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What If? (Vol. 1) #46 (August 1984). Peter Gillis (W), Ron Frenz (A), Sam de la Rosa (Finishes), John Morelli (L), Bob Sharon ©, Ralph Macchio (E).

Ron Frenz and Sam de la Rosa channel Steve Ditko in this What If? tale, right down to riffing on Ditko’s classic shots of poor, mopey Peter Parker staring forlornly at the city that takes him for granted. The colors and the backgrounds on these panels are pretty cool.

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So I finally just got my hands on Superior Spider-Man #31 and the new Amazing Spider-Man #1… They were just perfect. I literally cannot say enough great things about Dan Slott and how he ended Superior, and then started back into Amazing. If anyone was doubting it before, the man is a genius. He just gets Spider-Man. From the awesome Human Torch cameo to the just incredibly epic story about Peter trying to find Kaine in Houston at the end, to just the entire climactic fight with the Green Goblin (which was so beautiful), it was just perfect. And I’m seeing Amazing Spider-Man 2 tonight, as of I don’t have enough feels from just the comics already. It’s a damn good time to be a fan of Spider-Man.

And, not only did I get those two mind blowing issues, but I got a specially signed issue of the Conclusion of Maximum Carnage, the first whole comic story I ever read, and got to meet and talk to the amazing Sam de la Rosa, who did the art for it. So yeah. Today was a pretty cool day for me.

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