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#Umbrella Academy

Here we have:

  1. Diego just sick of Luther’s dramatic entrances;
  2. Luther leading effectively;
  3. Ben worried about everyone, just trying to be a people pleaser;
  4. Reginald being an abomination of a parent;
  5. And finally, the whole Academy acting as a good unit, in their prime before they splintered and went down different roads.

These siblings give me life. 

(Photos belong to G. Way and Gabriel Bá) 

-Also, sorry for the photo quality.  I had to take these from my copy of Apocalypse Suite because the shorts aren’t online anywhere.-

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30 Day Songfic Challenge - Day Ten

A song that makes you sad

Never Be Alone by Shawn Mendes

I saw this live and holy shit, I was crying. This one is for Diego Hargreeves.


I know there are some things we need to talk about

And I can’t stay

Just let me hold you for a little longer now

Obviously Diego is really busy with all his family stuff. You’d known him for a while and you knew that no matter how much he complained about them, family came first. And you admired that about him. But, Eudora wasn’t family.

There were things, one night, that you wanted to talk to him about. It kept you up that night and when you asked if he was up, he said yeah and that he was gonna go out on patrol in a bit. You told him you wanted to talk about stuff and he said he had figured it was something like that. He always could read you like a book. But it wasn’t just about Eudora. You had discovered a new aspect to your own abilities.

He said that he knew something was up, but since he had to go soon, he just wanted to hold you for a bit longer. So you let it go until later on.

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I was doing the math and Harold Jenkins was released 5 years before the start of the show. He didn’t make a move until all those years later. I’m curious as to your thoughts on why. My guess is he is super patient and wanted to take out the whole academy at once. If he picked them off one by one then whoever was left would have some warning of being hunted. Getting Reggie’s journal finally gave him the means to take everyone out at one time.

I think a lot of it comes down to the fallout from the day he killed his dad.

That murder was super impulsive. After being publicly humiliated by his idol, he had to go home to the same dad who, in addition to being an abusive alcoholic, didn’t seem to approve of Harold’s love of the Umbrella Academy. Harold came home in his homemade Academy uniform, telling his dad what he’d been up to without having to say a word. As if having his hopes of joining what he believed to be a better family dashed wasn’t enough, he came home to abuse that quite possibly was more severe than usual (it’s the first time we see Mr. Jenkins knock his son to the ground with a single blow) and would likely have grown even worse. Harold had reached the end of his rope and then been forced to go a little further. That’s not to say killing his dad was okay under the circumstances (because….no, just no) but it was an act of passion. He got the idea in his head, and he acted on it without thinking of the consequences.

And then the law stepped in.

Harold showed very little immediate remorse, and I doubt he called the police to turn himself in. He probably had no idea how to hide evidence, how to properly clean the murder weapon and crime scene, and he probably didn’t hide the body because it would have been too heavy for him to move. So, when his crime was inevitably discovered, I’m sure he tried unsuccessfully to cover his ass with a few flimsy lies (”A gang came right into my house and killed my dad! They, uh, they didn’t kill me because I was, uh, hiding in the bathroom! I was taking a shower. And the door was locked. I know it was a gang that killed my dad because…uh….”). I don’t think he was tried as an adult; however, I do think his attorney had their work cut out for them. The crime itself would have made a lesser charge like manslaughter all but impossible (there’s no way a thirteen-year-old wouldn’t know driving a hammer to the back of the head of an inebriated man would be fatal) and if he did a bad enough job at faking remorse, he’d look unsympathetic. Twelve years was probably the best deal his attorney could get. 

All of this probably taught Harold a great deal about planning ahead. Acting on his first murderous whim got him tossed into the criminal justice system without a life jacket and led him to spend all of his teenage years and a good portion of his twenties incarcerated. I’ll bet he went over that day in his mind again and again, thinking of what he’d do differently. If he had friends or allies behind bars, he probably got them talking about what they’d done, learned from their mistakes. And as he plotted his revenge on the Umbrella Academy, he was probably confronted again and again with the fact that he knew next to nothing about them. 

Vanya’s book was probably a great help. If he thought the Academy was better than his home life, then chances are he spent a good long while assuming they were a strong and happy family; so seeing that they were actually quite dysfunctional likely gave him hope, if not a few ideas. She apparently went into enough detail on powers and weaknesses to give Cha-Cha enough material to work with, but I don’t think it was enough for Harold to formulate a solid plan. He might have thought divide-and-conquer would be the best approach—but as you said, taking them all out at the same time would’ve been more pragmatic and appealing. That family might be “a real friggin’ mess,” but they were also raised to fight as a team, and to watch each other’s backs. Take out one of the easy targets like Klaus, and Luther’s going to have something to say about that. Manage to hit Diego, and Allison can force you to stick your face in a blender. He needed a secret weapon powerful enough to take them all out before they had a chance to fight back, and he knew it. And he was willing to wait for it. He’d learned his lesson about acting without all the necessary pieces in place, and he was not about to make that same mistake again. 

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