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Commission progress slowly chuggin’ along… Flowers are Hard… Inks are Scary… 

Flowers featured in Pearl’s crown largely come from this “Sincerest Sorrow” bouquet:


Some colors to be determined, but of course:

Asiatic Lily (White and/or Orange)

Peach-Pink Rose

Carnations (striped, oh boy that’ll be fun to color)

Rose of Sharon (Pink’s flower)

Monte Casino bitty daisies 

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Thanks for the tag @debramcg1106 uhhh I’ve been messing in a few things, some good some bad …

Unnamed Dramien

It didn’t matter if somehow Liam felt the same, they couldn’t ever be. They were from different worlds, Liam had expectations on his shoulders since birth.

When their eyes met across the bar Drake blissfully ignored the way his heart skipped.

Just a distraction.

When their fingers subtly brushed as they reached for their drinks Drake sucked in a sharp breath, finding it harder to ignore the spark that traveled down his arm from where their hands had touched.

Chapter two of Minor Detail:

Liam gave a strained laugh. Of course he would deny it. He stood from his desk, walking to the bar cart, this conversation would require liquor in copious amounts to numb the pain of the lies. “Drink?” He asked holding a decanter of aged whiskey.

“No thank you.” Whatever this meeting was about he didn’t need alcohol to cloud his mind and judgment.

“Suit yourself.” Liam mumbled as he poured a large measure of whiskey, quickly downing it before pouring a second.

He crossed to his desk pulling his lips into a thin line as he appraised the older duke. Maybe she lied to us both, he thought as he retook his seat.

He picked up his phone, quickly locating a picture of Athena holding his child. The anger burned through his veins as his gut churned.

He had her, he’d won. Somehow he was still left standing fighting for breath. I will find out the truth today. “So she didn’t tell you?”

Who is he talking about? Athena? His heart clenched. What would she have to tell me? “Tell me what?”

Liam’s lips curved up into a half smirk. Maybe I can find a way to salvage this, make him hate her and sign away his rights …

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Here’s a little sneak peek at an introductory release coming Friday! These mid-sized curling ram horns are a much requested shape, and with the added spikes and detailed striations they create an imposing and unique silhouette. I’m excited to paint these, this primed test piece has so many visual possibilities. Stay tuned for the limited release Friday at 5PM PST. 💕🐏
#aries #ramhorns #sculpture #resin #cosplay #costume #fantasy #headpiece #idolatre #idolatreclothing #wip #art

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Proof I’m still working on The Shadows We Lead:

Did she see the fear in their eyes when they entered the throne room? Tyrion wasn’t sure. They all knew how to bow and scrape when the situation demanded. And a queen with a living dragon demanded perfect, unquestioning loyalty. Submission. She still saw herself as a mother, the mother of all seven kingdoms, offering aid and comfort to those who bent the knee, and harsh discipline to those who didn’t. 

There was still blood between the stones where Jon Snow had executed one of his own soldiers for looting shops in the wake of the battle, and a dark sooty streak where Drogon had burnt one of Daenerys’s Dothraki riders for raping and killing women days after the fighting ended. 

Tyrion feared more blood would be spilled today. Jaime was with the Northern party slowly making its way through the city.

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Experimenting with audio recording = fun!
#wip #PeteKohut #contemporarypainting #contemporaryart #installationart #artist #studio #painting #art #abstraction #Ottawa #Canadaart #oilpainting #minimalism #processart #pattern #grey #colourmixing #luminous #mfa #mfaUofOttawa #ambient #audio (at University of Ottawa - L’Université d’Ottawa)

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