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What do you think is/would be each Guardian’s favorite movie?

Movies… are not my forte— ironic for someone in a movie fandom, I know. Is it okay if I sort the Guardians into the genres they’d prefer to watch?

North would love action, I think. Imagine him watching an action movie with the yetis, critiquing the actor’s fighting.Sandy would like action too, but more because it gives an insight to people’s dreams. He also has a good time working out how certain effects were created on-screen.Bunny doesn’t really have the patience for a whole movie, usually, but he can live with one playing in the background as long as it isn’t action, horror, or romance. Bad acting in any of these genres makes him mad.Tooth, when she has the time, will watch anything. Anything. She tries to solve the mysteries before anyone else, dictate what people should do in romance— she can actually be awful to watch with if you aren’t prepared, because she makes so many comments.Jack watches allllllll the animated movies. They’re typically sweet and more about family (which he wants) than anything else. He especially appreciates claymation films (ex. Nightmare Before Christmas). He thinks it’s an underrated art form (it is).

+some bonuses!

Nightlight honestly just finds the television fascinating in general. He doesn’t quite understand the point of rom-coms, and he hates any movie without a happy ending.Katherine prefers her books, but she greatly enjoys watching movies with bad endings and trying to come up with something to fix the bad writing that went into it. Ombric doesn’t know what a movie is. A kid in Santoff Clausen tried to tell him, but he just conjured up a moving picture with his hand and said “like this?” People don’t try anymore.Pitch, unsurprisingly, l o v e s horror. He can update himself with the things most likely to give someone nightmares and keep track of what fears don’t seem to change over time (nobody mentions his guilty pleasure rom-coms).MiM watches earth all the time. He doesn’t need movies, though he does enjoy a good mystery.
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