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#Umbrella academy
I think an interesting take on Diego could be to focus on how angry and bitter he is? And how much of those feelings stem from his obvious desire for recognition and to stand apart (but never being able to bc Reginald always pit him against Luther) vs his genuine acknowledgement and acceptance that Reginald ruined their lives for no reason. (Pt 1)

To whoever sent this: It’s been almost 24 hours and I still haven’t gotten part 2, so I’m going to assume Tumblr ate the rest of it. :/ 

Even so, you did get me thinking about a potential angle for that Diego meta….

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Warnings: Stalking, murder, death

Notes: I love him so much 😭 and really enjoyed this


Originally posted by judegreenbriar


  • Ben is definitely more of an obsessive
  • He’s the type to stalk you pretty heavily, but there’s a huge chance he won’t ever reveal himself to you
  • Because of his monstrous abilities, he doesn’t even feel like he deserves you
  • So he lets you live your life, wishing he were truly in it and protecting you the best he can
  • In the beginning, leaves you little gifts and notes to let you know you’re not alone, but stops when it freaks you out because he’s pretty self aware
  • He might interact with you on occasion
  • Like come into your job as a customer, ask you for a book recommendation at the library, bump into you on the street, etc
  • Never often enough for you to connect the dots though
  • In the rare event that Ben reveals himself to you or it happens unintentionally, he’s very soft with you if you’re together
  • He basically acts you’re this perfect, pure thing and treats you like royalty
  • Even if you reassure him, he’ll always be convinced that he’s not worthy of you
  • He will never ever hurt you physically, though he can be manipulative sometimes
  • He’d rather let you go and just watch you again than force you to stay
  • But other people, if they hurt you in any way, will face the monsters inside of him and won’t make it out alive
  • When Ben dies, his love for you doesn’t
  • If you sense there’s someone in the room with you, or you feel a cold touch, it’s Ben
  • He’s always there, patiently waiting for you to join him one day


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(All of them are teens in this)

Luther: *accidentally pushes a button and makes a disco ball drop from the Academy living rooms’s ceiling and have music start blasting*


Luther: I pushed the wrong thing!


Klaus and Diego, in the middle of the two and eating popcorn: Oooooooh!

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Klaus: Okay, Ben, you’re corporeal now. Anything you have to say to the whole family?

Ben: [deep breath]


Ben: I’ve had 12 years of only sharing my puns with Klaus, who doesn’t even LAUGH. I’ve compiled each and every one of them. Here they all are: A-

Everyone: [leaves]

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Warnings: Kidnap attempt mention, violence

Notes: I went with Captain Marvel ish powers. Hope you like it 💕


Originally posted by tuagifs


  • It'a been so long that none of the Hargreeves have ever thought they would meet another one of the 43
  • So when you show up during the lead up to the apocalypse, it’s safe to say they’re surprised
  • You’re more powerful than any of them, with a fiery form, flight, and strength that makes Luther look like a weakling
  • Plus you’re pretty experienced in battle, which makes them all wonder why they’ve never heard of you
  • You’re invaluable in stopping the apocalypse and helping Vanya control her volatile powers
  • All of that is why Luther is so drawn to you
  • Even though the others get pretty annoyed with him, you actually like him
  • You’re the only person that he can spar with at at full strength without harming them
  • That really can’t be said for the other way around
  • The first time you spar, Luther tells you to hit him as hard as you can, and with a single punch, you launch him all the way to the other side of the house and through several walls
  • He honestly likes it
  • Unless you don’t want to be with him, then it annoys him to no end
  • If he tries to subdue and/or kidnap you, you’ll toss him like a ragdoll or escape easily
  • You don’t even bother to stop interacting with the family either because Luther isn’t even a threat to you, just a nuisance
  • But if you want him too, you’ll be a literal power couple


Permanent Tag: @soulnoon @want-to-watch-it-burn @sleepisafuckinglie @stripedeyeswithasideofbirds @ietss @winterssoldierrs @t-v-head @nixphomaniac @dcyandere @annie-stoch @httpfandxms @bored-green @itssss-a-bean @cutiepoo16 @curious-expectations @shyyprincess

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I wanted to write something short and holiday-ish so here’s Klaus and Dave enjoying winter and being silly.


“Should we get something for Ben?” Dave asked, loosening his scarf as they entered the much warmer coffee shop. 

“Nah, I guarantee you he’ll have already gotten himself something, don’t worry about it,” Klaus said, waving a hand as he craned his neck to get a look at the menu. Then he pumped his fist in victory. “Hell yeah, they have ice cream!”

“Really?” Dave asked with an amused smile. “I thought that was more of a summer thing.”

“For babies, maybe,” Klaus scoffed, bumping his shoulder. “When did you start listening to The Man?” 

“How dare you,” Dave said with a laugh, dropping a heavy hand on Klaus’ shoulder as he leaned against him. “I see your point though. I can’t believe I’ve been letting someone elses’ bad opinion influence me all these years. I’ll give it a try too.”

“That’s the spirit!”


“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me,” Ben groaned as they caught up with him at the park. He had his hood up and was clutching what was most likely hot chocolate with both hands to keep warm. 

“What? You jealous?” Klaus asked with a wink.

“No,” Ben scoffed. “I can’t believe you both got ice cream. Klaus I get, but you too, Dave?”

“What’s wrong, you want some?” Dave asked innocently. 

“No, and you’re really gonna regret that.”

“Never,” Klaus said, taking a large bite of his ice cream, making Ben wince. “You’re just a coward who can’t enjoy ice cream on a cold day.”

“Yeah, you should really try it some time,” Dave added, following Klaus’ lead and also biting into the ice cream.

“You really deserve each other, you know? You’re both monsters,” Ben said, shaking his head. “Just don’t come crying to me when you get cold. And you’re not stealing my nice warm drink so don’t even think about it.”

“Shit,” Dave stage whispered to Klaus. “I think he’s onto us.” 

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