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In Why Do We Get Out Of Bed In The Morning, when Roman uses ‘twinster’, it shows him with sunglasses. In fact, the same type of sunglasses that Sleep wears.

The fandom’s headcanon name for Sleep is Remy.

And Roman’s actual twin is named Remus.

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Remus for the character questions if it hasn’t already been done?
  • How do I explain. Uh. Everything.
  • He hurt Roman :( but also I get it, siblings
  • “Sure, people don’t like me much, Thomas. But that’s only just ‘cause I’m honest… good and bad is all made up nonsense.”
  • Remus and Roman uwu
  • Dukeceit
  • Remrom. Gross. Nasty.
  • He and Roman have a code they use when they need to speak about certain things.
  • People can ship whatever they want but not incest, pedophilia, etc….so Remrom is gross and people shouldn’t just 'let people ship it’, even if they make AU’s where they’re not brothers.
  • Evelyn Evelyn


I need more pictures of him :(

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Word Count: 900

Pairing: Demus

Warning: Blood mention, arson, dead bodies (it’s Remus, what are you expecting?), a bit of possessiveness, a little choking (I guess???), breakdown, crying, a tiny amount of making out but it’s not for long, Remus has tentacles


Summary: Remus.

He saw Remus.

The side flitted across his vision and he looked closely to see Remus running, causing mass destruction and terror.

Deceit didn’t like what he saw.

Remus’ eyes held a true animosity to them.

He looked insane.

He looked disconnected from his humanity.

He was losing himself.


Note: I swear to goodness, if I hear anyone say anything about unsympathetic light sides, I will smite someone. This is not my intention at all, you don’t have to agree with someone and their actions to coexist and show respect. Any opinions that Remus shows are all his own fears and insecurities, not because he was specifically singled out. Ok? Ok. Good.

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Doing asks on my instagram and layed out some basic info for this High School AU.

It’s all gonna go under the Sideston High AU tag, for future reference.

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Remus: Apparently at some point when Virgil and I were flirting with each other but not quite in a relationship, he asked me how I felt about pet names, to which I replied “well you have to call them something” 

Remus: The fact that I have managed to end up in a relationship is really testament to my boyfriend’s patience 

Roman: Virgil is a moronsexual, Remus

Remus: Don’t call my boyfriend a moron >:( 

Remus: Wait

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

For @littlestr who prompted this whole shebang~

I think there will be one more part after this, hopefully tonight! No Patton in this section but don’t worry, we’ll get to him ;) 

Starts a few days after part 3

Warnings: swearing, angst, conflict, fighting over a love interest


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*Logan visiting the Dark Sides commons*

Logan: *looks up* Why is there a Furby on the ceiling? 

Remus: Oh, that’s the overseer! He watches over us! 

Deceit: *sighs* When we were younger, Remus and everyone thought it would be funny to tape a Furby to the ceiling. Trouble was, we couldn’t get it down after they put it up. So, now it just chills on the ceiling and “watches” over us.

Logan: I, uh, see. 

Furby: *Screeches* 

Logan: E=MC scared

Remus: *grins* It likes you 

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Hey Remus! Roman's doing okay, I didn't know if De told you or not already. Question for the Neather Kingdom, how long did it take all of you to set everything up? I mean the castle could take a long time to build. Also, Virgil, are your block picking skills limited due to being part Enderman? Since normal ones can only pick up certain blocks?

(I know I said Remus is closed but this is simple)

Remus is now half asleep, ready for Deceit to tuck him in, but he mumbles a sleepy yes

Deceit shrugs in response to the Nether Kingdom question. “Lord Herobrine set up the fortress and the kingdom, I’m now the one running it. I don’t know how long it took him to set it up.” He sighs and turns around. “I should go tell Remus that I’m checking up on Roman soon.”

Virgil looks at his hands. “No,” he says. “Not really. I can hold more than I used to. I’m not limited in any way.”

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