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#The Avengers

Harley’s father????

Edit: Found this in my draft and thought I might as well post it.

Warning: This is cringy AF.


*Tony, Peter, May, Pepper, Harley, Harley’s sister, Harley’s mom, Mj, Ned, Shuri, Jaxon, The Avengers, and Harley’s sorry excuse of a father on The Maury Show*


Maury: In the case of 19 year old Harley Keener and 14 year old (Insert Harley’s sister’s first name here) Keener, (insert Harley’s father’s name here) you…. ARE THE FATHER!

The Avengers: *Screaming bloody murder* “Fuck no! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

Tony, May, and Pepper: *Gets out adoption papers* “Over our dead body!”

Harley: *Flipping him the bird* “Fuck you old man!”

Peter: *Tackles Harley to the ground* “MINE!!”

Harley’s Sister: *Crying ,while holding on to Harley* “I don’t want him to be our father!”

Harley’s Mom: *Yelling at Harley’ father* “I should have wooped your ass when I first met you!”

Mj: *Gives a speech about found family* “And this kids is how not to be an asshole who leaves their family in this speech I will tell you how….”

Shuri: *Quotes vines* “Oh my fucking god he fucking dead!”

Harley’s father: *Runs backstage* “Holy shit you guys are crazy!”

Jaxon:*Chases Harley’s dad with a poisoned apple* “Choke on this motherfucker!!!!”

Ned: *Silently watches the chaos* “WTF.”

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Tom: "i'm going to go shower"
Harrison and the rest of the Holland fam*: "Tom no, wait. you still have--"
Tom: *Keeps walking*
Haz and the Holland fam: "oh on,he can't hear us. he has his airpods in!"
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steve rogers is a littel bitch who punches things when he’s angry but that’s exactly why we love him

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Send in requsts please

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