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#Trevante Rhodes

“I think about love on a scale from 1 to 10. Most of us find a 6 or a 7, and that’s why we have divorce. It’s the truth. We settle for that 6 or 7. But I like to think Kevin is Chiron’s 10. He’s found that and he realizes that there’s no reason to settle for a 6 or 7 because, “I know this person is my 10. Whether or not this person believes I’m his 10, I’m going to devote my life to this person entirely.” That’s why the line where he says, “You’re the only man that’s ever touched me,” for me, was the most amazing, most beautiful thing I’ve seen in cinema, period. Because that’s what we strive for as people, to find that one person because they’re there. If Kevin doesn’t feel that they should be together, Chiron is just going to die a miserable person because that’s his person and he won’t settle for anything else. But I like to think they’re together, walking in Central Park hand-in-hand when they’re 90 years old.”

-Trevante Rhodes 

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Riding forward Erik ignores the smell of fire and the promise he had made to himself needing an outlet to quell his rage. He had made it a point to stay away from Salise when he saw how Fey welcomed his children as her own. He’d realized his wife was capable of love in the way she cared for them dutifully and without any of the reservations or the disdain she had felt for him. Dismounting his horse under the cover of darkness he walks to the door using his key and entering his lovers home. He finds her humming on the top floor and playing the harp in a dress with transparent fabric.

“A fire and a visit from the king in one day.” She comments standing slowly and arranging her dress to fall correctly before she smiles bowing deeply in front of him.

Erik tosses her a bag of coins “I’m not here to talk”.

She smiles at his directness. “I’m no longer a woman for purchase - that ended nearly a decade ago remember. When you decided I would be your favourite?” She stands upright touching his shoulders and raising her head to kiss him softly.

“I want you back in the palace” Erik says and Salise smiles.

“I lost you the moment you laid eyes on her” she speaks freely.

“I did not want to dishonour my wife in her home” Erik reiterates his reasoning.

“Now you do?” His lover asks - she had his mind for years before it had been conquered by his betrothed. When he was younger she had been his first conquest - a woman that was all the best things about women. She brought him women and other aphrodisiacs to keep their love making fresh. She had been a woman from the isles, they’d been renowned for their lovemaking before the flood washed away their civilization and way of life. Her price had been unfathomable but Erik paid for the experience, and continued to pay so no other man could have the same pleasures.

“Im not concerned with my wife’s pride”

“Erik, you love her. More than you’ve ever loved me or anything besides war and I will not be made a fool of when I’m returned here with chests of gold for a consolation” Salise swallows. “You will not use me to make your wife jealous or provoke her because all else has failed.”

“I am your King! You will do as I say” Erik snaps grabbing her face angrily - he’d had more than enough insolence from women to last him a lifetime.

“No matter how much I love you Erik, you’ll always love her” Salise speaks freely with a soft expression making her lover sigh.

“I do not love her” he attests taking Salise to bed and breaking his vows to himself. His mother had advised if he wanted his wife to open up to him he would have to cut all emotional ties with other woman and allow for roots to grow between them but where was she now? Gone, somewhere or the other. He could feel the distaste for her too and the passion from hatred growing within him as he intends to put his passion into Salise.

He would make love to her like he should make love to Fey; his wife. He follows her silently to her bedchamber undoing her dress and removing it as he kisses down her neck to her shoulders leaving gooseflesh in his wake. Grabbing her breasts as he stands behind her still he returns to her neck until he finds the set that makes her vocalize her arousal.

“Let me pleasure you my king” Salise offers feeling the tension build between her legs, the longing, the soreness, the throbbing that needed attention. She needed to look up into his dark eyes and see how much she aroused him. She needed to see him smile at her skill before his eyes shut as he breathes through his climax.

“Let me” Erik says leaving her mouth agape; it had been over three years since she had had his mouth on her - out of respect for his wife. It had been just as long since they made love in positions that allowed them to look upon one another.

Erik had tried to be a husband to his bitch of a wife but that was over now as he laps as his mistresses centre. He finds his technique again enjoying the act just as much as he enjoys hearing her praise him while begging for more. She fails to be gentle deliriously grabbing as his dreads as she squirms.

“I love you” she pants her stomach rising and falling as he removes his pants revealing his manhood. Getting on his knees he pulls her to him by his until they’re aligned. Salise pulls his lips down to meet hers enjoying another kiss as she grinds on his fingers teasing her.

“How much do you love me?” Erik rasps with a voice deeper than usual.

“With all of me” she pants looking him in his eyes as he enters her abruptly.

“Then’ll have every inch of you tonight” he promises before making his words a reality in every way.

The smell of burning shrubbery and wood still lingered a week after the blade had been put out. Erik’s rage had brought with it darkness and thick fog. He could feel the uncertainty of his people and the superstition of bad omens that lingered with the fog but he maintained that training and harvest were still the top priorities of the kingdom. He waited at court for his wife as a formality and yet she refused to come. It was Elias who brought him the news of her seclusion.

Fey was barricaded into her quarters, her maids, ladies and even Bess were ordered to stay out. The guards she brought from her home stationed outside of each entrance ready to enforce her rule until the death. Erik had ignored her cry for attention as he saw it for two days before marched to her quarters in rage. Seeing the fear in Bess and Omar’s eyes made him feel a sense of uneasiness. Neither of them particularly liked him but all of that seemed to be second to their overwhelming concern which meant something was gravely wrong.

“It has been five days - she hasn’t allowed in any food or water” Bess speaks and Omar swallows as Erik notices tears forming in his eyes.

“And you’re allowing that” Erik steps forward making the loyal century raise his spear - an act of treason and war. Eriks guards step forward until he gestures them to be at ease. Omar had never been disrespectful - Fey’ s safety and well being was always his primary concern - he didn’t concern himself with their marital affairs and had always shown kindness to Eriks sons.

“How do we know she’s still alive? Has he come to see her?” Erik asks

“No, she has forbidden everyone from entry and these come out every night” Bess explains showing papers with simple numbers on them for each day. Erik swallows seeing the deteriorated penmanship to mark the third and fourth days of her strike.

“Did she say when she will be out?” He questions.

“May I speak freely?” Omar swallows getting a permissive nod from the king.

“My Queen is in a great deal of pain, anything but obedience could break her spirit” Omar says.

“In other words leave?”  Erik interprets clenching his jaw in contemplation. An unfamiliar feeling bubbled inside of him - fear. Concern, for the well being of his queen and fear of losing her. He could feel it in the pit of his stomach. The thought of having to explain her death to the kingdom made everything too much. He turns without words rushing to his own quarters wishing he too had a veil at times like this when he couldn’t stomach the worry.

Barely making it to a basin he throws up. His stomach heaving violently as he expels its entire contents without control of his bodily functions.

Salise’s words come back to him as he tastes the bitterness in his mouth. Sending his own staff away he sits at his balcony all night unable to sleep and watching fir the moon for the grey skies.

Did he really love her through all the hate?

Killmonger had taken the lives of many men with a clear conscience but this was different. Standing he searches for an old chest that had been given to him by his parents many years ago. His mother prayed often but in secret, she frequently used oils and herbs and waters to keep him safe - or so she believed.

He uses the passages to enter his mothers old quarters illuminating it and standing in the familiar room. He searches for her things until he finds it - the necklace she always wore during hard times - vowing it brought her peace. She had told him peace was important because men value beauty and without peace a woman is miserable and grows weary. His eyes fall on her candles, she lit one every night his father was away on a campaign. Swallowing his pride he lights the candle removing his wedding band as he’d seen his mother do time and time again.

His wife was withering and he would be a failure if he let her wilt completely.

Authors Note: Hope you enjoyed reading this part. It was fun to write. How are we feeling about Salise (like Elise but with a “s” at the beginning) and eriks relationship. How do we feel about the fog and his relationship with his mother and her wisdom? Don’t forget to like and comment :)


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Act up🌶 Trevante Rhodes


Warnings: smut, language, a show, denial, oral (m), n-word

Tags: @mrsbanreswillseeyou

Relationship: Trevante Rhodes x black plus sized reader

“Since you wanna keep playin with me in front of everyone, grabbing my dick in front of people, kissing my neck, and shit making me hard in the public eye for everyone to see” I look up at Trey watching his thick lips move wishing they were around my clit.

He grabs my neck applying pressure to the side creating a waterfall in my underwear. “You like that shit. The feeling of everyone watch you while you do dirty things am I right?”

“Yes daddy” I moan

“Good girl. So I brought some friends to watch and at any point if your uncomfortable say the safe word: pink got it?”

I nod and he looks at me with his eyebrow arched “yes daddy”

“Good girl” he lets go and stands me up. I see his friend Demarcus sitting down watching our every move. Trevante made him put his phone away so he wouldn’t record us.

I lay in the bed as Trey comes over top of me kissing my lips. Mt legs fall open as he lays between them grinding his rough denim jeans over my clothed pussy. I grind myself upward wanting, needing some type of friction to happen.

“Uh uh you don’t get what you want just yet” he sits up and on his knees. He brings me up and I go down grabbing a hold of his dick. I look up and see demarcus rubbing his hard on which only makes me wetter. I bob my head up and down letting the tip hit the back of my throat and precum mixed with spit collect in my mouth.

“Open your legs for me” he moans. I spread my legs a little wider and feel his fingers slide through my wetness before coming to my clit sloppily rubbing it. I moan going down further until I gag. His low moans egg me on to keep going.

I feel a thick digit inscribe me slowly curling up. I moan as the tip of his cock sits in my throat. Tears fall down his thigh as I keep going tickling his balls with my tongue.

“You feel that baby” he adds another finger this time going faster and harder against my g-spot. I come out jerking him and moaning.

“I didn’t say come off me ma” he pushes my head back down and I bob again feeling him pulse.

I watch his thigh muscles tense as he cums in my mouth with a growl. I come up swallowing and moaning loud.

“I’m gonna cum” I moan. Trey stops just as I’m over the edge making my body shake. I arch my back trembling from the pleasure being ripped away from me.

“Look at her” Demarcus coos

“Ard nigga ain’t nobody ask you to speak just sit there and be there” I smile at his demeanor and he looks down with a smile

“Whatchu laughing at lil mama” he lays me back gently and gets on top of me. I feel his fingers enter me again and Trevante curls up taking my breath away when he harshly presses my spot again

He curls in a fast motion making my body shake again. I hold onto his bicep and my legs close around his waist moaning.

“Trey I’m so close” he stops again making me groan into the crook of his neck. I feel him push his dick in stretching my walls. I moan holding his shoulders as he starts pumping.

“I can feel your pussy throbbing princess”

“Look at that” Demarcus says

“Get the fuck out” he growls never stopping to plow me into the bed.

“Ugh right there daddy” I moan

“Man-“ Demarcus tries to reason but he yells louder making him jump and leave.

Trevante’s balls slap against my ass and his large hand rubs my clit making me squeezing his bicep.

“Daddy ugh” I moan

“Fuck baby nut on daddy’s dick” he moans. I try to push back to take a minute but he holds me still “don’t move take it”

“I- I can’t daddy” he slows down his strokes but his depth stays the same.

“How my dick feel mama”

“So good daddy it feels so good” my legs shake and I went up everything within a short radius squirting all over him.

“Look at you makin a mess on daddy’s dick” he moans. I watch him grip the sheets and he nuts inside of me. I moan feeling his thick cum coat my walls.

After we collect ourself he looks at me with a smile “I like to try new things but that wasn’t it”

I laugh nodding “I agree”’

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ICE: Chapter 1, prt. 1



“How you expect me to drive you to work and you taking so long?”

I threw some grapes in my mouth watching as Tilo bounced around his room like a chicken with its head cut off.

My younger cousin didn’t know how to organize or clean for shit and oftentimes you could spend hours waiting on him to find something. 

“I’m gonna find it in 5 seconds! I know I am!”

“If you listened to Auntie you’d keep your shit up and folded,” I said loud enough for my Aunt Lydia to hear, Tilo’s mouth twisting up in protest.

I’d been over her house so much lately it was almost like I was starting to live here.

“Don’t get my mama started.” He said under his breath, finally grabbing some shoes from up under his bed. 

“What was that you said? She fusses too much?” I went on, holding back my laugh as he flipped around to glare at me.

“Mir, chill! Once she starts you know she can’t stop.”

“This I do know.” I wiped water from the grapes off on my pants, standing straighter. “You looking for anything else?”


“Good, haul ass to my car or you’re gonna be late.”

“I hope you know you’re really my favorite cus.”

“I know, I know.” I said messing up his hair. “None of the others wanna deal with your aggy ass.”

“I don’t wanna deal with their aggy asses either.”

I knew where Ice Land was because just like Roller World it was a popular spot for teenagers and the likes.

I never went in to both on my own terms. You could call me anti-social but when I was younger the crowds it’d attract would give me the worst feeling of claustrophobia and anxiety. 

Never grew out of those feelings.

I turned my car off, slipping my phone into my pocket opening my car door at the same time as T.

“You’re coming in?”

“I was hoping to get sumn’ free.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” He said with an eye-roll, keeping the door open as I walked in behind him.

“It’s always cold as shit in here.” I shivered trying to rub warmth into my hands, giving the whole place a brief once over. I  noted how empty it was looking Sunday’s were never the busiest.

“You expect it to be hot? A whole block of ice in a room.” He scoffed sliding behind the counter. 

“Watch your ass not have a ride back home, tryna be smart.”

“I’ll be quiet.” Tilo raised his hands in defense and I smirked before wandering away.

Putting my hands in my hoodie pockets,  I walked into the rink scanning to see exactly what I was looking for. Despite everyone else on that ice, she stood out like a diamond in the rough- practicing as always. 

In my head, I called her Icey because I didn’t know her name. I wished to learn it but I wasn’t about to get on the ice to ask.

She started at a leisure pace first picking up speed with each glide. Icey twirled herself backward being in the air for a moment barely landing on her feet, skidding across the ice to a screeching halt.

Raising a leg high in the air she spun in loops, twirling and twirling into a stop. She stood poised and still for seconds before finally breathing releasing any of the tension she was holding in, her shoulders slightly slumping.

I didn’t realize how starstruck I was until I finally exhaled too, blinking. I wanted to see her start skating all over again, straight from the top. I loved seeing the way she moved on that ice, being so precise and poised. 

“I’ve told you about your landings! You need to be crisper.” Her coach was harsh and strict, she never got much leniency.

“My mind is everywhere, I’m having trouble focusing.”

“Pull your shit together because I don’t have time to waste!” She drilled harder, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I understand that-”

“Then act like it.” Icey kept her mouth drawn to a line, nodding in silent frustration.

I wanted to tell her how amazing she looked and fuck whatever ole girl was saying.  She looked like she knew what she was doing at all times and the determination in her eyes never deterred even when she fucked up.

I didn’t watch her because I thought of her as this piece of meat to ogle at, she was more like those figurines in snow globes but in full real color.

So pretty and mesmerizing.


My phone started vibrating in my pocket and ignoring it was becoming harder to do.

“Hey, this is he.”

“Big Mirc! Always sounding so formal!”

“Quintin? Did you change phone numbers because I didn’t recognize you.”

“I gotta stay off the grid, can’t have the same phone for too long.”

“I just think you’re paranoid.”

“You’d think that now of course, Miro.”

“Stop with the nicknames, bruh.” I said chuckling, scratching at my beard.

“Amir is bland, the nicknames give you the ole razzle dazzle.”

Quintin was…..Quintin. We’d known each other since we were kids and he was that friend you could never shake.

He was goofy and loud

“Where you at?”

“Ice Land, off of 54th. I dropped off Tilo, and didn’t realize I’d be here so long.”

“Well, you already know who you need to be talking too.”

“I was heading that way soon actually.” Quintin became quiet, shuffling around as his breathing became more solemn, almost thoughtful.

“He isn’t mad at you-”

“He claims that.” I interrupted with a scoff causing him to suck his teeth.

“Let me finish, nigga.” He grunted, continuing. “He isn’t mad at you, he’s mad at this choice. We all started this together and for you to just leave it all behind feels like abandonment.”

“If he’s mad at me wanting better than that sounds like his problem.”

“You framing it to fit that.”

“Seems like you’re doing the exact same thing.” I exhaled, letting all the tension leave my body. “Quint, we can talk more for real when I get there.”

I pressed the end button trying to gather my thoughts together, my mind already starting to jump from place to place.  I glanced at Icey one last time, watching as she got up from the floor standing even stronger, I hope she stays standing. 

“Don’t forget your drink!” Tilo called out to me and I nodded at him for looking out.

“I’m picking you up in 3 hours right?”


“Better be ready."  I hit the counter before walking out into the warm air.

@chaneajoyyy @bakarilennox @fullofmelaninsarcasmandepression

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Authors Note: Testing 1-2 1-2, is anyone still here? I know the break has been awhile but heres the next part of PULSE, thanks for waiting and hope you enjoy :)

The drive is silent as Elle looks out of the window and Tre follows the GPS to the docks. His mind drifts to the first time he’d seen her, then the second and third and how he wanted to throw her out the apartment. He hadn’t taken time to reflect on how much he changed. She wasn’t just a quick nut - in fact he couldn’t remember any woman he’d spent as much time with as he did with Elle. Her bratty, extra and spoiled ways amused him; and somehow for her sake he could put the thoughts to doing Luca in aside. It was a miracle he didn’t suit up and handle it swiftly and discreetly. It was a miracle he hadn’t beat Luca to a pulp during the meeting - just knowing what he’d threatened to have done to Elle.

“Ill be fine” Elle asserts making Tre scoff.

“He’s in love with you Elle, and he’s done some fucked up things already he isn’t in control.” Tre reasons. “He wants you still, after you took him to court, made him look stupid in front of his business, kept that his wife was having an affair on him. Ran away and closed down their spot” Tre lists having been attentive at all the sit downs. The truth in his words makes Elle feel ashamed - it sounded more shameful out loud. “And I don’t understand why you want to see him” Tre reckons sharing his true feelings.

“Because Luca’s an asshole with pride and Rinna knew it just as much as I did. She couldn’t stand in who she was - she lied. She lied so Luca wouldn’t leave her because she wanted him. I don’t think she loved Jesse - I think this entire thing has been her trying to ruin my life and she’s been pretty successful” Elle reasons.

“Whats that have to do with anything Elle?” Tre asks not following. “You forget that you were in my club drunk out of your mind saying you wished it was you and not Jesse and now where are you? Going to the same person that made you that way” Tre reasons trying to be supportive and protect her at the same time.

“Do you trust me?” Elle asks only for their to be silence on Tre’s end. He takes a deep breath gripping the wheel and shaking his head at the question.

“I think Luca knows a different part of you than I do. I think he’s gone to bat for you long enough that he’s playing the long game and his ideal end is you” Tre swallows.

“And I think saying no could complicate things more than they are already Tre. Luca killed my best friend. Our affair was the spark and Rinna’s jealousy was the flame. We don’t get her if I don’t go”

“We can get her if you refuse” Tre assures making her smile. Leaning over she kisses his cheek before he turns to peck her lips.

“I love you Tre - if things go wrong you have all the authority to handle it like you want but I have to do this.” Elle says only to get a reluctant nod of acceptance from Tre. Arriving at the docs he takes a deep breath looking over at his woman.

“Are you sure?” He asks again

“Yes” she asserts existing the car to see a few cars parked in the parking lot, Luca’s yacht docked and few people from his side that the recognized. Her father and brother and people she didn’t recognize behind her as she walked forward to meet Luca.

“Bella” he reaches to kiss her but she steps back - a sign of disrespect and un-forgiveness.

“Don’t you think you’ve made yourself a fool for women enough?” Elle asks daring to look him in the eye in ambivalence. He leans against his car in an attentive and non confrontational stance that Tre reads as intimate a few feet away.

“Bella I meant none of those things I said and I I could go back and change m actions I would - but I can’t” he reasons playing the game well. In spite of what he thought it was always a little bit of a game for her - even though the feelings between them grew into something more. The sneaking around, the parties, the forbidden aspect of it was her forte. Tre had been wrong in his assessment of them. Luca knew the superficial Elle. All she’d needed when they were together was attention and presents.

“Look the yacht is yours, take your pick of the cars, we can stop sneaking around just forgive me.” Luca pleads but its to no avail.

“Wheres Rinna?” Elle asks reminding him of the reason she’d agreed to this meet up and he turns to Sal nodding and Sal walks across the lot handing something to her father.

Lucas eyes narrow in on Tre - having seen him too many times now to ignore and having heard enough to piece together his feelings for Elle.

“Why did you bring him?” Luca asks unable to restrain his feelings.

“I don’t need permission”

“But you bring the guy you’re fucking to our meeting” Luca chides with his bruised ego. He’s all bravado.

“Fucks me better than you did” Elle smiles. “Bigger than you are too” she adds with a sly smile provoking him. But Luca doesn’t lose his cool. He smiles its why he’d fallen for her in the first place -  she was never afraid to push him. She didn’t fear him like his wife did. She didn’t worship him either.

“Really? How long before you get tired of pretending you’re a good girl and want all the stability of a normal life - because thats all he can give?”

“Did you ever love Rinna, you just gave her up to people who intend to make her suffer”

“No ones suffered more from her actions than us” his words sting - somehow after all this time Luca was the victim. “Oh, so you think its been peaches and cream Elle?” He asks. “My men don’t trust me like they used to - their favourite spot is closed. I wouldn’t let any harm come to you during the trials that shone a spotlight on me which was dangerous.”

“You caused the trial!” She snaps in reminder and he sighs.

“My wife told me she was being blackmailed and raped”

“Would I be best friends with a rapist? Your wife rapist?”

“No but you’d be loyal to him and not me. The man you were in a relationship with. You didn’t tell me they were fooling around.” Luca snaps.

“It was none of my business Luca - please, lets just agree to disagree?” Elle swallows turning to her father and giving him a thumbs up to see if they have Rinna and he nods in response.

“Bella” Luca grabs her arm as she turns to walk away his eyes are almost desperate.

“I have something that will change your mind if you promise to be with me - let the past go and we can move forward”

“Luca, I don’t think you understand that I hate you. You took something irreplaceable away from me.”

“But you’re still here, still strong and beautiful - there’s a reason for that. I found out the truth from ring after interrogating her - would have killed her myself”

“But what?” Elle inquires taking her arm back.

Elles heart stops the second she hears crying from inside Luca’s car and he smiles like everything will be alright between them.

“Promise to be with me” he repeats as tears begins to blur her vision.



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Thanks for reading babes! don’t forget to COMMENT what you think will happen next!

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Trevante Rhodes. Chevonne Spirine.

As As

Amir Tate. Janelle Winters.

“I gotta get back on that ice because at the end of the day it’s gonna be there for me when you won’t be.”

Janelle Winters is an aspiring ice skater her dreams of Olympic success often tarnished by the people surrounding her.

Amir Tate is a lost soul trying to become a better person with each good deed, he tries to do.

When he watches her skate she brings him peace that he thought would never be possible.

When he uplifts her dream, she finds a inspiration she thought to be long gone.

Will the two be able to navigate their love through their separate attempts at redemption and new beginnings?

Coming Soon 2020

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Masterpost (1/28/19)


If you want to be tagged in any of my fics CLICK HERE

*Some of these stories have put to much on me. As someone who wants to be a film director, I immediately get ideas and put them into a story but if I feel its not good enough or no one is interested, I stop writing it. Sometimes Im just not interested anymore. Sorry to the handful that was into certain stories. 


Stories I no longer have interest in but you can still read;sorry guys. They just dont do it for me anymore


Stories I will finish but aren’t that important to me but I still wanna write so therefore updates will be SLOW


Fics Coming in 2020!

  • Doll House (REVISED VERSION) (Chadwick, Trevante. Lakeith Stanfield)
  • Her. (Trevante)
  • #Candy(Chadwick)
  • Impractical (Chadwick)
  • Laila (Lakeith Stanfield)

Head Canons:

One Shots:


Stories that are completely done! No holds, no progressing works, just absolutely finished!

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Celebrities that I feel like actually deserve this gif (clockwork Zeeko Zaki, Andy Samberg, Trevante Rhodes, Taika Waititi , Mahmood, Jake Choi, Kofi Siriboe, Simu Liu).

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