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Hi everyone. After what has been a mentally exhausting week, I’m coming back to Tumblr to a lot of notifications. For all the asks/messages in my inbox, I will get to you one by one. Thanks for your patience :)

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                Plano de estudos Enem

quer estudar de forma focada no que mais cai no Enem? desenvolvi um plano de estudos onde destaco os temas que mais caem no tão esperado vestibular.

LEMBRANDO QUE o que está em vermelho é o que mais cai no Enem segundo estatísticas, porém não deixa de ser importante estudar os demais conteúdos, pois nunca sabemos como será o futuro, ainda mais num país incerto como esse, não é?


versão 1 (pdf): 
versão 2 (pdf): 
versão 3 (pdf sem capas):

versão 4 sem capa em docx (sem as fontes Shorelines script bold e Hind light o doc ficará diferente).

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I was celebrating an actual 3.0 in CompMath (and finishing my comm art assignment) at Waterstones by myself today. Including shortbread and an English copy of Nietzsche‘s »Beyond Good and Evil«. Never thought I‘d catch myself reading a German author in English, but it was a nice experience. Though I will probably be able to recall the stories on two Ladies‘ grandchildren in detail, when I pick it up again.

Knowing Latin and German is probably a skill worth having, but today it was utterly useless.

I have two offers so far from new universities, so I will be changing to a CompSci or a similar course by September. I enjoyed my expensive 2-year-break from cities and responsibilities, painting and illustrating, but in the end both my anxiety over job security and the urge for a challenge are winning. Be it self-sabotage or not, I feel cooped-up in this town and don‘t have the need to become an underpaid art teacher one day.

My friends, even though they understand it very little, are supportive and happy for me. My fiancè has my back with every idea and often helps me make decisions like an adult - by actually thinking about the consequences.

I do hope this is the last time I have to start over, even though I look like a 15-year-old, I would like to grow up a little at some point and get us a mortgage and time abroad, not just the odd off-peak weekend in Rome or Barcelona.

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Large, multi-hour experiment is planned for the day. It’s a repeat of yesterday. It’s gonna be gruelling. I’ve everything laid out and ready and … collaborator is late because flow sorter is acting dodgy.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna sit here and think of as much figurative language as I can to describe the beauty a certain angel and demon find in each other. I’ve only gotten through ankles and wrists so far. I could be here all day (and may be).

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today i was planning to study a lot today but its full of people in my house today. you can hear their voices everywhere.. so im just waiting them to leave and start.

today is match, chemistry and physics 

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Istorie (fem) - history

Geografie (fem) - geography

Biologie (fem) - biology

Chimie (fem) - chemistry

Fizică (fem) - physics

Matematică (fem) - mathematics

Informatică (fem) - information technology

Filologie (fem) - philology

Economie (fem) - economy

Medicină (fem) - medicine

Sociologie (fem) - sociology

Drept (neut) - law

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02.25.2020 tuesday

hi friends! i’m happy to say that i’ve been very productive yesterday, Alhamdulillah. i worked on my phil. of med ethics readings, HuG quiz, & got ahead for this week’s arabic homework! i got one more med ethics reading to do & then i gotta do some short responses w that as well.

as for today, i have a women in Qur'an lecture & an arabic class & then i gotta sprint to work. : )

also! for all the Army’s! what do y'all think of MOTS:7 album & their mv?????

🎧: my time - bts 💓
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🇲🇽[10/100] Días de productividad.

Les comparto unas cuantas notas que hice de química general. Para distraerme y para completar algunas cosas para un examen muy futuro que tendré 🤭

🇬🇧[10/100] Days of productivity.

I share a few notes I made of general chemistry. To distract me and to complete some things for a very future exam that I will have 🤭

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2 and 3/100 days of productivity

25 02 20

I forgot to post yesterday because I was really busy but I did study. Today I did some work in the greenhouse and continued to study for my test which is tomorrow, wish me luck! I couldn’t perform all my duties in the greenhouse due to some time limitations so I’m a little unsatisfied …

(Sorry for the bad quality)

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