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#W Magazine

Angela Bassett for W Magazine, Vol. II 2019

Wearing: Gucci dress, scarf, necklace, fan, and shoes, Jennifer Behr turban, Fox & Bond necklace, and Gismondi 1754 ring

Directing: Spike Lee
Photography: LaToya Ruby Frazier
Styling: Ruth E. Carter
Hair: Randy Stodghill
Makeup: D’Andre Michael
Manicure: Ashley V. Williams
Set design: Gille Mills

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Rihanna photographed by Nadine Ijewer (Allure 2018) and Steven Klein (W Magazine 2016).

In the first picture rihanna is photographed in front of a white backdrop wearing glitter on her eyes lips and tongue. This photo allows rihanna as the subject of the image to be captured in a fun candid way without a distracting background. The soft lighting and minimal composition/styling of rihanna in only neutral tones, allows the makeup to draw your eye in with the silver earrings tying in well with the cool toned eye makeup contrasting her warm skin tone and clothing.

The second picture creates drama, with bright colours and accessories taking up the majority of the shot. The backdrop is post apocalyptic and sends a message of rihanna reigning, or conquering her industry. The bold accessories follow the curves of her face and add texture and contrast against the background. The composition of the eye in the centre of the image creates balance in the frame and draws your eye in directly.

These images are styled and photographed exponentially different. The first image works well with the minimalist styling, composition and colour scheme as to not distract from rihanna and her fun carefree attitude in the picture, almost like a candid of her in the moment. The second sends a message of strength and royalty with the over accessorising and the busy background with rihanna staring directly in the middle of the frame in the foreground.

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