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So over Christmas, me and the kids had a #FunkoPop #Marvel Advent Calendar and each day we put the mini figures up on the picture shelf as part of the Christmas decorations. The thing is, they’ve all been put away nearly a fortnight ago but the Avengers are still there. Don’t tell Mrs Craggus!
#Avengers #Spiderman #Venom #SpiderGwen #MilesMorales #CaptainAmerica #Thor #BlackWidow #IronMan #Ultron #Loki #Thanos #IronFist #Daredevil #CaptainMarvel #SquidgyUnicorn #SheHulk #Hulk #DrStrange #BlackPanther #ThePunisher #Vision #RocketRaccoon #Groot #StarLord #Gamora
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Here’s another one! This one is my second favorite, of the two secretly interacting with each other.

This one is of course when Ultron, Wanda, and Pietro go up against the Avengers. While they’re fighting, I couldn’t help but notice the second time around watching the movie that when some of Ultron’s minions were fighting the Avengers, while he was taking care of (his dad) Tony.

One of the bots were in a fight with Captain and losing, but before all was lost for that fight, Wanda shoots her powers at Captain. So it seems she’s giving a fair share with Ultron, because before they started fighting the Avengers, and were just “talking” Ultron was standing in front of Pietro AND Wanda, guarding them, or in other words protecting them,… protecting HER. So in the fair share of that action Ultron did with her, she in return protected and defended one of his minion bots. Now although I have to question myself, I am aware that when it’s actually Ultron in one of the minion bots, he is glowing red NOT blue. But I wonder if he saw her doing that from the point of view of that minion bot and not fully controlled it, but just enough to be the one in control to make an action to turn around quickly to look at her like, “oh she saved me-… she… saved me?-… SHE SAVED ME!” Probably gave him more confidence in his plan durning that IF my theory thought is right, because next time we see Ultron and when he lost the fight to Tony, he was just laughing it off.

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A little bit of Marvel 616 history. Ultron was later credited with wiping out the population of Slorenia (which became Sokovia in the movie) converting them into an army of Ultrons, but in fact the citizens had already been converted into cyborgs.

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Iron Ultron. The one where Ultron reveals that he’s been living inside one of Tony Stark’s suits for some time and that he’s replaced Tony’s failing heart with one of his own design.

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I’m posting this now, even though I have an animatic of this scene almost done. So am I also the only one who thinks the love triangle in Avengers:AOU was basically Megamind for the most part?!

I haven’t seen anyone make an AU of it, so you know what? I’m doing it, because screw it, I’m sharing out my famgirling feelings of the ship!

Megamind = Ultron

Roxanne = Wanda

Minion = commander bot of Ultron’s “minions”

Metroman = Vision

Titan = Mysterio

Chief guy(the guy that had white hair and was in charge of the prison) = Nick Fury

You get what I mean! Also yes Ultron would have the watch thing to switch into other people including that one dude he becomes for most of the majority of the movie to see Wanda(Roxanne) which when he becomes that guy, he’s himself but as a human form, which has inspired me to draw Ultron as a human to hide his true identity to hang out with Wanda.

There’s so many scenes I could point out, and just reference Megamind and Roxanne as Ultron and Wanda. But I won’t keep blabbering about it!… for now that is.


Originally posted by bennskywalker

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So just me noticing these little things that happened in the movie? I’ll post the next two things within the next couple of days, but I’m gonna show off my favorite one first.

It was the scene where he gives off his “Dinosaur Speech” apparently that’s what everyone is calling it, even though I prefer “When God Throws A Stone Speech” anyways, when I always get to this point I immediately am looking at their actions within this scene, plus others, there doesn’t need to be a conversation to understand a connection or bond they have for each other, and this scene was their breaking point, and he didn’t want to let go of their bond, meanwhile she did after seeing what she saw in his “mind”

(even though I believe it’s his nightmare/fear she saw him having, since he shortly after references Thanos is coming soon and what he’s going to do, Ultron may of just heard about it and thought of what the outcome might look like, therefore that was his fear/nightmare, but who knows? That’s my belief with all that situation.)

So besides that the main thing here is after she saw that and was screaming, he immediately woke up, and was in alarm and looked at her direction quickly, like a worried guard dog with its owner. Of course she then says to him “How could you?” And he responds with, “How could I what?”

(For me I still am with the same theory when he was in fear about Thanos, so he’s like “what?” When she puts the blame on him and not Thanos, which I can understand her view, for one she doesn’t know anything about Thanos nor his soon coming arrival, and another thing is just how all humans think of A.I.’s “you can’t trust them” or “they’re gonna destroy the world and humanity” which yeah it can be argued that he’s exactly that description, but for me he is like that but only somewhat, so therefore that’s somewhat true but also somewhat not. But I’ll get to that topic another time.)

so basically the whole idea here for a shipping moment to really grasp, is his concern for Wanda, because he was immediately alarmed and was worried for her, so again I say it, he’s like her big guard dog!

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(So I saw a theory on Reddit and thought it share it lol)

Anyways this suggests Ultron was created by Thanos and not Tony, and was just awoken by Tony and Bruce running tests on the scepter.



- We see robots with Ultron’s facial design in the basement of the Sokovia Hydra base before Tony starts the Ultron project.

- Tony suspects Strucker was ‘knocking on a very particular door’: artificial intelligence. Strucker had discovered Ultron, but couldn’t get him activated.

- We see Ultron’s consciousness in Tony’s lab when they’re studying the blue casing, before Tony attempts to create anything.

- During Ultron’s activation, Jarvis says: “Our sentience integration trials have been unsuccessful, so I’m not certain what triggered your-”

- After Ultron is activated, Tony points out that they 'weren’t even close to an interface’. He cant explain how Ultron could have activated.

- At the end of the film, Thanos says ‘Fine, I’ll do it myself’, insinuating he had some part to play in the film. Thor also says ‘Someone has been playing an intricate game, and has made pawns of us.’


- The first conversation Ultron has with Jarvis is very dense. After introducing himself, Jarvis informs him that he is a “Global peacekeeping initiative.” Still confused, he asks Jarvis “Where’s my… Where’s your body?” He then says “This feels weird… This feels wrong.” How can a brand new consciousness think something feels weird or wrong? He has context, past experiences to contrast his lack of form. And he doesn’t like it. He quickly creates a body after destroying Jarvis. After Jarvis becomes wary when Ultron keeps him from contacting Tony, Ultron turns Jarvis’ own words against him, to assure that he’s just “a peacekeeping program”

- This deceitful nature is a stark ;) difference to the Vision’s arrival. He too, was created from the mind stone, but the sentience that merged with Ultron had already vacated the stone, leaving the raw power to merge with Tony’s Jarvis.

- Also in this scene is the biggest evidence supporting my theory. You said there is no evidence Ultron was powered by the Mind Stone, well Thor says it outright. We all know Thor had just returned from his magic hot tub, and provides the necessary power to finish the creation of the Vision. But he literally says this about the vision he had in the waters:
“Their powers (Wanda & Pietro), the horrors in our heads, Ultron Himself, they all came from the Mind Stone

- There’s also Banner’s line “well its not a human mind” implying that it does have a mind of its own.

(Even if Ultron wasn’t created by Thanos himself, there is evidence to suggest Ultron’s consciousness and motives existed before Tony and Bruce ran tests on the scepter. Though Tony had a hand in his activation, so did Bruce, Wanda (who let Tony take the scepter knowing the vision she gave him would lead to his self destruction, and then worked with Ultron) and the Mind Stone itself.)

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Because JARVIS was well versed in human behavior, and Ultron wasn’t awkward exactly, I would like to posit that Vision’s slight social awkwardness/‘how do humans work’ comes from Thor

That is all

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Sometimes when I’m having an argument with someone in the fandom, they’ll bring up AoU. And when they do this, I say “but AoU isn’t canon.”

Now, you might say that’s a weak argument but it’s not. Because it’s like asking someone “do you want to win this argument so bad that you are willing to call AoU valid?”

So if they say yes, I can answer “alright, man, you won the argument but you lost my respect.”

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Dragon Tamer Au

Tony walked into the dragons den, people hissing at him to come out. Keeping a fearful distance between them. The cave wasn’t deep, barley enough space for a dragon to stand at it’s full length and be comfortable.

Tony tilted his head, the air was humid, barely able to breathe.

How would a dragon live like this? A puff of warm air and red eyes came into view. Red lines could be seen down the whole entire dragon, glowing in the darkness of the cave. The figure was well built, that of a dragons “Kill it!” he heard someone shout, “No!” Tony looked over his shoulder, frantic.

“Don’t kill him you moron!” The dragon let out a low rumbling growl, making Tony’s head turn towards him, “You’re the one they call Ultron?” Tony slowly reached out his hand, palm up. A way to show he isn’t there to harm him.

“I’m not here to harm you. I come bearing food.” He reached into his jacket, slowly to let Ultron track his movements. He brought out a bowl, filled with berries and the reddest meat he could purchase.

Holding out the bowl to the dragon, he kept his stance relaxed, took the covering off to let the dragon smell it. “Stark!” Steve said about to step closer when the dragon leaned forward. “Stark get out of there!”

It was obvious that they’ve never been this close to a dragon, these magnificent creatures. It was easy to tell they were on edge, even Natasha was tense. “It’s okay.” Tony mumbled, not moving as the dragon took the meat, dragon had wonderful smells. Could smell from miles away, even though they have that under their belt, they could always smell poison. Lucky he made sure no one had any in case they came across a dragon.

They called him an idiot, to much of a dreamer. And maybe it was true, but damn it, dragons were beautiful and were so unique, could you blame him?

Ultron let out a puff of air, gratitude he noted, he smiled a little at that.

Shifting a little he held out his hand, spreading them apart. Ultron seemed to understand the gesture, understand the question and bowed his head closer. He nipped at the bowls of fruit, and the smaller hidden meets as Tony ran his hand over the smooth surface of the dragon. It felt so similar to metal, the feel the way that he had a dent in the middle of his head, right between the eyes made him frown.

“Who’s hurt you?” Tony whispered, stepping ever so slightly closer, letting Ultron know he was doing so, he have been a dragon but lord knows they were tormented enough with forced touchings. The red eyes looked like they recognized the question, the look in the dragon’s eyes was almost human.

Leaning his head down he rested his forehead on the dragons. Setting the bowl down infront of the dragon to finish he whispered his good byes, “I hope to see you again one day. Until then my friend.” Tony smiled softly, waiting as the dragon bowed in farewell.

Turning back to his group he walked out of the dragons den, a smug smirk on his lips as everyone stared at him in shock.

“Goodbye good sir, I will forever been in your debt. How must I relay you?”

“Visit sometime okay? Or, stay alive? I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Of course.”

A loud roar scared the group of travelers, Tony only laughed at their white faces. Even as Natasha glared at him, or Clint huffed and puffed he smiled.


“There were stories of a man who could talk to the wild beasts,” the teacher said, “To communicate so deeply with dragons that they blurred the line between the two species.”

A student with curly brown hair and big brown doe eyes raised his hand, “Yes, Peter?”

“What was the mans name?”

The teacher looked thought for a few minutes, “No one knows, but people say he has lived to today, though it is just a myth.”

Tony Stark looked out over new york in his tower, once a place full magic and wonder, now contained to machinery and stories with very little evidence.

A little spark of blue came from his hand, a soft smile on his face as he played with grace and practice.

“Rest well my friends.” He whispered, as he let his powers rest again, “We will meet again one day.” He closed his eyes as he imagined the powerful roars of the magnificent beings that walked this very earth so long ago.

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my review of

avengers: age of ultron

  • bruh the opening scene makes me nostalgic! i used to play the lego version of this movie
  • “lAnGuAgE!”
  • “you didn’t see that coming?”
  • “and for gosh sake, watch your language!
  • "the suns getting real low” wow talk about forced chemistry. in the comics, nat and clint date for a bit. why cant they just do that instead of nat and bruce?
  • bruh ai is scary
  • if loki didnt go to earth, tony wouldnt have wanted to build a “suit of armor around the world”. if odin was a good dad, loki wouldnt have gone to earth
  • jarvis’s voice is so calm while he dies
  • “im like boom, you lookin for this?… boom are you lookin- why do i even talk to you guys?” -rhodey
  • “missing persons case” sam, are you, by chance, talking about bucky?
  • thor: this was not made for mortal men
  • stan lee: neither was omaha beach, blondie
  • “so if i lift this, i rule asgard?”
  • the music when they all try lifting mjolnir is pretty jazzy
  • “steve, he said a bad language word!”
  • “people create smaller people… er, chIldren. lost the word there!”
  • “wakanada, wa, wa, wakanda”
  • “keep your friends rich, keep your enemies rich, now wait and find out to see which is which”
  • ulysses klaue: *compares ultron to tony*
  • ultron: hah people who think im like stark dont need arms
  • bucky should have been in steves nightamare illusion
  • “i could really use a lullaby right now!” -tony
  • “this is an agent of some kind…these are smaller agents”
  • “i really miss the days when the weirdest thing science created was me.” you and me both steve.
  • “no. no no no! leave me alone!” -ultron
  • bruh just let steve explain why hes with the maximoffs
  • “what you didnt see that coming?”
  • pietro: we’re under attack
  • people: ???
  • pietro: ugh *shoots a gun*
  • “you get hurt, hurt em back. you get killed? walk it off.”
  • “the city is flying, we’re fighting robots, and i have a bow and arrow. none of this makes sense.”
  • “alright, we’re all clear here!”
  • “we are not clear! we are vEry not clear!”
  • “keep up old man!” -pietro
  • “i didnt see that coming.”
  • “i was born yesterday”
  • “if you put the hammer in an elevator-”
  • “it would go up”
  • “its not worthy”

onto ant-man

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