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#Thor Odinson
hey! can you do thor x male reader, they are going to a halloween party thrown by tony, and reader go as devil (suit, with horns) and thor thinks reader is really good looking on the costume and that turns him on leading to a steamy make-out session on thor's room.

Thor X Male-Reader - Sutur’s Likeness

A/N – This is from 2 Halloween’s ago… Sorry.

Warnings – Mild NSFW

Rating – T+


Originally posted by danniejgrayson

You sat at the bar in the Avengers’ Tower surrounded by intoxicated people partying in their Halloween gear. As a slutty witch passed you by, almost falling into your lap before she moved on, you wondered exactly what you did to deserve an invite to such an event.

“Trick or Treat,” Tony smiled, joining you at the bar.

You didn’t know whether to be shocked or embarrassed upon finding him dressed as your boss, Nick Fury.

“Stark,” You greeted non-committedly.

“Aw, come on. No smile. No laughter. Not even a comment on my costume,” Tony pouted. “What’s the matter? Not enjoying my party?”

You sighed, wishing to be anywhere but there at that moment. Indeed, you didn’t want to be at his party whatsoever, but once you had received the invite, Fury dictated that it was your job to go and make sure that this event didn’t get too wild like the Fourth of July Party; you shuddered at the memory of Stark’s firework display that he aimed at Trump Tower. Granted, it had been fun to watch the neo-Nazi’s ‘empire’ destroyed, and fortunately nobody was in there when it happened, but you couldn’t forget the amount of paperwork afterwards.

“Depends,” You sipped your drink. “Planning to attack any Nazis tonight… Maybe some KKK members.”

“Oh, you wouldn’t stop me now, would you?”

“Me? No, never. But, if you are planning such a glorious event, please tell me in advance so I can get a start on the paperwork now.”

Tony grabbed a beer, toasting it to you, “See, this is why you’re the SHIELD Agent I always invite; you would never stop me from making the world a better place.”

You tipped your devil horns to Tony, waiting for him to leave.

“Well, I’ll be on my way, I suppose,” He said, grabbing a second beer for another of his guests, “but before I go, do you still have a crush on a certain God of Thunder?”

You rolled your eyes, hating that Tony knew that about you. He constantly teased you about it ever since you drunkenly confessed it once; there was a lesson to be had, never drink with Tony Stark. Even drunk, the man remembered everything. All the same, there was no point in denying anything at this point, so you simply glared hard at Tony, “You know I do. Why?”

“Because he’s totally checking you out in your hot little devil suit,” Tony grinned mischievously, pointing subtly behind you then turning tail and leaving you.

You turned quickly, finding that Tony was telling the truth. You closed your eyes, silently begging yourself to play it cool as Thor sat beside you and ordered a Jägerbomb from the bartender. You wanted to greet him, but as usual your brain turned to mush around him.

“(Y/N),” Thor nodded. “You are looking fine tonight. Like a sexy Sutur. I mean, he’s an ugly bastard, but you make him look charming, you know, with the horns and everything.”

It was unsurprising that Thor had mixed up your devil costume for the Flame God of his realm. Besides, who were you to argue what your devil looked like when placed against Thor’s memory of Surtur. You eyed Thor’s outfit, a black suit with a white shirt that was open at the top, revealing the start of his chest hair. Ignoring the fact that he’d just called you sexy, you managed to speak, “You’re not in a costume tonight?”

Thor looked down at himself frowning, “This is my costume… I was told this is what Earth’s mightiest magicians looked like. Is it not correct?”

“It’s perfect,” You smiled, glad to have found a topic you could talk about without tripping up.

“Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk about.”

“You have something in mind?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. Now, forgive me if this is not the way you do things in Midgard, but I believe I just called you sexy. If you’d prefer, I could call you handsome, stunning, hot, enchanting. Take your pick. Anyway, since tonight is one of celebration, I would like to take you away from this bar, grab some drinks, and ravage you in my chambers. What say you?”

You blushed, wondering momentarily if this was some kind of joke. “Thor, don’t get me wrong, you’re hot as fuck and I would love to be ravaged by you, but-” You took another sip of your drink to buy some time and figure out what to say. “You, ah- You’ve never looked at me twice. Why now?”

“Just because you haven’t seen me looking at you doesn’t mean I haven’t, and truth be told, red makes you look divine. Like the flames of Sutur, you are hot with passion, I can tell. So, if it pleases you, you will follow me to my chambers, and we shall see where that leads us.”

Thor left you at the bar, and you sat for a moment, thinking. If Fury ever found out about this, it would be the end of your career, but on the other hand, when would a chance like this ever come up again?

You hopped off your bar stool, following Thor to his room. Once inside, Thor wasted no time pushing you against the wall and kissing you hungrily. Eager for the taste of the delectable God, you held onto him, moaning into his mouth as he wrenched it open with his tongue.

He grabbed your ass, and tugging on the tail of your costume, and you got the distinct feeling that the outfit turned him on; if tonight led to something more between the two of you, you would be sure to keep the outfit.

“By Odin, you’re hot,” Thor murmured as he lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

You felt a pressure against your stomach and giving in to all your inhibitions, you whispered in Thor’s ear, “Is that your magician’s wand or are you just happy to see me?”

Between kisses, Thor replied, “You know what it is.”

“You wanna share with the class?”

“Not yet. I don’t want to see you out of that glorious outfit until this delightful festival is over.”

It was your turn to grab Thor’s ass, caressing it as you purred, “Well then, you better find some way to entertain me until then.”

“For Sutur’s hot likeness, I’ll do whatever you tell me too.”

Suddenly, you didn’t regret being invited to Tony’s Halloween party anymore, at least as long as Thor continued to worship you.


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Incorrect Thorquill #24
Peter: Ugh, I couldn't sleep last night.
Mantis: They say if you can't sleep, it means someone is thinking about you.
Peter: Who the hell is thinking about me at 3 a.m.?
Thor: *gay panic*
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Word Count: 6078

Warning/s: Implied smut. Angst somewhere. Steve and Val’s still kind of a bitch.

A/N: I wrote my head off for this part. Fitting word count before we transition to the Oceans 8 arc, don’t you think? God, I hope you like this part. Please, comment your reactions. I really love reading from you guys!  

PS. If there are any grammatical mistakes I’ve still overlooked, I apologize.

PSS. Since you’re already reading this part. Please, be careful out there. Protect yourself from NCOV. Wear a mask if you’re going outside. Wash your hand regularly, and bring alcohol everywhere you go. Take your vitamins C seriously, and stay hydrated. If you feel flu like symptoms, get yourself checked by experts. Don’t self-medicate. The world is a better place because you’re here. Stay with me. xx

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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So I’ve never really done this but a first time for anything. I’m trying to find a Thor x Reader fanfic where he loses his memory and she takes care of him they fall for each other and I know he gets his memory back but I can’t find the fanfic or the user that made the story. If you have any idea please send me the link. Thank you.

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It’s been nine months, but I’m posting another Endgame rant! We’re all surprised!

Anyway… Endgame really screwed up with Thor.

I have no problems with Thor being portrayed as a fat depressed alcoholic who flinches at the mere mention of Thanos. Of course, I hate to see him be so low, but I understand. The man is clearly grieving from the death of his brother and practically all of Asgard. He exhibits clear signs of PTSD as well as depression, which is understandable. Most people, when experiencing the things Thor did, do turn to alcohol and do tend to gain weight.

My problem with Endgame Thor is the fact that his mental and physical health was a joke. Every time Thor’s weight was mentioned, it was used to make the audience laugh. Thor was insulted because of a natural thing, and nobody seemed to even want to help him.

The purpose of having Thor be at such a low point should have been to show that people can still be worthy even when they’re at their worst. It should’ve shown that you can still be worthy, despite your hardships and depression and downfalls. And while they did touch on that message for maybe about a minute or two when Thor got mjölnir, it seems like the main reason for showing us this PTSD riddled version of Thor was for laughs.

The story that Thor went through—losing a family member, people he loved, turning to alcohol and gaining weight, becoming severely depressed and even suffering from mild to severe PTSD—is a real story that people experience. And that story shouldn’t be made a joke.

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Summary: Long ago, in a time before spidermen and avenging heroes, Loki convinces Thor to undergo a vision to meet his future lover.

Love interest: Thor

~Thor, Asgard, 500 Years Earlier~

“You jest.”

“I can do it. Swear on Freya’s cursed boar.”

I scoffed at my brother. Loki was slim and long-limbed compared to other Asgardians. His face was even more unique; it had potent cheekbones that jut out like his daggers. They always made my brother look refined, and incredibly conniving.

My brother’s emerald eyes lit up with mirth. “I’ve been working on visions with mother.”

“So you are a witch after all?” I teased, raising my draught to my lips.

Loki rolled his eyes. “And you a lumbering oaf—this is a discussion for another time. These visions give me a glimpse into the future. Tell me there aren’t things you don’t want to know?”

I didn’t bother with the maze of words he weaved. I simply tipped my drink back, stealing a glance at him over my mug of ale.

Loki huffed. “Come on—you’ve been with countless men and women. Don’t you want to know whom you might end up with?”

My eyebrows furrowed. Loki and I had different opinions on the subject of love. For him, it was a dance. It was a mental game. I thought of romance as more of a sensation; something deep and warm and trusting. It was suspicious for him to bring up the matter.

“I’ll know when I find them,” I told him, setting down my drink with more force than I intended.

“Why not know now?”

“I like surprises—except when they involve you.”

Loki paused, his thin lips pressed together. My eyes widened as I realized what my words had implied.

“I am happy you are my brother. I would replace you with no other, Loki.” My hand clapped on his fragile, bone-thin shoulder. “Although, I prefer when there isn’t a knife in your hand.”

Loki nodded. His face still held that slight distortment. Sometimes that warped expression appeared around Volstagg and Hogan. Our friends. He called them my friends.

“Alright, I’ll agree to this vision.” I surrendered, watching the triumph glint in my brother’s eyes.

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Summary: Thor has to go and find an Omega for himself, according to his father. None of the available princesses from the neighbouring kingdoms, however, smell good enough for him. But what if Thor catches a heavenly scent, just outside the castle?

Warnings: a/b/o dynamics, scenting, fluff

Word Count: 2801

A/N: Alpha Thor is back. And the reader appears for the first time. What do we all think about this? Let me know, feedback is gold :) xx


Originally posted by diana-prince

Series Masterlist __ Masterlist

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The morning was filled with people running around the castle, trying to get everything ready for Thor’s travels. Thor didn’t really want to take too many things or counsellors with him because he knew that it was all about the smell, and nobody else but him could decide that. He did have to take someone with him, and despite his father’s light protest, he decided to take his friends: Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun.

Odin wished for Thor to take Loki with him because there would be at least one son with some manners. The Allfather hoped to keep the good relations between the kingdom, and knowing Thor and his manners, there were some reserves when it came to letting him go alone. But Thor’s mother vouched for him, and who was Odin to say no to his wife?

Thor insisted on riding horseback, even if it was proper for the heir to the throne to come in a carriage. But Thor only rolled his eyes at the golden carriage and let the thralls put it from his sight. He was the future king of Asgard, not some lady in need. He was a man, an Alpha, and he wouldn’t be caught dead in such monstrosity. His friends agreed with him heartily, and so there was nothing left to do for the thralls than to listen to the prince and get the carriage out of his sight.

When Thor mounted the horse, his father came briskly to his side and caught the reins of his horse.

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Thor: Loki, do you have any idea that your pet is a Flerken and not a kitten?

Loki: Well, Thor, do you have any idea that the thing you call “my sweet rabbit” is neither sweet nor a rabbit but is in fact a raccoon?

Thor: *Gasps and covers Rocket’s ears*

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Peak attractiveness is

  1. Ben soaked to the bone with facial hair
  2. Jay in the man bunwith the pull back braid in break it down
  3. Doug in the ponytail
  4. Gil with the sectioned ponytail in break it down
  5. Thor in age of Ultron
  6. Dickory
  7. Glass believer
  8. Dark captain swan
  9. Arthur Curry. Just. Arthur Curry.
  10. Hinny
  11. Romione
  12. Jopper
  13. Willabeth. Otherwise known as the Pirate King Elizabeth Swann and her consort Captain Will Turner
  14. 2012 batcat
  15. 2019 jasladdin
  16. 2009 tianaveen
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Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know I’m updating the taglist for For The Love of a Queen. The current taglist is listed below, however, there are a few names that don’t have a link which I only noticed when I updated part 11. If you would like to be ADDED or REMOVED please let me know ASAP. I intend to take out the tags that have no link, if you are one of those people please contact me. 


Emily xoxo


1. @youcantevenknowyet

2. @nerdy-jelly-art

3. @saraholdtheh972

4. @just-trying-to-survive-marvel

5. @fangirl-4-life415

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9. @ofbooksandaesthetics

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21. @addictofsupernatural

22. @imcalledflorence

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