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Wash Away Your Sins - Part Twenty One

Sebastian Stan X Reader

Warnings - violence, blood, swearing, angst and drama

Words - 1.2k

A/N - hey guys!! This one is a bit heavy but I hope you like it! Please reblog and comment your thoughts (:


Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

You lay before Sebastian, his hand resting on your stomach with tears in his eyes as he told you the three words you thought you would never hear again.

“I love you, Y/N.”

You were so shocked to hear it that you were paralysed to the spot. Unable to fully comprehend why he had said what he said, if he meant it or how you even felt about it. You felt a fire like heat radiating from where his hand rested on your belly through the barrier of your hospital gown. You felt your heart speed up and knew that that wasn’t going to be good. Before you could say or do anything you felt an almighty kick come from where Sebastian had his hand. The kick shocked you both. Although you were used to it Sebastian had never felt her kick and it felt like a sign.

He turned to you and burst into tears falling to the floor on his knees so that his face was level with your stomach. He kept his hand on your belly and began to press kisses to it and talk to his daughter through his sobs.

“I am so sorry! So so sorry! I have been the worst father possible, I don’t deserve you. Please forgive me. I love you so much. I have never stopped thinking about you…” He continued on showering your daughter in love and praise and you watched on in awe. You knew now that you still loved him. As much as you wish you didn’t. As if he could hear your thoughts Sebastian turned to you and in a moment of passion, (or insanity) he lunged towards you taking your lips in his.


You felt every atom of your body begin to buzz and the familiar scent of his cologne mixed with the saltiness of his tears overwhelmed your senses. You felt your body going into autopilot and you began to kiss him back. You knew you shouldn’t. You knew it wasn’t right but you couldn’t stop. You kissed him for the first time in months as if he was your only life source and he kissed you like you two were made for each other. This is not how you expected to respond but you were so caught up in the magic of the moment, the man you realised you still loved and your daughter connecting on a deeply emotional level were enough to send you into a frenzy. You pulled him closer hoping that with each second of your kiss that the past few months would be erased yet Sebastian kissed you like you had never been apart. You felt the familiar flutter in your stomach from the butterflies he always gave you as well as the acrobatic dancing of your daughter. With each kick and punch Sebastian smiled into your kiss, completely overwhelmed by the moment neither of you noticed the dark, looming presence in the door way.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing with my Husband?” You heard a loud piercing yell and it quickly caught your attention. Sebastian pulled back instantly with a mix of confusion and embarrassment on his face. You were stunned into silence, waiting for Sebastian to say something or some sort of abuse to fall from the plumped up lips of the blonde in front of her.

“Lexus, what are you doing here?” Sebastian asked calmly.

“Well, I thought it was a bit suss that you were here with your ex girlfriend so I thought I would come and see what you were up to.” She put her hands on her hips as she spoke and shot daggers into you. You had forgotten that he was married. For only a moment you had been living in a state of denial where you thought you could be happy and had a future with Sebastian.

“There are like 50 hospitals in New York, how the hell did you find us?” He continued on.

“62 actually. It was easy, I tracked your phone.” She spoke as if what she said wasn’t an invasion of privacy. Sebastian felt sick to his stomach, she tracked his phone? Who would do that?

“What the hell?” He questioned unable to get more words out.

“Well what else was I meant to do? You are out here with this slut who is carrying some else’s baby, who cheated on you! How am I meant to trust you?!” She was yelling now and edging closer to the bed in which you lay with anger burning like a fire inside her eyes, you were beginning to get scared. As if he read your mind Sebastian walked around the bed to get closer to Lexus, forming a barrier between the two of you.

“Stop it! You need to leave!” He demanded.

“No! She needs to learn to not touch what isn’t hers! He is my husband your dirty bitch! Take your bastard baby and fuck off! He doesn’t need you! He loves me more than he ever loved you, which is why I got the ring you always wanted. How does that feel huh? Knowing that he is sleeping with me every night, fucking me every day, living his life with me by his side.” Bile rose in your throat as she hurled her abuse at you and Sebastian tried to push her out of the room.

“He never loved you! Never! He didn’t then so he won’t now. You are just pathetic little whore who can’t find someone to stay with her long enough so you though getting pregnant would keep him round. How did that work? Huh?” You had had enough, you couldn’t handle it.

“He may be married to you but he will always choose me!” You shouted with unknown confidence at her as nurses began to flood into the room trying to calm you down and drag Lexus out. Security was being called to help Sebastian who was now trying with all his strength and might to pull Lexus away from you but she was like a rabid animal. She screamed at the top of her lungs and lunged at you with her arms swinging. She was going to inflict pain however she could. In the scuffle she managed to grab hold of the canula you had in your arm that was giving you and the baby the required medication to stop the contractions and ripped it out. You screamed out in pain and tears pricked your eyes as you watched the ward staff run to your aid. Blood was pouring out of your arm and the machine next to you was going wild with alarms ringing. You watched as Lexus was being forced out by two burly security guards, kicking and screaming. Sebastian stared in horror as the woman he loved bled out quickly with nurses and doctors around her trying to calm her down and stop the bleeding. He had caused this mess. Or at least his wife had. Fear held on tightly to his heart and contracted it with every second that passed. Faced with the decision on who he should be with he made the choice that he needed to end this with Lexus so with a deep breath he walked away from you as you cowered in fear and pain and instead followed the screams and howls of the woman he had made the mistake of saying ‘till death do us part.’

Tags - @cloudyskylines @evanstanwrites @rynabarnesrogers @unicorniorosacomefrutillas @joannie95 @choices97 @selinbaskaya @hope-its-worth-it @learisa I’m sorry if I forgot any tags, let me know if I did!

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Written for @interestedbystanderwrites​‘s 12 Days of Christmas Drabbles.

Warnings: None. 

Pairing: Bucky X You.


The uplifting aroma of cinnamon lingering around your apartment had you wondering if your apple pie was done. Taking a quick peek at your sugary creation through the oven window made your stomach grumble. Browned to perfection, you extract it, laying it on your stovetop.

The quiet knock on the door prompted your gaze to the kitchen clock. There’s a little burst of amusement on your lips - your guest is always punctual to a fault.  

Weaving your way through heaps of unopened boxes of Christmas decorations - almost stumbling -  you reach the door.

Anticipation knocks at your heart before you even open and you swallow. A quick survey at your handsome guest had you giggling all silly. 

His hair was slicked back into a low ponytail, his chin clean-shaven and there was that humble, lovable smile spreading across his lips upon locking eyes with you.

He is holding a small, brown box under his left arm. Darting forward he presses a kiss on your lips before pulling back. He is new at this, you both are. But it feels so right. 

Grabbing his free hand, you urge him inside. Sparks prickle up your arm from where your fingers are intertwined.

“Smells good.” Bucky steps inside - eyes skating over your apartment to locate the source of the scent.

“Watch your step!” You warn an instant too late. His foot thrusts into one of the boxes - its vibrantly glowing contents spilling onto the carpet. Rich reds, and sky blues, and glitter…so much glitter.

 He bends over, mortified, attempting to return the various ornaments back to their container. Offering him a reassuring, fond gaze,  you tug him by the arm and he stands back up. You are far too fascinated by seeing what he’s brought.

“I’m sorry,” he says, cheeks glowing with endearing awkwardness.

“It’s not a big deal, I promise. Let’s see what you’ve got there.” A bit too enthusiastically, perhaps, you tenderly seize the box from under his left arm.

Strolling back to the cluttered living room - eager fingers work arduously to open the box - Bucky follows closely behind.

“This is all I could recover from…that time,” he explains - his voice thick and raspy.  

You take a peek inside. There were only but a few very vintage decorations. You pull one out, it’s shaped like a miniature house -  your eyes widen with amazement at the great condition its in. 

You walk up to the tree, lifting the perfectly conserved ornament toward a branch. A glimpse over your shoulder before proceeding you ask,

“May I?” Bucky’s nod was nearly pained. You perceive the memories rushing over him, the times when he must have excitedly hung the very same ornament from his mother’s tree; when he was just a boy, not a Sargeat…nor a puppet. A time when his eyes were still chaste of so much horror.

“Why don’t we have some pie, first?” Returning the relic back to its box,  you lay the box carefully on the couch and nudge him toward the kitchen.

@dani11708 @kyber-hearts-and-stardust-souls @crazyxwritings @candlestudy @crazychaotic @solei28 @calwitch @yndaree @scuzmunkie @ryleejones0612 @lost-in-memories-and-space @agirlonline @littlestarkgone@sebbbystaaan @panicfob@lwtficrecs@imjustlaurafromholland @creideamhgradochas

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Summary : You can’t sleep, and you are positive Bucky he’s awake, too. After a few texts, he asks you to come in his bedroom, and you accept, not expecting any of the things that happened next.

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words : 2,193.

TW : Smut. Touching, unprotected sex, dirty talk.

Note : Based on prompts requested from my previous reblog. It’s mostly fluff, and also a bit sad, and also very smutty, so yeah.

(11) I didn’t know you were so sensitive.

(66) Ah, he’s playing hard-to-get. thats cute.

(73) I’m not sure if its a sexual thing or not.

I’m open for request, just check the submit new stories button on my page. ♡


It had been weeks since the last time you didn’t wake up in the middle of the night, scared from terrible images no one could ever imagine. You always said ‘it was just a nightmare’, it was your excuse for being up in the middle of the night, wandering in the corridors while everyone was supposedly sleeping. Yet, you knew it wasn’t just a nightmare. All these things you were seeing every time you closed your eyes came from memories you, unfortunately, never managed to get rid of.

But you weren’t the only one living through this ordeal in the building, and you knew it damn well. Reaching for your phone on your bed stand, you quickly ran through your contacts before finding Bucky’s name on your screen.

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Originally posted by sebbystanfann

I was scrolling through my dash and I found a fic that I was going to read but my screen refreshed and I couldn’t find it again. PLLLEEEEAAAAASE help if you can!!

The gif was the super heavy eyeliner murder strut Bucky gif from catws.

It was a Bucky x reader fic, in which the two go on a mission, but it goes wrong and Brock Rumlow finds reader and does some (explicit) horrible things to her. Bucky in turn flips out and gets his revenge on Rumlow.

This is all I can remember :( PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!

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38. With Sebastian pls 🥴😝

38. Letting them warm their cold hands under your shirt.

This is all I could think about, I’m sorry guys hahaha but I’m tagging @this-kitten-is-smitten because she asked this one too.

Y/n wasn’t really found of cold weathers. She never had been in the snow or in a weather too cold to go outside. But for some crazy reason she decided to move in to NY during the summer to work and when the winter started to hit, she regretted every single moment she had to leave the bed, specially now that she’s dating Sebastian. Leaving that bed in the morning t be welcomed by a cold wind on the face was torture.

Today she left work and when she stepped outside the building, it was snowing! Her worst nightmare and to add up, she forgot her gloves this morning at the apartment. She cursed as the two options was presented to her in her mind. She could take a 25 minutes walk to her apartment or she could take the opposite way and have a 15 minutes walk to Sebastian’s place. She obviously opted for the second choice and texted him.

“Get you place as warmer as you can! I’m coming!”

“Oh, I forgot! Can you please make me some hot coffee? I love you <3“

She placed her phone back in her bag and trying to hug her body as much as she can, she started her way to his house. She still could not believe she really decided to move to NY when she hated the cold. Arriving at his building, she quickly ran inside and went up to his place, she felt like her hand was frozen and it did hurt when she knocked on the door.

“Hey babe..” Sebastian said as he opened the door to find his almost frozen girlfriend on his doorstep. “Please tell me you didn’t walk all the way up here in the snow wearing just that?” Y/n almost didn’t listen to what he said. She just made her way inside and tried to get into his arms as fast as she could as he close the door.

“I am not used to NY winter ok?” She mumbles burning her face on his warm chest.

“I need to teach you about winter in this city and what clothes to wear before I get the news that my girlfriend died frozen in the streets of New York!” Sebastian laughs and she gives him a little smile.

“Can you do that later? I just want to cuddles right now.” He kiss her forehead taking her to his room.

“Yeah, let’s just cuddle until you get warmed up.”

Sebastian get in bed and y/n lay down by his side, with her head on his chest. In the desperation to get her hands warmer, she slide both hands under his shirt, that makes Sebastian jump at the moment making y/n laugh.

“Jesus woman, 5 more minutes outside and you would lose your hand!” He says pulling the cover on top of his lower stomach trying to get her hands warmer.

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I love your writing! I come on here every couple days to see if you write anything new. Fun question: do you think Seb would be super fluffy and romantic in bed or nasty and rough? What about Bucky?

Awww, really? That warms my heart! Someone frequently checking my page is just an out of world concept to me. I really need to link the last few things on my masterlist, not really good at keeping up with it. December will have a lot of smut and fluff.

As for the bedroom speculations. Seb would probably just go with the flow of what you like. I think the man is one of the dudes smart enough to understand that female bodies often are way more complicated than mens bodies. So a mix of both probably, like in a lot of relationships. He strikes me as someone that can be neutral, dominant and submissive. Being an empath, creative and actor definitely plays into that. I personally am a highly creative person and definitely see that I and other people I know that are like that tend to be the more kinky ones that are also well at adapting.

As for Bucky…really depends on how well he has situated himself in modern time. Late 30s, early 40s were more of a ‘safe the sex until marriage’ kinda time, so he would be soft, but he would probably be modern enough to educate himself through actual articles, listening to friends and also through porn for kink research. So I can totally see him unfold into all types of kinks after a while. That’s also why I write him in all kinds of ways when it comes to smut. I know there isn’t that much on this blog right now but I have enough things written to last till TFATWS comes out. Smut, fluff, a little angst, long and short series. You’re going to enjoy it if you’re into all types of Bucky’s…although I wanna dabble a little more with Steve. Endgame just kinda put a little slow motion onto it.

I’m rambling again, hope that could answer everything. Feel free to aske me fun stuff like that anytime.

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Hardcore 8 😍

of paradise | s. rogers , b. barnes

summary | sharing a floor with two super soldiers is a lot of fun, and pleasure.

warnings | vaginal sex, anal sex, double penetration, dirty talk, daddy kink, stucky, choking, SMUT, 18+


Originally posted by gaybuckybarnes

a hot and heavy cock pushes into your pussy and you moan loudly, finally getting what you wanted after their teasing. steve pushes your legs up to your chest and pounds into you with no remorse. you let out a high pitched scream as he repeatedly hit your g-spot over and over. a metal arm wrapped around your throat, immediately cutting of your scream.

your legs were shaking as you felt your climax almost hit, but whined when steve pulled out. you let go of your legs and were lifted up, before steve laid you back down, this time on top of bucky. bucky pulled your legs back, and steve spread your ass cheeks with one hand. the cold, wet feeling of lube touch the puffy rim of your ass made you shiver.

steve massaged your tight hole, prepping you. he lathered his fingers with lube before slowly pushing them in. a mix of pain and pleasure made you moan wantonly, making bucky chuckle lowly. “you like daddy’s fingers in your ass don’t you?” he taunted, making you moan and nod. steve slowly pumped his fingers in and out of your ass before pulling them out.

he lathered buckys cock with lube and lined it up for him. bucky slowly pushed in your ass, causing you to moan loudly once he bottomed out. steve pushes in your pussy and they two super soldiers started thrusting in and out with no relent. “fuck! daddy” you mewled from the pleasure. “such a dirty whore for her daddies.”

. . .

TAGLIST — @ninamcu @parker-barnes-af @jbstans @anxiousamandapanda @annavega333 @good-old-fashioned-queens @jianawoods

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