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#The Umbrella Academy

(In the sixties)

Dave: So this is from a movie you’ve seen?

Klaus: The version I’m talking about is from a TV show, technically, but yes.

Dave: And… He has green skin, and he’s all wrinkly…

Klaus: Yup.

Dave: …And that’s supposed to be cute?

Klaus: He IS CUTE-

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Klaus: Roses are red. This poem makes no sense
Ben: Where are you going with this
Klaus: My name is Dave
Ben: It's really not
Ben: Just go to sleep
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chapter six of I’m Still Standing is up! 

Where things get shaken up and secrets get shaken out….

read ch6 on ao3 

or start at the beginning ch1

You know what they say; stopping the apocalypse starts at home, especially if it’s your incredibly powerful sister who’s the one bringing around the end of the world. Just one small snag, if they’re going to be of any help to themselves they need to come together as a team and as a family.

(Where Five jumps them through time and they land at the Academy. But only it’s a pit stop on the way back home.)

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Living with Grace must have been terrifying tbh. Like, yeah, she acted as a loving mother and all that a good chunk of the time. But her primary purpose was to be a caretaker who could withstand anything and would obey Reginald’s orders to the letter.

None of the team would really be able to trust her, and I think some (like Five) would outright resent her.

All I can think of is a scene in the Academy’s infirmary (they have one, fight me on this) after Klaus’s first suicide attempt. Klaus lying on the bed, an iv in his hand and his arms wrapped up bandages, bandages on his face and throat too from where he clawed himself.

Grace cheerfully puttering around, chiding him for how deep some of the cuts are and how he should really be more careful next time.

Gently telling him that she can’t give him a nail tool to clean the blood from under his nails because the cleaning part is sharp and he’s just so clumsy with sharp objects.

Brushing his hair from his face while he sobs or begs her to stand up to Reginald, quietly telling him that he’s hysterical and needs some help calming down while she increases his morphine dose.

Gods, Grace must’ve been such an absolute mindfuck for those poor kids. A person placed in their life to take of them while being physically incapable of protecting them or even realizing that they needed to be protected in the first place.

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headcanon time

ok so everyone talks about klaus being multilingual (which i’m all for), but what about allison?

think about it this way. reggie probably introduced them to as many languages as possible as soon as he found out about their powers (= at very young age). klaus so he could talk to as many ghosts as possible, and allison so she could use her powers against as many people as possible

so now i imagine the two of them having a conversation in like five different languages while the others are just wondering what the hell is going on

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