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🍃 The Hobbit: Secrets in the Shadows - Title Page 🍃

Story by me, @bayrad and my mother!

A foundling hobbit named Leanna, who was rescued by Ents and initially cared for by a healer elf from Rivendell, joins her cousin Bilbo Baggins in Bag End for many years until disrupted by a group of dwarves. After Bilbo and the company later leave The Shire, Leanna meets Sven, a troubled elf also from Rivendell, who is desperately seeking a wizard’s aid. Knowing of one, Leanna leads the elf to the company, but not before overcoming obstacles and unraveling secrets of their own.”

I will be working on uploading at least one to two pages every week coming in March! I will be updating them on other sites that I will post when I finish at least a few pages. Story is originally Tolkien’s, but this version is one that follows our own characters during the events of The Hobbit.

Enjoy my work? Please reblog! ♥

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Unboxing the Target Exclusive Limited Edition Frozen 2 4K Blu Ray Release


The front slip case cover is… A front cover, nothing special. The back cover is really nice, always really liked this poster for the movie. Also on a side note not a fan of the slip case and cardboard casing. Looks nice but I’d just rather a regular Blu Ray case or a steel case.


Front and inside art is also nice.


Like how the backing for this discs is the big wide shot of them passing Elsa’s castle during the afternoon. It works good here.


However I’m big not a fan of the back cover. It bugged the hell out of me how the only Anna poster we got was this one where she’s looking scared about to go down the waterfall with Olaf. Why this?? And why is it the back cover. It just bugs me.


Lastly here’s the gallery book and story book. The gallery book is basically some concept art of various Characters and locations with descriptions from the Filmmakers about them. Not much too new.


The story book is on the back, like it’s double sided. It’s an excerpt from the Frozen 2 graphic novel that goes from the start of the film to the travel scene. As a whole this is nice but quality wise it feels kinda cheap? Like that’s the best way to describe this set, it looks nice but feels kinda cheap. Not bad but nothing amazing either.

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Magic Kingdom

Olaf, Anna, and Elsa are in “Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire” which has several performances  each day in front of Cinderella’s castle.  They banter a bit with Mickey and Minnie and then Elsa sings Let it Go. We got there about ten minutes before it started and got great spots; it truly got packed after the show started.  So it was a bit hard to leave in the crush of people.  Snacks saved the day. There are a few fireworks at the very end which the littlest ones Did Not Like, but they loved the show otherwise. Tiana and Rapunzel also sing. All of the singing and sound is the original voice characters, and the face characters act it out. Anna was delightfully bubbly and waved at everyone and fangirled over her sister singing, and Elsa did some impressive cape twirling and released snow/confetti from her hands that looked cool on a slightly windy day but would maybe would be less than exciting without wind.  Olaf’s costume makes him like 6 feet tall so I guess that’s where that height statistic came from? The whole show is about 15 minutes long.

Anna and Elsa face characters are also in the Festival of Fantasy parade with an animatronic Olaf. Anna in particular waves and points at people and seems to enjoy herself. The float rotates and Tiana and Naveen are on the other side.

Hollywood Studios

Olaf character meet and greetHe doesn’t talk, but is very emotive nevertheless and his handlers give out cards with his autograph. Memory maker photo pass photographers are there to take pictures. This line is the worst because there is nothing to do and nothing to look at and lots of chains guiding the line that your children will want to sit on and hit each other with.

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration  Show has not changed post-Frozen 2, at least not yet. The Arendelle Historians have some delightfully pun-ny and corny jokes as they retell the story.  Anna comes out to greet everyone at the beginning and then goes off to look for Elsa.  Kristoff comes on stage midway through and grumpily corrects a bit of the story, and then at the end gently corrects the historians to say that Anna saved her sister and something to the effect of her being the hero of the story. He picks her up and twirls her around and they hold hands a lot.
The audience sings along to Do You Want to Build a Snowman, For the First Time in Forever, In Summer, Let it Go, and man did people really sing.  It was fun.  Bubble/snow comes out during the big finale. The show is about 30 minutes and if you get there 15 minutes before show time, there are some funny videos to watch while you wait about trolls, Arendelle History, and the Southern Isles royal family. Mostly it’s footage from Frozen 1 repackaged as news stories. 


Meet Anna and Elsa at Royal Sommerhus
This is the only place with Anna as Queen.  She’s wearing her engagement ring, which is gigantic. Elsa is wearing her white Snow Queen outfit. You meet Elsa first, and then Anna. That was a nice touch because in previous years it was Anna first, and then Elsa. So they save the queen for last. The line goes through the Royal Sommerhus which has lots of beautiful and interesting details to look at, like family portraits and wood carvings and books and painted doors.  You can’t fast pass it, so we went there right at park opening and waited about 20 minutes, which felt very doable with young children because there was so much to look at.

Frozen Ever After ride 
This is a fun boat ride that has Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven. It culminates in seeing Elsa at her ice palace. There are a couple of minor drops, one slightly bigger one that scared the kids a little, and that’s where they take the picture.  You of course exit through a gift shop with some nice clothing and toys, some of which I didn’t see in any other shops. The line for this is long, and we couldn’t get a fast pass though I tried daily.  We went close to park opening and waited about 40 minutes, but there are so many things to do while you wait it didn’t feel that long.  There are signs to read and pictures to look at and you eventually go through “Oaken’s Tokens” were a video projection of Oaken talks to you through a sauna door.  

I didn’t see anything Frozen-related at Animal Kingdom but maybe I missed it? Feel free to reblog and add other Frozen  things you’ve found at the parks!

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OK. OK!!! Since I made these cool layouts, I didn’t feel complete without having my top tickle boys not having proper charts, so here they finally are! In a nice handy layout. Also fixed up their spots and made them more appealing and varied hehe. 

As a ler: (Sven)

  • Ultimate Ler
  • Gets the biggest power trip out of tickling.
  • It’s a super kink to him, no question.
  • Somehow knows people’s ticklish spots before even touching them.
  • Loves his interrogation job possibly a little too much.
  • Knows when too much is too much however. (Unless it’s demons or angels who betrayed Lucifer and he has to get information from them. No mercy.)
  • Loves it more than anything to reduce his lovers to tears.
  • When it’s between those he loves he’s very intimate afterwords.
  • Is the cheekiest bastard when tickling someone and is the king of teases.

As a ler: (Ollie)

  • Both gentle and cruel
  • As if it wasn’t obvious his favorite place to tickle is the feet.
  • Will alternate between biting, licking, and using his fingers on someone’s poor soles.
  • Is super cheeky and a bit sadistic when tickling.
  • However he also has a limit to how much he’ll push someone.
  • If it’s people he loves like his family or lovers he’ll be super sweet and playful.
  • Loves to snuggle Sven when he wrecks him.

As a lee: (Sven)

  • Gosh he don’t trust like that unless it’s his lovers
  • Literally will not let anyone touch him like that he will have a panic attack and cry.
  • When it is someone he completely trusts however, he’s so whiny and squealy it’s very cute.
  • Will claim he hates it but kind of really loves the intimacy of it all.
  • When you get his feet and legs he squeals and his laugh is so cute and free.
  • Careful though, he kicks.
  • Is more receptive to light tickles then harder ones.
  • If he’s tickled for too long he dissolves into Dutch.

As a lee: (Ollie)

  • Such a ticklish baby!
  • This boy is the definition of a switch.
  • Has the cutest giggles and his laugh is so nice.
  • Will squeak and and giggle if you just hover your hands over his ticklish spots.
  • Some spots will just render him screeching and crying (toes, navel, and hips)
  • Will get super cuddly after being tickled.
  • However he will retaliate so watch out!
  • Mostly ends up telling people how ticklish is he on accident if they brush one of his spots.
  • “Eep I’m too ticklish for this!”
  • Using a feather on the stitches on his belly absolutely destroys him.
  • Love bites will make him a blushy mess.
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i wanna know more about sven and his partners :3 i didnt think micah was one of them..? lol

Oh hell yeah! You got it! And no, Micah isn’t one of them lol. Micah and Sven are good friends now and excellent mental health support buddies, but absolutely not a couple lol. That just wouldn’t work out. 

But yeah! As you all know, Sven’s main squeeze, his husband, the light of his life, is Ollie! Sven would 100% be dead without Ollie. He’s his rock, sun and moon, and his whole world. Ollie can be 100% himself around Sven and there’s no judgement from either of them. Of course, like all couples they have their bickering and fights sometimes, but they always manage to talk it out and fall back on their love for each other. Most of the time Ollie can’t believe he got himself someone as gorgeous as Sven, but it’s always Sven who thinks he’s the lucky one with getting such a kind and caring man. 

And then there’s Simon, Sven’s other emotional and grounding force. Simon is the absolute in Sven’s life, the never changing love and affection he always wanted but never got. Simon not only cares for Sven emotionally, but also, being an amazing doctor, knows when to nag Sven about his own health and drops everything to make sure his love is alright. Simon was the first person Sven saw when he woke up in Purgatory, and from then on, Simon never stopped loving him and showing him the kindness and affection he always needed. 

And when it comes to Ollie and Simon, they also love each other deeply. Simon and Ollie have many shared interests in healthcare, and can talk for literally hours on their shared knowledge. Also, Ollie being the natural born caregiver he is, loves doting on Simon and giving him the emotional getaway and safety he needs so badly sometimes. In turn, Simon lets Ollie unwind lots of time, and gives him mental insight and healing when he’s at his lowest and doesn’t know what to do. They complement each other flawlessly. 

All three of them together? Their energy bounces off each other and it’s never a case of “Two’s company, three’s a crowd.” It’s funny, because many times it ends up Sven in the middle of these two caregivers and Sven being taken care of like a king, but Sven can very easily turn around and care for his two loves and give them the energy and pick-me-up that they need to keep going. 

Also they have the best sessions imaginable omfg. It’s usually Sven and Ollie teaming up on poor Simon, but Simon and Ollie love to gently fluster and utterly destroy Sven until he’s a red, breathless mess. Simon also loves to enlist Sven’s help in turning Ollie to a puddle by attacking his worst spots, and in such a teasing way as well. Just soft compliments on the podiatrist’s appearance and his kindness send Ollie over the moon in a cute, giggly mess that melts both Sven and Simon’s hearts. 

In short, they’re all very, very cute and sappy and I love them. I love them so fucking much. 

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what would Micah do if he were given a baby and how does Micah handle affectation from Sven how does he feel now about the torture he inflicted on Sven now that hes healing

Oddly specific questions you got there, anon. I never mind questions about my OCs, but these are just..a little specific to me lol. But I digress. 

If you just handed him a baby? He’d probably internally be terrified. He was forced to hurt a lot of people when he was under Markus’ control, so even though he wouldn’t ever harm a child, there would always be a compulsive fear in the back of his mind that he could hurt this baby. 

(As part of Markus’ attempts to ‘break’ Micah mentally, he would have him hurt and kill defenseless creatures ranging from mythical beings to just straight up animals. Micah needs a lot of time before he would feel safe around something like a baby) 

Oh, Micah feels absolutely horrible about that. But Sven doesn’t, and Sven knows that in Micah’s own way, it was Micah’s attempt to ‘scare him from returning to heaven’ in a way that wouldn’t actually cause physical damage. So in a way, Micah was trying to subconsciously spare Sven from other cruel things that Markus could have done, and he was very lucky that Micah wasn’t with Markus when that happened. 

Still, Micah feels super bad about it and cried a lot about it to Sven a number of times, but Sven just gently reminded him that he didn’t need to be sorry. Sven’s grown a lot too in his time with Ollie, and he’s let a lot of garbage go. And now that he’s back at the reaper HQ, he has even more of a support system. 

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A Kristanna-centric work set in a modern timeline. Anna is Princess of Norway, her older sister Elsa the Queen, now devoted to charity work after attending private school near home and university in England. Happily in a relationship with the son of an old family friend, and by chance a college classmate, Anna splits her time between royal duties and her own work and is perfectly happy with her own status quo. However, an unexpected reunion at the presentation of Norway’s Medal for Heroic Deeds might throw a wrench in her life’s stasis.

General Disclaimer: There is basis on the structure/lifestyle/traditions of Norway’s modern royal family for the background of the sisters and their current lives, though it’s not perfect and some things may not be exactly spot-on. It’s just a fun little story, basically, the point lies within the characters (though I did try to make it at least semi-realistic for this timeline) :)

Keep reading

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Happy Birthday @joshgad !!! Truly the most generous, genuine and kindest people to work with our animation crew @disneyanimation . Josh goes above and beyond to meet with the team, collaborate and show his appreciation of the artistry and teamwork it takes to create an animated character like Olaf. Our crew loves him, not just because of his crazy talents, but because he’s a great person, it’s that simple. I was honored when @disneyanimation asked me to animate a little card, Happy Birthday Josh!
#joshgad #happybirthday #olaffrozen #birthday #birthdaycard #card #animatedbirthdaycard #animatedcard #2danimation #traditionalanimation #snowman #frozen #frozen2 #elsa #anna #kristoff #sven #disney #disneyanimation #design #graphicdesign #motiongraphics #funny #lol #funnyvideos #movie #love #cute #follow #happy

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Unpopular Frozen Opinion

I am not a fan of The Nokk in Frozen 2. Yeah it’s pretty….but…If it appears just for a while, I’m ok with it but it looks like the Nokk will be a main. Just a ‘main transportation’ just for Queen Elsa to ride from Enchanted Forest to Arendelle. An extra.

Just let Queen Elsa stays in Arendelle

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