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for the sake of debate lets say im miku miku you can call me miku miku miku ooo-ee-oo

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I wasn’t able to get the time to take many full body pics of Rin, but here’s at least one! I wore a smaller headband to the concert as I didn’t want to be an obstruction. The outfit is mostly handmade aside from the shorts, belt and shoes.

I want to cosplay Rin again later this year! Maybe then I can take and edit some more interesting photos :D

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I wanted to make a drawing for myself that actually made me feel like I didnt waste my entire vacation, so here it is! Also, I wanted to congratulate Alextrips, for winning the MikuExpo song contest!

As a latina vocaloid fan it makes me so happy to know that there’s finally an official vocaloid song entirely in spanish! Felicidades, este y muchos mas logros vendran para la comunidad latina de vocaloid!

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11 days until fukase’s birthday.

nothing to say, although i wanted to leave notes these days with something happening around. well, trying to remember how to pixelart, trying to finish a collab piece and other

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