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Originally posted by justcutedodiegifs

The word röst is an interesting one. Its first meaning is “voice”.

  • Jag har tappat min röst = I have lost my voice
  • Hon har en bra röst = she has a good voice (talking about singing)

Originally posted by plannedparenthood

In addition to that the word röst means “vote” as well. I think this makes a ton of sense. By voting you make your voice heard. So in a way your vote is your voice.

  • Att lägga ner sin röst = to lay down your vote (to obstain from voting)
  • Brevröst = letter vote (when you are abroad and vote via mail)
  • Röstkort = voting card
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Russian Voc List: B2 & C1

  • a deputy - заместитель
  • to seclude - изолировать
  • to wallow - валяться
  • vanity - тщеславие, самолюбие
  • to own up - признаваться
  • mediocrity - посредственность
  • to risk one’s neck - рисковать головой
  • a conman/con man - жулик, аферист
  • to pull out - отходить, отъезжать
  • a safety pin - булавка
  • a clothes peg - прищепка
  • a pushpin - кнопка (канцелярская)
  • a binder clip - зажим для бумАг
  • a screw - болт
  • a paper clip - скрепка
  • a staple - скобка
  • to button smth up - застёгивать
  • to push smb’s buttons - манипулировать
  • to button smth down - растёгивать
  • a belly button - пупок
  • touch and go - сомнительно
  • pride and joy - гордость
  • a pinch of salt - щепотка соли
  • a bar of soap - кусок мыла
  • a clump of grass - пучок травы
  • a pile of sand - гора песка
  • to stir (oneself) - бодрствовать
  • to toss and turn - ворочаться без сна
  • a sieve - сито, решето
  • memory like a sieve - память как у рыбки (literally: memory like a fish)
  • a bank statement - выписка по счёту
  • an interest (when we talk about banks) - процентная ставка
  • a loan - кредит
  • a blow-dry (of hair) - укладка (волос)
  • a hairdresser - парикмахер
  • a hairdryer - фен
  • an appointment - время
  • versatile - универсальный
  • to disentangle - распутывать
  • malnourished - плохо питающийся
  • to play by ear - импровизировать
  • to merge - объединять(ся), сливать(ся)
  • an armchair critic - диванный критик
  • incomprehensibility - непонятность
  • to bullshit a bullshitter/to shit a shitter - обманывать обманщика
  • to pull through - выпутаться, выжить, спастись
  • an expletive - ругательство
  • to imply - подразумевать
  • a vest - жилет
  • a stocking - чулок
  • gobbledygook - абракадабра
  • to canoodle - ласкаться, обниматься
  • an ascension - возхождение, подъём
  • a bog - болото
  • resolute - решительный
  • a petal - лепесток
  • thrilling - потрясающий
  • an acquisition - приобретение
  • indisputable - неоспоримый, бесспорный
  • overcast - тучи
  • a rifle - винтовка, ружьё
  • a submachine gun - автомат
  • a machine-gun - пулемёт
  • a mortar - миномёт
  • a shell - гильза
  • an ammunition - патрон
  • a sabre - сабля
  • to allot - предоставлять, выделять
  • a stargazer - астроном
  • to arch - изгибать
  • an arc - дуга
  • a friar - монах
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Qu’est-ce Qu’on a Fait au Bon Dieux?- what did we ever do to deserve this? (lit. what have we done to the good lord?)

Les jeunes mariés- a young married couple, young married people in general

La belle-famille- in-laws

un beau-père- stepfather, father-in-law

une belle-mère- stepmother, mother-in-law

les beaux-parents- stepparents, parents-in-law

Un gendre- son-in-law

Une belle-fille- stepdaughter, daughter-in-law

Un époux /une épouse- spouse

Faire l’autruche-stick one’s head in the sand (do the ostrich)

Un voiturier- valet

Un métèque- general derogatory word for a foreigner

un.e gaulliste- a conservative, vaguely nationalist, usually old. someone who likes the political ideas of charles de gaulle, best american english translation is “a good ole boy”

le racisme- racism

le respect- respect

la tolérance- tolerance

le conservatisme- conservatism

le mariage mixte- mixed marriage

La discrimination- discrimination

l’identité nationale- national identity

les idées préconnçues- preconceived notions 

bourgeois.e- upper middle class, bougie, y’all know this one

Etre dans le noir- to be in the dark (literally or metaphorically)

avoir une tête d’enterrement- look like someone died, have a long face/gloomy look

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I started a new vocab book! Finally! I am so excited because I’ve been stuck on that 쏙쏙 TOPIK book for so long, but finally pushed through and memorized all the words that were left. I really like this new book pictured on the left (토픽 어휘 2300) because they organize it by themes rather than going alphabetically. It’s also bigger and feels much more like a textbook, which I love. Going to try to finish this book in two months!

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мышление /mɨʂˈlʲenʲɪje/ noun, neuter – thinking, ideation

Критическое мышление необходимо каждому для выживания в быстро меняющемся мире. Critical thinking is essential for everyone to survive in a rapidly changing world.

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accorgersi to notice
capovolta up side down
estrarre to extract / to pull out
guadagnare to gain
lenzuola (f) bed sheets
macigno (m) boulder
miscuglio (m) mixture
riattaccare to hang up (a phone)
ribadire to reaffirm / to confirm
sbalordire to amaze
sfuggire to escape
sgomentare to dismay
smorfia (f) grimace
sosta (f) break/parking
spia (f) spy / indicator light / peephole
stagliarsi to stand out
stufarsi di to get fed up with
tuffatore (m) diver
ubbidire to obey

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