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#The Avengers

so you know how in austin powers 2, austin’s wife vanessa turns out to be a femmebot designed by doctor evil and she blows up? & then when austin tells basil exposition, he replies “yes. we knew all along, sadly”, and austin makes a face bc clearly That Doesn’t Make Much Sense (& as the audience we know its a plot device that allows the following narrative to exist)???

that’s literally what endgame did 

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I just saw Endgame for a third time. And I’m still confused. I could definitely be missing things, but I just don’t know. 

As I keep working on various fix-its, I am forced to confront things that Endgame left up in the air, at least to my understanding. Most of these things I would be able to let go if I weren’t trying to write fics around them in a way that makes a modicum of sense.

1. Can Thor summon the Bifrost with Stormbreaker? I thought Infinity War and Ragnarok implied that Thor could do it and Stormbreaker could help, but did Thor lose that power when he declared Valkyrie the Queen of New Asgard? Or does he still have it as the rightful son of Odin who has now unlocked his full power? Does he require Stormbreaker or can he summon it himself? 

2. When Cap came back to the main timeline to give Sam the shield, was he intending to stay or was he only dropping by? Was alternate universe Peggy already dead? Was the alternate universe that Steve went back in time to the same one where 2014 Thanos was already gone, or were multiple alternate universes created? Did Steve return to 1945 after dropping off the Tesseract in 1970, or did he just stay in 1970? I couldn’t tell based on the cars in the final scene. Was old Steve himself close to death? He seemed pretty healthy in that scene, just old. Did he talk to anyone else or was he trying to keep his presence quiet? Wouldn’t his very presence back in the main timeline create a new alternate universe going forward? 

3. Where did Steve live and what he did he do when he wasn’t leading group therapy sessions during the five year time jump? Nat makes a joke, asking him if he’s at the compound to do his washing. This implies to me me that he did not live there full-time. So does this mean he was not involved in any of the Avenging activities that Nat, Rhodey, etc. were doing? Or only some of the time?

4. One thing that didn’t register with me until now is: how did Scott Lang’s things get into storage? Was it a government program for all the missing people? There seemed to be a number of other compartments, and it is funny that Lang’s identification number on his sign was 616. Or did Maggie and Jim survive the Snap, Scott’s stuff was given to them, and they put it in storage? It seems like other vehicles and things were just abandoned? Why wasn’t Scott’s stuff just abandoned? Is there a good in-universe explanation or is it just the needs of the plot?

I don’t know that there are clear answers to any of these questions, so I am treating the answers to all of them as: “Whatever I want.” But it would be nice to have just a little more canonical detail.

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Main Masterlist

This a Mobster!Bucky x Reader AU story. There are violence and death in some chapters. Warnings will be put on all chapters. Please be aware. 

Warnings: Violence, gun violence, murder, death, alcohol. (Will update as story progresses).

Summary: Nothing is set in stone and while you live life with the idea and goal of a perfect life, one night sets you on a different path. 

Chapter 1 - A Ridiculous Wish

Chapter 2 - 

Chapter 3 - 

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“I am Iron Man”

In Iron Man, Tony was kidnapped by a terrorist group, hired by Obadiah Stane. He made his first suit in a cave. And it’s the death of Ho Yinsen, the man who saved him, that inspires him to become Iron Man. Later, when he fights Iron Monger, he asks Pepper to overload the Arc reactor in Stark Industries to kill Obadiah and himself with him. In The Avengers, Tony was considered the leader. He wasn’t leader material, but he pulled through. At one point, Cap said that Tony wasn’t the one to make sacrifices. Tony proved him wrong later in the film by flying the nuke through the wormhole along with himself. Tony was willing to sacrifice himself to save everyone. In Iron Man 3, Tony sacrificed all of his suits to fix his relationship with Pepper. And to stop Aldrich Killian and AIM. But Tony had anxiety attacks throughout Iron Man 3, and I think it’s because he expected himself to die in the wormhole. He doesn’t think he should be alive. And of course, in Avengers Endgame, he sacrificed himself to wipe out Thanos’ army. Cap was wrong about Tony. Tony was willing make sacrifices since becoming Iron Man.

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little changes that may have made steve rogers more in character during endgame

- change the line “i went in the ice in ‘45, right after i met the love of my life. woke up 70 years later. you got to move on’ to ‘i woke up 70 years after meeting the woman i thought i’d marry. i lost my team. i lost my righthand man. i watched my best friend die for the second time. there comes to be a point when you’re not sure how much more you can lose, but somehow you have to find a way to keep going. if you can’t do it for yourself, do it for them.” 

-rather than have him moping around nyc in suburban dad button downs, have him actively searching for an Answer. this is steve rogers we’re talking about, the man who never gives up, who never stops, who would die trying, who never takes the easy way out. i understand endgame was trying to say the Snap was his breaking point, and that he was Tired and beginning to lose faith in his system of values/morals, and maybe a lesser man would have, but not steve rogers. if anything, i think the snap would have pushed him to instability– not eating enough, not sleeping, pushing his body to extremes, always looking and searching for something that might not be there 

-have him be the one to let scott out of the van. after five years of dead ends and false leads, he finally makes his way to a storage unit in san fran, to an old van. but its just an old van, and his heart breaks a little bit more. he sits in the seat, exhausted and drained from another failure, and absent mindedly presses buttons. something lights off, and suddenly, a CRASH. 

-rather than looking at the compass w a picture of peggy, have him watch an old video on his phone of him, nat, sam, bucky and wanda on a quiet day– his family. 

-at the end of the battle w thanos, he sees bucky and his face crumples, and falls sobbing into his best friend’s arms, the man he’s watched die twice, and we hear a quiet, “its ok, steve”

-this doesn’t really have to do w anything but i would have loved a team cap reunion scene, and a scene where they mourn natasha together 

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