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February 19, 2020

I can’t even begin to express how excited I’m feeling right now. Today I entered the classroom terrified that I might not be able to have what it takes to go make a career in medicine. But the second the class started, I felt so interested in every single thing the teacher was presenting. I loved every moment. I’m certain that this is what I like, this is what I was made for, and now I can go through with it. I can’t wait to start.

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Whenever you’re having a hard time learning a concept, draw out a picture!! This gives you a visual image of the concept and will help you retain the information better. I like to incorporate key vocabulary words to my pictures as well. :-)

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1/100 dop

Today was a pretty quite day. I spent some time practicing my typing (, which is honestly very needed. Later in the day I started practicing spanish again on Duo because i’ve just been in this weird space of not quite being fluent but also i’ve been taken classes since elementary school so I should know what i’m doing for way too long😅. I also started reading some research papers to hopefully make myself a better master’s program candidate. 

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Someone you have to drop two buckets of dirt on your white carpet in the name of botany

Theres a pretty large mud spot on my bedroom floor now but hey my strawberries are thriving. Above is my favorite chai tea latte that I snagged today with a friend that I haven’t seen in ages and the work I was supposed to do while seeing her. Tonight’s a good night to cram though feelin weirdly productive.
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When you hit 700 followers and have NOT been active at all this week because of your volunteer trip. Honestly though thanks for the love, I’m happy that I get to give you the content you deserve. I’ll be active again next week, we’ve just been super busy at our placements and doing fun stuff, not a lot of downtime that’s for sure. See you guys soon!!

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i havent been very active online because ive been exhausted, but im back again 2 just share that my study habits have been getting MUCH better. i may have some tips soon on what changed, and what ive been doing to get into a healthier mindset. but for now— studying for obligations and contracts!

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18/100 — Feb 19, 2020

Today I skipped the morning class. Truth is, it wasn’t something so important that would make me die. But still, I shouldn’t do it.

Ballet was great and my foot didn’t hurt. There was a combo with my fav step and I was so happy!

Today I:

- finished studying acute myocardial infarction

- did the gynecology homework

- sent a text to solve something I should’ve fixed sooner

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It was a great day! I visited the Belvedere Palace and I actually can’t believe I saw “The Kiss” in person!! I went into the gallery not very fond of Klimt but came out of it liking his paintings a whole lot. 🤩🥰

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