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#T'Challa Udaku

You had your family back. You never thought you would be together again, all of you. You were there on the battlefield when you watched your brother disintegrate. You were the one trying to grab him, pull him away, lose him in your arms. You screamed his name, sure what you had seen wasn’t real, it couldn’t. People didn’t just do that! They didn’t just disappear like that! The others found you, asked where your brother was, but you didn’t have the answer. He was there, and now he wasn’t. You’d spend years replaying that moment over and over again, questioning still if it was real, if it really happened. All those years without him. You’d worked so hard to get them all back, lost more people to do so. You had your family back. You wouldn’t lose them again.

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Part 1 Part 3

Warnings: Sexual themes, angst. 1k words. 

A/N: I suggest playing the song for this part, to get all the angsty feels .


Nodding, she started the passionate kiss up again, panting heavily as they stumbled back into her living room. His tongue traced her lips before breaking them apart, whimpering Ineko sucked on his bottom lip, moaning as he firmly gripped her ass.

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Hello! This is something minor that I hope interests you. I love Black Panther and i'm hoping to see a little bump in the fandom (its dying) so if you wanna help, here's what's happening: there's a BP event running and i'm hoping people can participate. it's a love drive for the fandom/fancontent. hoping ppl can shoutout/comment/generally hype up what they love about Black Panther the movie and some of the works/cosplay/art/fic they liked. For more info check out the writingwakanda tumblr page.

Hi, @butcanijustnot ! I just got back from @writingwakanda, and it’s literally everything! It’s a noble thing you’re doing here, and of course! My blog is mostly shitposts, but I’d be damned if I don’t post about the lovely people of Wakanda and just Black Panther essentially. I’ll make sure to check daily for much more updates and contribute any world building headcanons (as you may not see here, this hell of a blog has no mod whatsoever and I’m in character 24/7 just talking about the universe I live in) as much as the fandom needs! I can’t wait for this to grow! Thank you!

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AN: It’s been a long as time. This was inspired by this post but ended up turning left, lol. Enjoy! Words: 2.1k

Sorry for any errors, I kinda just don’t gaf.🤷🏽‍♀️


Everyday like clockwork, Maya would travel 2 miles from the palace with her protection detail to pick up her baby girl. Malaika was officially in school which saddened both parents because they wished she could be waddling around the palace for forever.

The smart 5 year old thoroughly enjoyed school but didn’t like the uniforms, despite that minor inconvenience for the young fashionista, she made friends easily and love school. At the end of the day she would be tired but perked up at seeing her mom at the door.

The other kids always took delight in seeing their Queen and even ran to her and gave her hugs.

“Hi mama!” She said, running up to her after dragging her purple backpack on the ground before Maya picked it up and carried it. The Princess was usually drained but always managed to talk about her day.

“Today we painted and tomorrow we are going to hang them up on the walls!” She beamed.

“That sounds fun. What did you paint my little Laubser?” Maya asked, rubbing her curls as the car inched near their home.

“You, me, and Baba! And a black panther!”

“Sounds like it’s a work of art. I hope I can see it.”

Mala nodded and yawned.

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Black Panther Headcanon: T'Challa loves kids. From the way they have no limits with physical contact to the boundaries with the questions they ask. They’re undeniably sweet baby humans who aren’t afraid of the real threats, only monsters under the bed and bugs with too many legs. He loves that they color outside the lines, they pick flowers, they wear light up shoes and too many bracelets. He misses the childlike innocence and pure joy he and his friends used to feel when they were kids.

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I am not abandoning the stories that I said I’d work on but I had a new story idea that I have started writing. It’s about T’Challa, Erik, and a few other Marvel guys being in college and Erik decides to start a service where girls can ask them to be their dates to things like dances, parties, family events, social gatherings etc. It’d be reader x T’Challa and have a lot of drama. What do you think? Would ya’ll be interested?I got the idea from those rent-a-bae memes lol. 

@ashanti-notthesinger @destinio1 @afraiddreamingandloving @starsshines-blog @airis-paris14 @syreanne @chaneajoyyy @90sinspiredgirl @shemiahsmelanin @zillmonger @skysynclair19 @marvelpotterlove @constantlycravingtheunknown @imaginewhoever @wakanda-inspired @pocmarvelworks @theunsweetenedtruth @dreampovx @adrioola21 @supremethunda @thisiskayesworld @mcusocialimagines @priya212  @kumkaniudaku  @airis-paris14 @alexundefined @fonville-designs   @mellowjellow6 @omg-itsnadi @maddiestudentwritergaines @dadinhas-heat @jozigrrl @kaykay0829 @nerd-lovely @babygotl01292003 @oceanscorazon @id-rather-be-an-outsider

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[x] § T’Challa Imagine §

“Go T’Challa! You’ll do great I believe in you!” You waved widely in the crowd. He couldn’t believe his eyes, with a smitten smile he didn’t know he wore, his head shook slowly.

T’Challa got into a fighting stance, feeling your eyes on him. He felt really confident now and very focused with a strong heart.

He’s always surprised by how much he keeps falling more in love with you.

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T’Challa pisses of Nakia, and she will teach him a lesson, regardless if he’s king or not. Not even the great Black Panther can’t escape Nakia’s wrath.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Read at your own volition!

“T’Challa! Where are you?” Nakia’s angry voice echoed throughout the complex.

The king perked up at his name, his sister stared at him. “What did you do?”

He shook his head. “Nothing, why?”

Shuri frowned and crossed her arms. “Brother, if you can’t tell, Nakia is ready to cut your balls off. So, what did you do?”

The Black Panther looked at the stairs and his ever nearing doom. “I may have prohibited her from leaving Wakanda…”

Shuri’s eyes widened. “Why would you do that? You know her life is outside of these walls.”

“I know that, sister. It’s just–”

“T’Challa! Where are you? I’m going to kill you!” Nakia’s stomps neared the lab.

“It’s just what, T’Challa?” Shuri cut in.

“I will tell you later, just hide me!” The king stared at his sister pleadingly.

“Not until you tell me. I can call her if you want me to.” Shuri grinned. “Hey, Nakia!”

“Shh! Okay, okay! I’ll tell you. Just, please, hide me, and I’ll tell you everything when I know I’m safe.” He placed his hands together. “Shuri, please.”

His sister grinned, feeling proud that she had her brother at her mercy. Even if she wanted to know why he was keeping Nakia confined to Wakanda, she couldn’t help but feel that is was necessary for her dearest brother to get a taste of his own medicine. He was always enforcing laws, never considering the consequences of his actions.

“Nakia! He’s down here!” She hollered, causing T’Challa to bolt.

Even if he was the Black Panther, Shuri was equally as fast with her reflexes as he was. She latched her hand on his arm and held him in place until Nakia came storming down the stairs.

“There you are!” She sneered.

“No, wait! Nakia! I can explain, please!” There was only one person in this whole world he was terrified of, and that was Nakia when she was angry.

T’Challa knew better than to piss her off, she would never harm him. But when they were kids, she found out that he was brutally ticklish, and used that against him whenever he felt the need to do things without her consent. His sensitivity only grew worse when he took the serum to become the Black Panther. She tore him away from Shuri’s hold and literally tossed him to the ground, straddling his waist and not holding back as she went to town on his ribs.

“Why am I banned from leaving the city?” She hissed through gritted teeth.

“AHAHAHAHA! BeheheCAHAHAHUSE!” The king hollered with laughter.

“Because, why?” Nakia kneaded his ribs through his shirt, making sure to get in between each rib to emphasize her anger.

T’Challa drummed his feet against the floor as his hands flew around to try to catch Nakia’s. It was when Shuri came to their side with metallic cuffs that he really started to struggle. Unfortunately for him, Wakandan women were not to be trifled with. This was especially true when it came to Nakia and her anger. She gripped him with an iron hold while his sister attached the cuffs to his wrists. Nakia easily forced his arms over his head and grinned when the sound of metal hitting metal resonated off the walls.

“There, now you’re at my mercy, T’Challa.” She smirked.

“You can’t do this! I am king of, AHHHH–” He was cut off by Nakia digging into his hip bones.

“I don’t care if you’re the king, you have no right to stop me from leaving the city! It is my duty to help others in need, and you stopped me from doing that!” She shouted over his laughter.

“Do you require assistance, Nakia? I’d gladly help you.” She snickered.

She nodded. “Yes, your help would be delightful, Shuri,” Nakia responded, noting T’Challa’s panicked expression.

“No, please! I banned you from leaving because I…” He stopped himself, not able to will himself to say the three words that had been on his mind since they first broke up.

Shuri seemed to catch on, but Nakia was too enraged to even consider it. So, despite T’Challa’s protests, she carried on with tickling the snot out of him. She knew exactly where to tickle, his ribs and hips were his second worst spot, his underarms were almost the first, but it was his inner thighs that really made him squeal. She snuck her hands underneath his shirt and gently clawed at his underarms, not enough to hurt, but enough where it tickled too much.

“PLEHEHEHEHEE–” The king was laughing too hard to form words, he hated being tickled. It sucked, not to mention, it was humiliating. He was surprised when Shuri didn’t even consider recording him. He couldn’t even comprehend the amount of embarrassing footage she had of him and threatened to expose if he didn’t do particular things for him.

“Shuri, get his underarms, I’m going to get his thighs.” The look of sheer terror on T’Challa’s face was one of the most satisfying things she’d ever experienced. “Oh, what’s wrong, my king? Does that spot tickle too much?” She cooed.

“You’re the devil, woman!” He managed to scream out.

She only smirked as her hands latched onto his legs. “I know,” And with that, she squeezed.

The Black Panther bucked his hips and kicked his legs. Trying everything and anything to rip off her hands. But she held firm, keeping her hands on his thighs like leeches sucking the energy from him. Shuri dug into his underarms, eliciting a strangled yelp and a steady flow of hysterical laughter.

“What’s wrong, brother? You seem to be distressed.” She teased.

“AHAHAHAHA! You aHAHAHAHare going TOHOHOHOHO pahahahay for THISISISISIS– AAAAH” He managed to cough out, despite his laughter.

“I’m sorry, what? I couldn’t hear you over the sounds of your girly laughter, brother.” Shuri laughed alongside him and moved both hands between his ribs and his underarms.

His laughter soon fell silent, only the sounds of his frantic breathing and a few squeaks came from him. He was in ticklish agony, all areas of his body feeling like they were being electrocuted. Nakia had proven to be a very skilled tickler, it was alarming at how precise she was. She knew exactly where to strike and when to really make it hell for him. He eventually slowed down his thrashing until she had reduced him to a giggling mess. T’Challa was no fearsome king in this moment or the infamous Black Panther. No, he was a human, a young boy who was thrust into the world of kingly duties when his father died. His grief and lust for revenge had encased him into someone Nakia barely recognized. It seemed that now he was at her mercy, that barrier had fallen, and the man she once knew, the man she had fallen in love with was now on display for all to see, and she loved it.

That’s when it dawned on her, what if the reasoning behind his decision to keep her in Wakanda was to keep her safe. She was the only one who could really draw out who he truly was, and before, when he was about to say why he had done it, he was going to say that he loved her. That he couldn’t live with himself if she had been hurt, or worse. Finally, she ceased her tickling, Shuri soon followed. T’Challa slumped down onto the ground and heaved in as much air as his lungs would allow. Nakia stared at him, taking in the sight before her. He was beautiful, a man who cared, and loved, and loved to laugh. A man who would do anything for his home, for his people, and for the ones he loved – including herself. Without thinking, she leaned over him, making him flinch, and pressed her lips to his. He was tense at first, not really understanding what was going on, but he soon relaxed. She felt him respond to her, eagerly prolonging to kiss, not wanting it to end.

However, Nakia wasn’t finished with him. Shuri had shied away from the scene, now on the other side of the lab, as far away from the grossness that was her brother and Nakia making out on the floor. With sly fingers, she crept them up his shirt and without even ending the kiss, she attacked his ribs. She felt him arch his back and smile before the floodgates opened and giggles came pouring out of him. Nakia pulled away and drank in the sight, making sure to memorize every moment of this. The king of Wakanda, on the floor, laughing like a little school girl. But inside, he was happy, he was carefree, he was himself. The prince of Wakanda, before his father was so viciously taken away from him; before he was dragged into the title of king, and forced to be the hero of Wakanda. This was the reason why she loved him so much, the true reason. He put himself last, he forced himself to be another person entirely to keep his people safe, and only she, and she alone was the key that could unravel this visage he had going.

Nakia ceased her tickling and kissed him one more time. “I love you too, T’Challa.” She relished at the sight of his smile, “However, if you ever stop me from leaving Wakanda again,” She went by his ear, “I will never stop torturing you.” When Nakia pulled away, the look of terror made her chuckle. She kissed him once more for good measure and jumped back to her feet, knowing good and well that all eyes were on her.

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ever after, d.d. - @wakandan-flowerz

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* mind you I am still catching up with everyone’s masterlist and will be having more faves along the way!!* I think I may be missing a few stories so I will be updating this at somepoint!

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Tae gets banned from Wakanda after he and his ace, Maya, act a damn fool. A bit on Maya being insecure as well. 

Warnings: Cursing, drinking, and 4.1k words. This is long, I am so sorry 😂



Maya rarely got to have any real down time after marrying T’Challa. She loved her new life but also missed the fun opportunities her singleness had brought her. Now on most occasions, she would have to contain her litness and switch it for poise due to fear of tarnishing the great name of Wakanda.

She wasn’t a wild child but when she had fun, she had fun. Luckily a call from her best friend/cousin gave her the opportunity to have the fun she wanted without fearing the public eye’s judgement.

“Bitch, I’m on my way so we can turn up!” Tae said to her over their facetime call. “Yes! Oh my goodness, I am bored as shit. No one here does the ghetto turn up. No throwing up on the sidewalks, no face in the toilet. Girl, yes!”

Tae laughed and Maya scheduled a flight for Tae and then ran it by her husband. “You know you are supposed to run it by me first and THEN I confirm.” He said, looking up at her from his desk.

“I know but as the Queen, I think I should have some of those privileges. You know of sending flights in and out and authorizing certain people in the country.”

“I am not saying that you should but Keontae? Really? I understand your parents, Beyonce and Jay, Robyn, but TAE?”

“Yes, Tae! He is my first cousin and first best friend. He is coming to loosen me up.”

Folding his arms, T’Challa leaned his head back on the chair. “I thought I loosened you up enough last night.” He said with a wink.

“Cute but you know what I mean.”

“Fine but just do not tear up the palace. You know, our home.”

She couldn’t make any promises, the two cousins could get pretty raunchy and do major  damage all by themselves.

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