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All words are taken from Magoosh vocabulary builder!

Decimation -  the act of killing a something in large numbers, or reducing something severely
Decorum - behaviour that is controlled, calm, and polite
Duplicity -  dishonest talk or behaviour, especially by saying different things to two people
Misanthrope -  someone who dislikes and avoids other people
To demean - to cause someone to become less respected
To hamper -  to prevent someone doing something easily
To placate -  to stop someone from feeling angry
To undermine -  to make someone less confident, less powerful, or less likely to succeed, or to make something weaker, often gradually
Doleful - very sad
Exorbitant - (of prices and demands) much too large
Meticulous - very careful and with great attention to every detail
Sporadic -  happening sometimes; not regular or continuous

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Originally posted by erogik

Inspired by this vocabulary list!

Hammas - tooth
Hampaisto - denture
Maitohammas - deciduous tooth, baby tooth, milk tooth
Rautahammas - permanent tooth, adult tooth
Etuhammas - incisor
Poskihammas - molar
Välihammas - pemolar tooth
Kulmahammas - canine tooth, corner tooth
Viisaudenhammas - wisdom tooth
Raateluhammas - eyetooth, canine tooth (especially a well-developed one which is particularly suited for tearing meat)
Syöksyhammas - tusk
Sapelihammas - sabertooth
Torahammas - fang
Kruunu - crown
Juuri - root
Luukudos - bone tissue
Hammaskiille - tooth enamel
Hammasluu - dentin
Hammasydin - pulp
Ienkudos - gingiva
Ien - gum
Hammassementti - cementum
Leuka - jaw
Yläleuka - maxilla, upper jaw
Alaleuka - mandible, lower jaw
Leukaluu - jaw bone
Verisuoni - blood vessel
Hermo - nerve
Purra - to bite
Purenta - occlusion
Pestä hampaat - to brush one’s teeth
Hammasharja - toothbrush
Sähköhammasharja - electric toothbrush
Hammasväliharja - interdental brush, interproximal brush
Hammastahna - toothpaste 
Hammaslanka - floss
Hammastikku - toothpick
Suuvesi - mouthwash
Purukumi - chewing gum
Ksylitol - xylitol 
Fluori - fluorine
Hammaslääkäri - dentist
Suuhygienisti - dental hygienist
Hammaskeiju - “Tooth Fairy”
Hammaspeikko - “Tooth Troll
Happohyökkäys - demineralisation
Hammaskivi - calculus, tartar
Plakki - plaque
Hammassärky - toothache
Karies - caries
Reikä - cavity, hole in a tooth
Ientulehdus -  gingivitis
Ikenien vetäytyminen - gingival recession, receding gums
Paikka - filling
Hammasraudat, raudat - dental braces, braces
Implantti - implant 
Silta - bridge
Tekohampaat - (artificial) dentures 
Hampaan poisto - tooth removal 
Hampaiden valkaisu - tooth whitening
Hammaskoru - tooth gem, tooth jewelry 
Hammaslääketiede - dentistry

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aérer- to aerate, to air out

différer- to differ, to vary

considérer- to consider

opérer- to operate

gérer- to manage, to handle

suggérer- to suggest

préférer- to prefer

générer- to generate

coopérer- to cooperate

réitérer- to reiterate, to reaffirm

repérer-to locate, to identify

accélérer- to accelerate

récupérer- recover, retrieve

référer-to refer, to consult

espérer- to hope

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About 80% of loanwords in Japanese (so-called 外来語・がいらいご・gairaigo) comes from English language. Today, let’s focus on these remaining 20%. Of course, the vocab list is not exhaustive (I purposely avoided names of dishes or other culture-specific items), but it’s a good way to start.


(note: I found this meme quite funny and accurate but then I remembered “Papermoon” from Soul Eater and its lyrics: “Don’t scary, kimi ga nozomeba…”)


  • パン・pan “bread” (pão)
  • ボタン・botan “button” (botão)
  • ブランコ・buranko “swing” or “trapeze” (balanço)
  • タバコ・tabaco “cigarette” (tabaco)
  • テンプラ・tenpura “tempura” (tempero, it means “seasoning”)
  • イギリス・igirisu “England” (inglês)
  • コンペイトウ・konpeito (confeito), these are small candies made entirely out of sugar


  • ガラス・garasu “glass” (glas), remember that ガラス refers to “glass” as material (there was a famous manga and anime series ガラスの仮面・garasu no kamen “Glass Mask” for example) while グラス・gurasu refers to “glass” as a drinking vessel and that loanword comes from English
  • コーヒー・koohii “coffee” (koffie), some speculate it may be a loanword from English
  • コップ・koppu “glass” (kop), Tangorin states that it may be also come from Portuguese copo, remember that there’s also an awfully similar term カップ・kappu “cup”, generally speaking the first one doesn’t have a handle, while the second one does
  • モルモット・morumotto “guinea pig” (mormot)
  • ビール・biiru “beer” (bier)
  • ランドセル・randoseru “backpack made of leather“ (ransel), it’s actually quite an interesting item, so I suggest you do some further reading about it


  • ズボン・zubon “trousers” (jupon), I don’t know what the actual f*&k happened here since jupon means petticoat or underskirt, since I’m not really into French I cannot elaborate on it further, but I encourage everyone who can speak it to make a comment on this one
  • ピーマン・piiman “bell pepper” or “green pepper” (piment)
  • コンソメ・consome “consommé“ (consommé)
  • グルメ・gurume “high-quality food” (gourmet)


  • アルバイト・arubaito “part-time work” (arbeit), usually shortened to バイト・baito
  • ゼミナー・zeminaa “seminar” (seminar), usually shortened to ゼミ・zemi
  • テーマ・teema “topic” (thema)
  • テーゼ・teeze “thesis” (these), *clears throat” ZAAANKOKU NA TENSHI NO YOUUUNI…
  • カルテ・karute “patient’s chart” (karte)

Khmer (the official language of Cambodia):

  • 煙管・きせる・kiseru “pipe with metal tipped stem” (khsier), Tsukuyo from Gintama was often seen smoking it

Originally posted by s-hinsengumi

Ainu language:

  • ラッコ・rakko “otter” (rakko)
  • トナカイ・tonakai “reindeer”
  • シシャモ・shishamo “shishamo smelt” (susuhamu)
  • 昆布・こんぶ・konbu “konbu”, you know… that s&*t that Kagura was always munching

The interesting thing that must be mentioned is that loanwords from Korean are actually hard to find. Given the proximity of Korea to Japan and its cultural simillarity to Japanese culture, there should be tons of Korean loanwords, but somehow the only words that comes to my mind are キムチ・kimuchi “kimchi” or ソジュ・soju “soju”, the type of Korean spirit (so culture-specific terms).

If you have nothing else to do, think of your native language (whether it’s one of those languages that I’ve mentioned or not) and try to recall loanwords from your language which can be found in Japanese (if there are any of course). 

The only Japanese word of Polish origin that I can think of is スピリタス・supiritasu. This is a liquor containing 95% of pure alcohol. Usually it’s used for cooking purposes (it’s added to dough, so while deep-frying it, cakes won’t become too greasy) rather than drinking, but in famous novel of Bulgakov “The Master and Margerita” it was consumed just like we normally drink vodka.

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it’s tuesday y’all !! didn’t do it all yesterday but did do some and today i’ll do more. i love doing spanish homework, it’s honestly so interesting, fun, and easy compared to math and computer science homework. so much vocab to learn, but worth it since I want my spanish to flourish in costa rica next year :) happy tuesday, time to work!


ps. i also wanted to show off my henna which has lasted 10 days now and i love how dark some parts of it still are!!!

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Weekend in the country with your idiot cousin in French

Un repère- landmark

Une crevaison- flat tire

Une garenne- warren

Un mème- meme (as in internet jokes)

La boutade- off the cuff joke/quip

Un bobard- lie

Le bled- tiny town in the middle of nowhere, the sticks, the boonies

L’appât (m)- bait

La pêche- fishing

Un camion- 18 wheeler

Une camionnette- van

Un coup de gifles- a smack on the face

Défoncé- high/stoned

Empêcher- to prevent

Tracasser- to bother, to annoy

Papoter- to shoot the breeze, to chat

Épuiser- to exhaust

Arnaquer- to con someone, to rip off someone

Chahuter- to play fight, horse around

Détromper- to revel to someone that the information they previously believed is incorrect (lit. to un trick)


Originally posted by gypsyastronaut

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余計なお世話 [よけいなおせわ] -  it’s none of your business, it’s not your concern
心外 [しんがい]  -  regrettable, vexing, upsetting​; unthinkable, wholly unexpected
苦しゅうない [くるしゅうない] - no problem, it doesn’t matter  
気さく [きさく] -  friendly, openhearted, sociable, amiable, good-humored
折半 [せっぱん] -  halving, splitting evenly, sharing equally
半島 [はんとう] - peninsula
チャラい -  flashy, gaudy, wrapped in cheap flattery​
ちょろい - easy, simple;  simple (way of thinking, etc.), simple-minded, obvious (trick)
純粋 [じゅんすい] -  pure, true, genuine, unmixed
洗脳 [せんのう] - brainwashing
急務 [きゅうむ] - urgent business, pressing need, imperative
語る [かたる] -  to talk about, to speak of, to tell
ふろりだ - got to go, taking a bath (slang)
あげみざわ - feeling elated, being excited (slang)
マジ卍 [まじまんじ] -  wow, kewl, awes; really?, are you kidding me?​ (slang)

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  • sentirse - to feel
  • (sentirse bien, sentirse mal, sentirse mejor, sentirse solo/a)
  • estar + adjective - to be [x]
  • (estar feliz, estar triste, estar preocupado/a, estar bien)
  • ponerse + adjective - to get / become [x]
  • (ponerse nervioso/a, ponerse rojo/a, ponerse contento/a)
  • llorar - to cry
  • echarse a llorar - to burst into tears
  • sollozar - to sob
  • sonreír - to smile
  • reírse - to laugh
  • suspirar - to sigh
  • bostezar - to yawn
  • sonrojarse - to blush
  • fruncir el entrecejo - to frown
  • gritar - to yell
  • entristecerse - to be saddened
  • sorprenderse - to be surprised
  • alegrarse - to cheer up
  • animarse - to liven up
  • quejarse - to complain
  • asustarse - to be frightened
  • tener miedo - to be afraid
  • aterrorizarse - to be terrified
  • preocuparse - to be worried
  • amilanarse - to be daunted
  • emborracharse - to get drunk
  • relajarse - to relax
  • enojarse / enfadarse - to get angry
  • pasarlo bien - to have a good time
  • pasarlo mal - to have a bad time
  • divertirse - to have fun
  • disfrutar - to enjoy
  • odiar - to hate
  • aburrirse - to get bored
  • fastidiar - to annoy
  • repugnar - to disgust
  • dar asco - to sicken
  • abrumar - to overwhelm
  • emocionarse - to get excited
  • entusiasmarse - to get excited / enthusiastic
  • envalentonarse - to pluck up the courage
  • tener ganas de - to feel like / be up to
  • asombrarse - to be amazed
  • enamorarse - to fall in love
  • enamoricarse - to be infatuated
  • avergonzarse - to be embarrassed
  • agitarse - to get agitated
  • hartarse - to get fed up
  • estresarse - to get stressed
  • decepcionarse - to be disappointed
  • consolar - to console
  • calmarse / tranquilizarse - to calm down
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Oddly Specific English Words

Abecedarian (n) - Someone who is learning the alphabet.

Erinaceous (adj) - Pertaining to or resembling a hedgehog.

Nudiustertian (adj) - Pertaining to the day before yesterday.

Defenestrate (v) - To throw someone out a window.

Accubate (v) - To eat and drink while lying down.

Deltiologist (n) - A collector of picture postcards.

Nelipot (n) - Someone who goes about barefoot.

Favilous (adj) - Resembling ashes.

Estrapade (v) - A horse throwing off its rider.

Qualtagh (n) - The first person you meet after leaving your house.

Xylopolist (n) - A seller of wood.

Aglet (n) - The little plastic cover at the end of a shoelace.

Jentacular (adj) - Pertaining to breakfast.


Floccinaucinihilipilification (v) - To estimate something to be worthless.

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Billie Eilish in French

Irlando-américaine- Irish American

Un frère aîné- older brother

Le syndrome de la Tourette- Tourette’s syndrome

Le chagrin d’amour-lovesickness

La toxicomanie- drug use/addiction

La solitude-loneliness

La santé mentale- mental health

Le suicide- suicide

Un rêve lucide- lucid dream

Une terreur nocturne- night terror

Le contrôle- control

Le single- single (as in the music industry)


Un remix- remix

Une auteure-compositrice-interprète/un auteur-compositeur-interpretète- singer songwriter

Cynique- cynical

(Le) mal de ventre- bellyache

Je souhaite que tu sois gay- (I) wish you were gay

Enterrer un pote- burry a friend

Yeux océan- ocean eyes

Tous les bon filles vont en enfer- all the good girls go to hell

Quand nous nous endormons, où allons nous ?- when we all go to sleep, where do we go?


Originally posted by koryxo

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30 days of consuming Italian

(day two) I finished the first chapter of pjo and I think I might compile a list of the most interesting and useful words. later today I’ll watch il principe mezzosangue just to ease myself back into listening to italiano.

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Random Russian Voc List

  • seize the day - живИ момЕнтом, ловИ момЕнт
  • a mop - швАбра
  • a broom - метлА
  • a sponge - гУбка
  • agility - быстротА
  • proximity - блИзость
  • a lynx - рысь
  • a gyro - шаурмА
  • sound - устОйчивый
  • obstinate - упрЯмый
  • a pimple - прыщ
  • pallid - блЕдный
  • an ulcer - Язва
  • a swoon - Обморок
  • suffice (it) to say - достАточно сказАть
  • satiation - пресыщЕние
  • a tan - загАр
  • a cramp - сУдорога
  • an ostrich - стрАус
  • a fair - Ярмарка
  • vanity - тщеслАвие
  • alacrity - готОвность
  • to appease - успокАивать
  • arcane - тАйный
  • to cajole - льстИть
  • candor - Искренность
  • clandestine - тАйный
  • a confidant - довЕренное лицО
  • demure - скрОмный
  • to extol - превозносИть
  • flabbergasted - изумлённый
  • impeccable - безупрЕчный
  • indolent - ленИвый
  • intrepid - бесстрАшный
  • inveterate - заЯдлый
  • jubilant - ликУющий
  • a cold fish - бесчУвственный человЕк
  • to wriggle out of - уклонЯться от, увИливать от
  • a coercion - принуждЕние
  • to loathe - ненавИдеть
  • to commemorate - прАздновать
  • a toddler - ребёнок, малЫш
  • a bonnet - капОт
  • a fender (of a car) - крылО
  • a jack - домкрАт
  • dignified - достОйный
  • rigorous - стрОгий
  • a fern - пАпоротник
  • a cant (slang) - жаргОн
  • weary - устАвший
  • a consensus - единодУшие, соглАсие
  • a proponent - защИтник
  • a modicum - мАлое колИчество
  • a pinnacle - вершИна
  • to despise - презирАть
  • to convey - передавАть
  • to precede - превосходИть
  • to cut corners - халтУрить
  • a swallow - лАсточка
  • to fan out - развёртываться как вЕер
  • a machismo - мУжественность
  • radii - рАдиусы
  • paneer/panir (cheese) - панИр (сыр)
  • cottage cheese - пресОванный твОрог
  • a capsicum - стручкОвый пЕрец
  • an eel - Угорь
  • a flounder - кАмбала
  • a fin - плавнИк
  • a dorsal fin - спиннОй плавнИк
  • a goat - козёл
  • a sophomore - второкУрсник
  • a junior - студЕнт предпослЕднего кУрса
  • a senior - выпускнИк
  • a debauchery - чревоугОдие, распУщенность
  • foul - зарАзный
  • a louse - вошь
  • a woe - несчАстье, гОре
  • hundredfold - стокрАтно
  • vespertine - вечЕрний
  • a locust - саранчА
  • a swarm - рой, стАя
  • to devour - пожирАть, поглощАть
  • acute - Острый
  • a malnutrition - недоедАние
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