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#OTP: Ice Princess

Kristoff looked up from where he was polishing his sleigh. 

“Don’t you knock?” Kristoff asked, and then smiled.

“You’re right. Where are my manners,” Anna replied. She walked over to Kristoff and knocked on his sleigh.

“Hey! That’s a fresh coat of lacquer!” Kristoff said.

Anna folded her arms across her chest.

“Are you ever going to actually ride in that sleigh or just polish it?” she asked.

“I ride in it all the time,” he said. “That’s why it needs fresh lacquer!”

Sven snorted at the two of them. The reindeer knew the only reason Anna and Kristoff pretended to argue was because they liked each other.

Anna cleared her throat. She decided to start over. “I was hoping you could help me out,” she said gently.

“Sure,” Kristoff said, blushing. “What do you need help with?”

Anna & Elsa: Memory and Magic by Erica David

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