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aries: feathers in peculiar places

taurus: teeth imagery… posters

gemini: mirrors outside. take a pic bitch

cancer: cloud imagery. just the word cloud…

leo: orange peels

virgo: lonely gloves on the ground

libra: all things heart shaped

scorpio: keys… the shape of keys. visit your nearest key cutter, buy a coconut water

sagittarius: butterflies and the thoughts you have when you watch them fly away

capricorn: blue cars

aquarius: eye imagery. graffiti art that make you jump

pisces: the colour red

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Day 1991: January 19, 2020

At the Neon Museum

In some places, they preserve battlefields and cathedrals, in Las Vegas, they preserve the neon signs of closes resorts and hotels. The Neon Museum has been preserving these signs for 20 years, but finally officially opened just north of Downtown Las Vegas in 2012. The current special exhibit features original art installations by the famous film director Tim Burton, who designed the seahorses, etc., in the background here.

Las Vegas Blvd N., Las Vegas, Nevada

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Life is for living! #artistofinstagram #artist #art #drawing #illustrations #signs #buisnesscards #localartist #travel #pnw #oregon #flash #tattoos #tattooartist #tattooapprentice #tattoostudent #artistoftumblr #artblr #artistoftiktok #lifeisforliving (at Grants Pass, Oregon)

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Merrill stopped suddenly in the store and quickly hid behind a display of potato chips then peeked out slowly. There she was. The girl who stole his heart when they were just young things. 

My eyes adored you

Though I never laid a hand on you,

My eyes adored you

Like a million miles away from me you couldn’t see

How I adored you:

So close, so close and yet so far away

“Merrill? Merrill Hess, is that you?” The girl had spotted him and started to hurry towards him, “Why it IS you!” She laughed.

“Hi.” Merrill emerged from behind the stand, the tips of his ears burning.

 “You look good, Merr.” She smiled.

Merrill couldn’t help but smile back at her. They chatted a little bit before she suddenly looked at her watch.

“Aw jeez I should get goin!” She smiled again and slipped him the address of the resturant she was working at, “Come see me sometime, Merrill. I’d love to catch up.”

Merrill just nodded and watched her leave. 

Tagging: @xxmandarxx @joker-flecked-me @phoenixbaby88 @elusive-ivory

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Virgo Sun / Leo Moon / Scorpio Rising / Leo Venus / Capricorn Mars

Hey! Can I ask what a virgo sun, leo moon, scorpio rising, leo venus, capricorn mars is like in a relationship? Crushing real hard rn and idk what do :(


Well, sweetie, a recommendation of mine is that you can try to aproach more to your crush and let him/her explore the good things ,and even the bad things, on your personality. Scorpio rising could be seen a little bit intimidating at first, but maybe It atracts her/him, It depends on her/him descendant sign, venus and mars.

If you’re already friends you need to be closer in the relationship, try to let all the awesome things that you have in your natal chart woo her/him

Leo Venus/Moon and Capricorn Mars is a good mix, in my opinion, because you have a balance between controlling your feelings and letting them explode at times! That could be exciting for your crush.

Overall, you just need to be yourself, relax from your thoughts (I know is hard, especially if you have a earth sun sign haha) and say to yourself if the person is worth it: I won’t give up.

Good luck! <3

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Luz: Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio


Eda: Aries, Leo


King: Gemini, Libra, Capricorn


Amity: Taurus, Cancer


Willow: Virgo


Keep in mind this is only based off the first three episodes. We know these characters pretty well enough to guess their zodiac signs but we could also end up knowing a lot more about them and there’s possibilities for character development and if we do, then I’ll remake this later on in the series.

Well, I might update this whenever we get to know more about Gus. He sounds like he could be one of the main characters but he wasn’t given enough attention in this episode to know about his personality and all I had left when I arranged these zodiac signs were scorpio and I don’t think scorpio fits Gus, so I gave it to Luz instead since she seems more scorpio than Gus.

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