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#Remus sanders


Deceit: *runs into the kitchen when he hears a crash and the cupboards are off the walls, plates, bowls and glasses are broken, the pots and pans are all over the floor etc etc*


Remus: *sat alone in the middle of the mess eating deodorant* BEKFAST

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There is No Curse!

To be honest, there was never any intention for this to become angsty, it just happened.

Warnings: Unsympathetic!Roman, Unsympathetic!Patton, unconsensual kissing, arm twisting, forced separation.

Ships: Dukexiety; unconsensual prinxiety

Virgil, Roman, and Logan were sitting on the couch, discussing Thomas’ party for him and his friends. Roman giving all these ideas, Logan criticizing them, constructively, and Virgil tell then everything that could go wrong. Then, Roman gave out an idea that he really, really liked. Logan seemed fond of it, only after making a few adjustments, and Virgil just did his job. “But what if they don’t like it?” Virgil asked. “But what if they do?” Roman asked back. “They won’t.”

“And why won’t they, Virgil?” Logan asked.

“Because it’s not a good idea? I dunno. They just won’t. Thomas will make a fool of himself and lose all of his friends.”

“Why do you have to be such a ‘Negative Nancy’ all of the time? And why do you think my idea will be bad?!” Roman asked.

Their argument continued and let’s just say, some things were said.

No one knows if they were meant.

But terribly everything went.

“Sometimes your ideas are just stupid!!” Virgil yelled. “Oh yeah?! Well sometimes YOUR just stupid!!” Roman yelled back. “Uh- Guys? Let’s settle down now.” Logan said. Of course, the two ignored him. “Well at least I don’t come up with crazy dumb ideas that make Thomas look bad!!” Virgil yelled, trying to hold back some tears. “Oh yeah?! Well at least I don’t show my dumb little face around whenever I’m not even needed!! Because I AM needed!! Unlike you.” Roman crossed his arms but realized what he said and looked at Virgil. Virgil’s eyes were filled with tears. “Virgil look I’m sorry. I didn’t-”

“No your not. Why else would you have said it?” Virgil’s voice crack a little from holding back his tears. He turned around and ran to his room, leaving Roman in complete guilt.

“I told you two to stop. Now look at what you’ve done. You better go get Patton or Deceit. You already know what’ll happen.” Logan said. “Yeah, yeah. Rub it in. I will.” Roman secretly didn’t want to tell either one because he knew he would be in some serious trouble. So, he decided he would try and solve this himself.

Roman walked to Virgil door and knocked on it quietly. There was no answer so he knocked on it again, this time a little harder. Still no answer. He knocked again, just putting a little more effort into it. “Virgil? It’s me. Roman.” Nothing. “Look I know you probably don’t want to talk to me but just open the door. Please?”

“I will not. Now go away.”

“I’m not leaving.”

“Yes you are now go!” Roman sighed. He grabbed the door handled but couldn’t open it. “Virgil unlock this door. Right now.” Virgil didn’t answer. “I tried giving you a chance. I will find a way in.” He left, going to his room, trying to figure out another way to get Virgil out of his room.

Virgil was on his floor in front of the door. He had slidden down after slamming it shut. He didn’t want to talk to Roman. He didn’t feel like talking to anyone really. Maybe a small conversation with someone would help? Logan said that talking helps. Maybe he could do that? Virgil shrugged and got up. He went to his bed and layed down, curling up into a ball, squeezing his legs closer to him.


'Another knock?’ Virgil thought. 'I thought he gave up.’ Virgil decided not to say anything, nor answer. *knock, knock* “Virgil it’s me!”

Remus? Why was he knocking on Virgil’s door? Now of all times? “What do you want?”

“To hang out with you!"Remus exclaimed. Virgil groaned and got up, unlocking the door. "Come in.” Virgil said softly. Almost a whisper. Remus walked in and closed the door softly, seeing Virgil’s eyeshadow smeared from crying. “Virgil, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Virgil sat on the bed. “Why’d you come to my room?” Remus shrugged. “To see you obviously! But now I see your just in a big old ball of depression.” Virgil groaned. “What do you actually want?”

“Well now I want to make you feel better!!!”

“Why?” Remus shrugged. “I don’t have to explain why! Just let me be here for you!”

“You won’t leave me alone will you?”

“Nope!” Remus said, smiling widely. “Fineee.” Virgil groaned. “Yayy! Do you wanna watch some Disney movies?” Remus said, sitting next to Virgil. Virgil moved a little bit away from him and Remus frowned. “Sure.”

“Yay!!” Remus got up and picked out some movies from one of Virgil’s shelves. “Let’s start with Snow White!” Remus said, putting the disk in the DVD player. “Okay.” Virgil said. Pushing himself to the top of his bed and tucked in his knees, wrapping his arms around them. Remus went back to the bed and sat next to Virgil. Not too close as not to make Virgil uncomfortable. “Are you okay? Do you wanna talk about it?”

“I’m fine for now. I don’t feel like talking about it right now.” Remus nodded and looked back at the movie.

Some time went by, and Remus decided to lighten up the mood a little bit. “Isn’t it so weird how these 7 guys just let some random girl into their home like that? All because she cleaned and she’s really pretty. I think that’s kind of sexist.” In the corner of Remus’ eye, he saw a slight smile on Virgil’s face. “Don’t forget she guessed their names.”

“Oh! How could I? If someone I barely even know guesses MY name, I would just have to let them stay at my home and let them live with me!”

“Especially if they’ve cleaned up the place!”

Virgil and Remus burst out into laughter.

They spent the next few minutes discussing and making fun of different things in Snow White. Then, it got to the part where Snow White is kissed to be woken up. “Look! There’s the thing with consent!” Virgil said, pointing at the T.V. “Also, why kiss a dead girl in the middle of the woods?” Virgil said. “Maybe he wanted to taste what dead person was like. I don’t know.” Virgil laid his head on Remus’ shoulder, not even realizing he did it. Virgil didn’t even know they were this close. He tensed up. For some odd reason, this was… Comforting? Remus scooted closer to Virgil, letting him rest his head on his shoulder. Virgil relaxed and continued to watch the movie.

Slowly, Remus’ and Virgil’s hands interlocked. Virgil and Remus didn’t realize at first, until they did. It was almost- almost like it came naturally to them.

Virgil quickly took his hand away from Remus’. They looked at each other.


“Yea-” Virgil was cut off by a kiss. A kiss from Remus. Virgil tensed, not expecting it, but quickly relaxed into the kiss. Remus pulled away. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t-”

“Just shut up and do it again-” Virgil said, pulling Remus into another kiss. Virgil moved his hand up and ran his fingers through Remus’ hair. Remus moved his hands down towards Virgil’s waist and-

“REMUS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Roman said, coming into the room. The two pulled away quickly. “Virgil? Remus? Explain yourselves. NOW.”

“I don’t have to tell you anything.” Remus said, crossing his arms.

“Virgil did he do some kind of spell on you or something?! Wait- no. You couldn’t answer even if he did! Remus what did you do?!”

“Roman he didn’t do anything to me!” Virgil cried. Roman pulled Virgil off of the bed. “That’s exactly what someone under a spell would say! Aha! A true loves kiss will break any spell!” Roman said and pulled Virgil into a kiss. Virgil quickly pulled away. “Get off of me! I don’t want a kiss from you! Consent dude!”

“This curse must be more powerful than I thought! Remus, what did you do?!” Roman said, still holding his tight grip on Virgil. “I didn’t do anything I swear! I just- I just kissed him that’s all!”

“Nonsense! You are not Deceit stop lying! Virgil- you can break out of it!” Roman said, shaking Virgil. “I’m not under a spell you idiot!”

“Yes you are Virgil. I can’t believe my brother would stoop so low. But alas, he has cursed you into loving him!”

“What’s so wrong with loving me?!” Remus asked. “Everything! Who would love you?” Roman asked. “Yes there is Remus! Don’t listen to him! Roman you dunce, let go of me!”

“Stop struggling, Virgil!” Virgil kicked Roman right where it hurts. He ran over to Remus and hid behind him. “What going on here, Kiddos?” Patton asked, walking in. “Roman has-” Remus started but Roman cut him off. “Remus put Virgil under some sort of love spell and now Virgil won’t accept his feelings for me!”

“I’m not under a spell!” Virgil protested. “Remus, break this spell you have on Virgil. Now.” Patton said, sternly, walking closer to Remus and Virgil. “I didn’t put him under a spell!”

“So you’re calling Roman a liar? Last time I checked, Deceit was the liar.” Patton grabbed Remus’ wrist and twisted it. Remus howled in pain but played it off. “Ki-kinky~” Patton twisted his arm even more, almost breaking it. “I said, break the spell.” Roman walked over to Virgil and grabbed him and pulled him behind himself. “I’ll save you, Damsel!”

“I’m not your fucking damsel! Let me go.”

“You’ll understand, once I break this curse.” Roman turned around and forcefully kissed Virgil again. Virgil pushed him off. “Stop doing that!”

“I have to break the curse!”

“THERE IS NO FUCKING CURSE!” Remus yelled. “All that happened was that I kissed him and he kissed me.”

“He’s right. That’s all that happened.” Virgil said, finally freeing himself from Roman’s grasp. He walked over to Remus and hugged him. “I- I love him.” Virgil said, a small smile on his lips. “And I- I love him too.” Remus said. “That’s it!! You two need to be separated!!! Remus, I’m banishing you to the Darkscape! If I ever see you here at the Lightscape again, there will be severe punishments. As for YOU, Virgil, you are not to go to the Darkscape! You must keep your door unlocked at all times. Neither of you are to talk to each other, EVER, or look at each other, EVER. If any of these rules are disobeyed, then BOTH of you are getting punished. Got it?!” Patton yelled sternly, hand on his hip.

The both of them nodded. “I can’t hear you.” Patton said. “Got it.” Both Remus and Virgil said at the same time. “Good.” Patton grabbed Remus and Roman grabbed Virgil. “You are going back to where you belong trash man, in the trash.” Patton said dragging Remus along, and out of Virgil’s room.

Before Patton could take Remus out of the room completely, Virgil’s and Remus’ hands grazed against each other as Virgil whispered a faint “I love you.” Remus smiled. “I love you too.” He whispered back. That smile alone is enough to make Virgil melt. But unfortunately, Virgil was stuck in Roman’s arms.

~THE END!! AS THE AUTHOR I AM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF FOR CREATING THIS ANGSTY PIECE.. Hope you liked it! Let me know what you want to see!!~

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Deceit: when i said "bring me back something from the beach", i meant like a seashell or something!
Remus, struggling to hold a seagull: well why didn't you just fucking say that
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Logince: fighting with your siblings. even if you know what you’re fighting about is complete nonsense, maybe you know you’re right, or you know full well you’re wrong. you fight all the time, even might throw some insults. but the insults are empty, the fights mean nothing, and you still love each other so much. 

Analogical: sitting, wrapped up in blankets, listening to someone read a book to you. a book you’ve been reading for a long time, and you’re so close to the finale. it’s relaxing while still being exciting and never boring. 

Prinxiety: playing pretend with your sibling even after you complained and said no. once you were forced to play with them, you say that it’s not so bad. even fun, in a strange way. it’s surprising, but it’s good that way.

Logicality: sitting by the fire listening to your family talk about stories of their childhood. hearing of how your family grew up to be the thing it is now. listening how your relatives grew, adapted, and learned.

Moxiety: coming home after a long say at school to find your mom making your favorite dinner. to find that, after that long day you get to do your favorite things and relax. it’s a comfortable space where you don’t have to hide, you can just relax, and let loose a bit.

Royality: playing outside when it snows. schools cancelled, you have the whole day to play, to have fun, to be free, to be yourself. when you’re out of school, no one tells you what to do. you can be who you want.

LAMP: a family reunion. not the ones where you’re surrounded by people you don’t know. the ones where you’re around your favorite cousins and aunts, uncles, grandparents. just surrounded by love, affection, and support. 

Demus: rebelling. doing something you know full well you shouldn't be doing but it just seems so fun that you can’t help it. the trouble will be worth it, because at least you had fun doing it.

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What Sanders Sides Fusion These Gravity Falls Characters Are

First off, the obvious: Bill Cipher - Demus fusion


Dipper Pines - Analogical fusion


Mabel Pines - Royality fusion


Stan Pines - Roceit fusion


Ford Pines - Logince fusion

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Anxiety just feels like a remix of Forbidden fruit where instead of any other lyrics its just Remus’ voice saying,

Everybody dies everybody dies everybody dies everybody d-

You see this house on fire? I see it too because

It’s in hell hell hell hell hell hell hell-

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I love how hard you try, it's so cute

Let’s resume. Sure, people don’t like me much, Thomas but thats only just cause I’m honest

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So before I begin, lemme just say–


It’s @starbucks-remy ’s birthday y'all, so please go and let them know how great they are!!

I asked them what they wanted to see and they mentioned Logince and Intrulogical, so I did my best to combine a little fluff and comedy with both! (Also I’ve already written a couple of fics with Logince fluff in them if you want to see ‘em here and here). I wrote this kinda fast cause I really wanted to give it to @starbucks-remy on their birthday, so I’m sorry if it’s not as good? I tried I promise.

Anyways, without further ado:

Characters: Logan, Remus, Roman, Virgil, Remy, and Patton.

Relationships: Kind of a smash up but I tried to include some (mostly platonic) Intrulogical and Logince, as well as a little background Moxiety (also platonic).

Warnings: Uh, there’s like one curse? Food mention. Also Remus is in it, for those of you that are triggered by him. Please tell me if there’s something else I should add.


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it isn't you these thoughts your thinking

Alright, you’ve got to stop this guy from singing

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