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#Scarlet Witch

Yandere Wanda Maximoff HC (part #1)

Originally posted by hollaforholland

  • Wanda’s idiosyncrasy regarding her beloved will highly depend on whether or not she falls for them before or after her brother’s death                                     


  • When Wanda first saw her beloved it was during one of the Sokovia protests.
  • • They had such passion, such as aspiration in their eyes. It literally took Wanda’s breath away.
  • She kept averting her gaze from her original goal. Kept peering over her shoulder to goggle.
  • It didn’t take long for Pietro to notice his sister’s divided attention. Tapping on her shoulder and giving her annoyed looks. Occasionally even gesturing towards the rally’s target.
  •  When the gathering had run its course and the protesters were taking their leave. Wanda tried to find the mysterious figure, glancing around fanatically and racing to their previous spot. She ended up empty-handed the person of her attention having long left.
  •  However, their paths would soon cross once more at another rally.
  • Fate would repeat and Wanda’s blue gaze would find its self landing on the handsome stranger.
  • Soon her gaze would become more devoted, more monopolized. Neglecting her original purpose.
  • It would get to the point where her brother (both jokingly and earnestly) call her obsessed.
  •  After one particular gathering, Wanda’s soon to be beloved would have hung around longer. Talking to a fellow protester about the newly ended rally.
  •  Wanda would take this chance to stalk them. First eavesdropping on their conviction with the stranger. Later following them to their home.
  • After learning the location of their abode. Wanda would frequently visit it after rally’s or late at night.
  • Pietro would tease her about her crush. Calling her a stalker and creeper.
  •  He’ll even start point out his sister’s beloved to her whenever they are to cross paths.
  •  Even after being taken in by Hydra and gaining her powers. Wanda would still constantly think about her beloved.
  •  Often times she would chant their name in her head as a sort of mantra, whilst she underwent any form of training ( let’s be honest its hydra it was more so indoctrination) constantly reminding herself that she had to get stronger so she could protect them.
  • At some point, Hydra will note her peculiar obsession and figure that it’ll be a formidable technique to further keep both Maximoff twins under control.
  •  Wanda’s beloved is kept in a minuscule claggy cell. With a rock hard stained bed and a sink and toilet. They are fed regularly and kept in good hygiene.
  •  When Wanda first saw her beloved trapped she was infuriated. Using her powers to throw the guards around like rag dolls severely injuring multiple of them. And leaving some on the brink of death.
  •  But she soon calms down and concludes that this way her beloved is safe and she can won’t have to stalk them anymore.
  •  It works, Wanda’s content and obedient. All as it should be in both her and hydra’s eyes.
  •  She visits her beloved twice a day. At first, she was slightly awkward around them waving and mumbling. Not being fully able to form full words. This behavior was soon annihilated, she had started to hug and cuddle her beloved whispering sweet nothings in their ear.
  •  If the squirm or protest to being held. Well, Wanda has no choice but to keep them there using her newly obtained abilities.
  • Overall Wanda’s a lot sweeter and would fall into the obsessive and delusional spectrum

@myfandemons @yandere-romanticaa @theoxebehixdyou

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