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#Spider son

Peter: being spider-man really puts stress on my joints. i can’t even sneak out anymore because the minute i get out of bed, my knees crack and Doctor Dad hears me.

Tony, nodding: whenever my knees crack when I’m getting out of bed, Stephen gives me the “Doctor Eyes of Disappointment.” It’s worse if it’s the middle of the night. Let sleeping doctors lie.

Stephen, from across the house: excuse me for being concerned about your wellbeing!

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Peter: if you wear dog tags… does that make you a furry?

Stephen: Are we talking army dog tags or like Legitimate rabies vaccination tags?

Tony: the what

Peter: I was thinking Army Dog Tags

Stephen: I forget you don’t have dogs

Tony: neither do you????

Peter: that’s what he wants you to think

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Peter: Can you edit my essay?
Tony: That depends, what's it about?
Peter: You
Tony: Oh, well in that case, absolutely
Tony: Peter, why is the word 'bastard' in the title?
Tony: Is this an essay of all the times I've wronged you?
Peter: Check out page three
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Tony: Love you, underoos
Peter: Yeah, I know, Mister Stark. See you Friday.
(Peter closes far door)
Tony: (shouting) You gotta say “I love you back”
Peter: Mister Stark are you serious?
Tony: I wanna hear it. “I love you Dad.”
Peter: You wanna hear me say it? You’re dropping me off at school!
Tony: Come on, kid. “I love you Dad”
Peter: (sighing) Dad, I love you
Tony: FRIDAY, did you copy?
FRIDAY: Yes, boss

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Peter: Do you think it'd be a look if I knitted a hat out of my spider webs?
Tony: You can't knit
Peter: Maybe some boots and gloves too
Tony: Adding stuff makes this harder for you
Peter: Oh man. Think chainmail, but spider-webs. Knight Spider-Man.
Tony: Peter, you cannot knit
Peter: Not with that attitude!
Tony: Fine. Have fun getting stuck in your own webs
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Another AU story idea, but this time inspired by the movie” The Fugitive ”!

Peter Parker is wrongfully convicted of the murder of his Aunt.

After a chance to escape Peter goes on the run, trying to prove his innocence and find out who killed his aunt and why!

But that proves to be hard considering a team of the strongest men and women in the world is hunting him. Tony Stark and his team!

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“You know what I love about you most?” Peter asked laying against Tony on the couch after a bad outcome as Spider-Man.

“No, Petey. What do you love most about me?” Tony used the nickname Peter claimed to hate but both Peter and Tony knew he secretly loved.

“You never give up on me.” Peter replied quietly.

Tony’s heart warmed. He hadn’t known he could love a kid that wasn’t his own like he was blood but Peter had shown him that he could, “Never, Kid.”

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