch her into the opposite wall in a matter of seconds and she still got a kick in strong enough to destroy their gross nomu hands. I love her so much.

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