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#Peter Parker

“Book smart”


Originally posted by positiveparker

Peter Parker x Reader

General audiences

Warnings: none.

For my gourgeous @xximaweirdoxx , who wanted Peter helping the reader to study. Hope this cheers you up as much as writing it did for me👓📝

“This is useless,” You exclaimed, pushing the book away from you in frustration, “I’m too stupid to understand this!”

Peter looked up from his own book, affronted. For a couple of seconds, all he could do was open and close his mouth like a fish, no sound coming out of it.

When he finally seemed to find his voice again, you almost wished he hadn’t. He sounded angry.

“Ok, first of all” He scolded, index finger pointed at your face and everything, “Don’t ever let me hear you talking about my girlfriend like that again”

You rolled your eyes, secretly suppressing a smile. It had been months already, but hearing him call you his girlfriend still made you giddy every time. 

“Second of all, you hacked into EDITH, the most advanced AI in the world, programmed by the man who invented time travel using only your laptop and that shitty hotel Wi-Fi!” He continued, admiration clear on his face, “You pretty much saved the world, and my life that day!” Peter shuddered to even think what Quentin Beck would have been capable of, having you not taken control of the Stark drones back.

“And third, you bet me and Ned at the science fair two years in a row. And one of those times, I presented a freaking car!" 

To be honest, he was still a little salty about that one. But he would be the first to admit that your potato arch reactor was incredible.

"It still works, you know” You commented, and couldn’t keep the little hint of pride out of your voice, “We haven’t paid an energy bill in years”

He threw his hands up in the air,

“See! You are the best engineer I know! How can you ever call yourself stupid?”

You lowered your gaze to your physics book. If you were really so smart, why couldn’t you make sense of the words in there?

Peter seemed to read your mind.

“Maybe it’s just too abstract for you,” He hypothesized, “maybe if you could see it applied, it would be easier?”

You bit your lip, thinking about it for a minute. Coding and mechanics where a piece of cake inside your brain, unusually good at identifying patterns in everything around you. Maybe you Peter was right, maybe the real reason you couldn’t understand quantum physics was because you failed to see it in the world. 

“Maybe” you conceded, “but what do you suggest we do about it? It’s not like we could actually turn small enough to see the atoms and how they work…”

“Actually” he confided, “I might know a guy…”

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Y/n: “Uh Peter.. are you staring at me?”

Peter: “Me? Staring? Uh- no. I was uh, looking at the wall, you know, behind you.”

Y/n: “The wall?”

Peter: “Mhm. Yeah. It’s a really great looking wall with uh, great texture.”

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1 of 9/ Hello, I don't even have a Tumblr (I just lurk on tags) but what you said about Tom Holland really resonated with me. I myself was introduced to Spider-Man, like most people, with the Tobey movies and I've consumed every piece of media from Spider-Man ever since (and yes, I've read almost every single Spider-Man comic there is.), but Tom's portrayal of Spider-Man really stood out to me. I love what was done with the character and I was so relieved when they didn't do Spider-Man's origin

2 of 9/ because I’ve seen/read it enough. Would it be nice to hear more mentions about Uncle Ben? Of course! But it’s clear that Tom’s Peter has come to terms with his death, and it seems like the Spider-Man fandom needs to do this as well.I think it’s funny how you mention about people complaining about Tom not being Tobey because I swear the vast majority of all the complaints against him are from Tobey fans. I’ve seen them complain when Andrew Garfield was Spider-Man, in Tom interviews,

3 of 9/ clips from the movies, and I even saw some of them whining when Brian Intihar (creative director) of the Spider-Man video game said Tom was his favorite Spider-Man. Now this isn’t all of Tobey fans cause there’s some great ones out there that are not like that, but it seems like a lot of the complaints come from them just because Tom and Andrew aren’t Tobey. Also those people who complain about Spider-Man and Tony’s father-son relationship that it’s unrealistic are essentially

4 of 9/ telling me that they’ve never read the comics. I’ll explain; in the comics pre-Civil War, Peter and Tony had a father-son relationship until Civil War happened. Peter was on Tony’s side during Civil War, but started to feel a bit unsure. Once he saw the prison where Tony was keeping people he switched sides because of how horrible it was. And at that point, their father-son relationship ended (they’re friendly with each other now but that’s it). Here’s a quote from Peter from

5 of 9/Amazing Spider-Man Issue #544, “I trusted you! I let you get close to me… you were like a father to me!” And there’s another quote from Amazing Spider-Man Issue #641 that mentions Tony and Peter’s father-son relationship again. Doctor Strange says to Tony, “You once cared deeply about Peter. You saw something in him. You believed in him when no one else did- until he stopped believing in you.”(I’ll post the rest when my ask limit expires.)

6 of 9/So, yes, a part that people complain a lot about is something that is canon within the comics. Also the point of Spider-Man being in the MCU is to be able to play in the sandbox with other Marvel characters so it’s not surprising that they decided to make Tony, Peter’s new father figure since it allows for Spider-Man to have a deeper connection in the MCU since Iron Man is kinda the face of the MCU. Now the other complaint is Spider-Man being another Iron Man, which once again tells  

7 of 9/me they didn’t pay attention to the movies. In FFH the symbolism of Peter’s Stark suit getting destroyed and him making a new one, shows that Peter is shedding himself of Tony’s legacy and that Peter has fully become Spider-Man. There’s even a quote from Rachel O'Connor (executive producer) from the ‘Suit Up’ bonus feature in the FFH Blu-Ray that states this about Peter making the suit.

8 of 9/ “That is really important on a thematic level and symbolizes Peter’s evolution as a character and his coming to the point where he is willing to step up. The suits that Tony has made for him rely a lot on technology, which is sort of Tony’s superpower. Peter doesn’t need it because he’s Spider-Man. Part of making the suit in Tony’s workshop is to step up but on his own terms. Not to try to be Iron Man, but to be Spider-Man.” I’d give more examples, but you already did a great enough job.

9 of 9/ As a long time Spider-Man fan I’m just sick and tired of all this hate being thrown about. Love whatever Spider-Man you love, but don’t attack other people’s love for their Spider-Man just because it’s not the one you like. Anyways that’s enough rambling from me. Just wanted to say that I loved your post and wanted to add some more proof to your points.

Thank you. 

All of this is very important and valid. I’m glad you’re adding your point of view and I’m grateful for it. We need more fans like you.


Originally posted by richdifeo

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i see myself (in you) by parkrstark on Ao3 ~ 4/4 ~ 28,774 words ~ Teen And Up Audiences ~ No Archive Warnings Apply ~ Irondad

“Hey, c’mon, before long we’ll be back to normal and we’ll look back at this and laugh.”

Peter just looked up at him with a slight glare as he scratched at his chin again. The itch of the facial hair was driving him crazy and Tony found it highly amusing. “You’re in the body of a 15-year-old boy. Why are you smiling?”

“You’re in the body of Tony Stark. Why aren’t you smiling?” Tony asked with a smirk.

Or, the one where Tony and Peter swap bodies.

- lol nothing too deep but a very cute story that i enjoyed thoroughly - Ella <3

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I had this random idea for a story (I should just give away all of my idea for stories I know I’ll never write 😂) while I was watching Spider-Man: Homecoming last night. And the night before lol.

So even more than he already was, Peter becomes obsessed with being Spider-Man and The Stark Internship. Too obsessed. It takes over on him almost like he has a symbiote but different. More of a darker tone to it. He doesn’t care about his friends or relationships anymore, all he wants to do is impress Mr. Stark and be the best hero but it all goes to his head. Stark realizes Peter might be too far gone and it’s his fault and he’s the only one that can bring him back. The idea of Peter killing Adrian Toomes/Vulture was played with, and that Peter becomes overwhelmed with emotion that the reason he can’t fail as Spider-Man is because he believe he’ll fail his Uncle Ben and others like him that have Uncle Ben’s out there in their life.

Yeah whoa it was a lot that I created within like 30 minutes of the movie but I thought it was a deeper and darker story that was interesting. And the idea of Symbiote Spider-Man crossed my mind because Tom Holland would absolutely ace that side of Peter Parker if shown, but I liked the idea of personal demons taking over him instead. So it’s a story that I’ll probably never write (never say never blah blah), here it is anyway! Just in case anyone would’ve been interested

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the peter parker fandom in a nutshell
us: omg i love peter, such a smol baby, must protecc.
also us: torture him. kidnap him. kill all of his friends and family. give him a crippling heroine addiction. make him suffer. you wanted fluff? BOOM he’s in a coma.
Everyone else: ...
Us: but anyways yeah if anyone even LOOKS at my baby i will break their knee caps.
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Peter Parker x Reader

This is my last original prompt sitting in my draft. So that means I will start doing requests again

Up Next: @morgannstarkk​ your prompt is up next.


Originally posted by peters-holland

Once again Peter noticed that you stuffed the throw pillow to your face after he made another stupid comment of Maximus the horse from Tangled. Peter noticed that every time you wanted to laugh, or actually laughed, you would either stuff your face in a pillow, bit down on the sleeve of your sweatshirt, and other methods to try and prevent your actual laugh from coming out. 

You and Peter started hanging out after you joined the decathlon team. After getting to know each other you both realized that you only lived a few buildings apart so you two were now pretty much inseparable and you had practically moved in with May and him. He was your best friend and you were his best friend, besides Ned. After thinking about it Peter couldn’t recall a time where he’s actually heard you laugh. 

“Hey Y/N.” Peter asked. You turned toward Peter’s direction letting him know that you had his attention. “Why do you always stuff your face in the pillow when you laugh?” 

You felt your face get hot, turned your attention back to the TV, and curled up into a ball trying to avoid the conversation. You were super insecure about your laugh. You were told when you were younger that it was super annoying by old classmates, your parents, and even some of your family members. Ever since then you were super self conscious about laughing in front of people. You either would put a pillow over your mouth, coughed, or bit down on your thumb so you wouldn’t ever bother anyone else with your laugh.

Peter decided not to push the situation further because he could tell that he made you feel uncomfortable, but he made it his personal mission to try and get to laugh by the end of the night. 

Both of you continued to watch the movie and moved onto Frozen. Peter sang all of the songs off key, made stupid comments about the situations in the movie, and did stupid impressions of Sven. He still couldn’t get you to laugh without something muffling your real laugh.

Peter was getting impatient and leaned over and poked your side. “Come on Y/N please laugh!” You quickly gasped and flinched away from Peter’s hand. 

You nervously looked at Peter who had a smile on his face. He had discovered your greatest weakness. “Uh oh. Is someone ticklish?” You nervously shook your head as you coward into the corner of the couch. “I think you are.” He sang as he quickly poke your sides. You still bit down on your lip not wanting to let out any giggles.

“Come on Y/N. Let it go. Let it go don’t hold it back anymore.” Peter sang. You internally rolled your eyes because of how well the song from the movie fit the situation at hand right now. Peter then started to squeeze your ribs and you yelped but you still didn’t laugh, you just quickly grabbed a pillow and stuffed it to your face almost smothering yourself.

“No. No. NO!” Peter tsked you and he suddenly starting tickling under your arms. One of your arms shot down trying to protect yourself, while the other one was determined to hold the pillow over your face. Thankfully, Peter stopped tickling your underarms and you timidly peeked over the pillow to look at Peter.

His head was cocked towards you with his lips pursed together in annoyance. “Y/N. I hope you know I won’t stop until you actually laugh in front of me, it can’t be that bad.” 

You tucked your head back under the pillow waiting for Peter to strike again. You knew he wouldn’t give up until he got what he wanted, but you also were a pro at keeping your laughter to yourself and you were actually having fun. You couldn’t remember the last time that someone played around with you like this, it was refreshing.

You suddenly felt two sets of hands squeezing your hips which caused you to buck upwards. You screamed but still managed to keep your laughter to yourself but you were frantically squirming trying to get away from Peter’s nimble fingers. 

“Is this a bad spot Y/N?” Peter teased you which made you giggle inside your mouth. You didn’t know that teasing would have this effect on you. “Oh. What’s this? Does teasing make you want to laugh Y/N?” 

Peter moved his hands to the area between your hipbones and belly button but right along your waistline. He started to rapidly scratch the area with both of his pointer fingers. You didn’t know that you were so ticklish there and you couldn’t prepare for the sensation that coursed through your body. 

“Tickle, tickle, tickle Y/N.” Peter’s teasing finally broke the damn and you did something you haven’t done in years.

You laughed out loud.

Peter immediately stopped tickling you. You couldn’t believe he actually got you to laugh out loud and now your worse fear was coming true and the thoughts couldn’t stop running through your head.

What if he thought your laugh was annoying?

What if he didn’t want to be your friend anymore?

You didn’t want to loose Peter. May and him were your family, they welcomed you into their home with loving arms. You didn’t feel the kind of love Peter and May gave you from your own parents. Your parents were always fighting and they haven’t shown you any sort of affection since you were younger. You started to tear up in fear that you screwed it all up and you were going to loose Peter and his friendship, all because of a stupid laugh.

“Y/N you have the most adorable laugh I’ve ever heard.” Peter looked down at you with such a gentle look you almost broke down crying in front of him. 

You simply shook your head, “No I don’t. My laugh is stupid and annoying.” 

“No it’s not I promise. Why would you think that?”

“Well first a couple of classmates I had when I was younger told me that it sounded stupid so I stopped laughing at school. So I would only laugh at home, where I thought I could be myself, but my parents told me that my laugh was annoying as well, so I just decided to stop laughing in front of people.” You said quietly as you looked down embarrassed.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Peter said sincerely, “They have to get their hearing checked because I swear your laughter is the most adorable sound that I’ve ever heard. I don’t ever want you to be embarrassed to laugh in front of me, or May. I know that she’s worried about you.” 

“Okay, I can try.”

“But in the mean time, I guess I’m just going to have to make you more comfortable with your laugh.” Peter starts tickling you again letting your laughter fill his apartment.

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