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#Warrior Cats

Quick notes: Bramblekit looks exactly like Tigerclaw but has green eyes like his mama. Tawnykit is a tortoishell with 75% golden fur like Goldenflower’s and amber eyes like her father; both kits are longhaired

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what if bluestar decided to become a medicine cat instead.

goosefeather retires and bluefur, wanting to figure out what to do with thistleclaw, decides to train under featherwhisker.

bluefur still meets with oakheart, but she has them away from the clan, and gives them to dappletail to nurse and passes them off as a rouge’s kits.

when tawnyspots is about to retire, bluefur tells sunstar abt her vision of thistleclaw covered in blood, passing it off as a prophecy to him. sunstar decides to pick patchpelt as his deputy.

patchstar makes redtail his deputy and also i dont know if redtail had an apprentice before so truly, thunderclan was fucked anyways.

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Warrior Cats Novella/Super Edition Ideas (Part 1/???)

Blackstar’s Guilt- Blackstar has to deal with the repercussions of his actions under Brokenstar and Tigerstar, after becoming leader of ShadowClan. He receives a life from Stonefur for forgiveness.

Thrushpelt’s Forgiveness- Thrushpelt feeling intense guilt and upset at Bluefur’s kits supposed death, which he believes is real. He eventually realizes that Mistpaw and Stonepaw of RiverClan are Bluestar’s kits, and is even more hurt. He wonders what happened to Mosskit. He feels betrayed. He knew and accepted that Bluestar didn’t love him back, but to let him think that his adopted kits were dead for moons? That’s something completely different. Thrushpelt dies saving Stonepaw from a fox. He reunites with Mosskit in Starclan and comes to Bluestar in a dream saying he forgives her.

Nightstar’s Faith- Nightstar tries to rebuild ShadowClan after Brokenstar’s rule. But Starclan doesn’t give him his 9 lives. He has to fake it in order to prevent ShadowClan from collapsing. He has a bit of a crisis of faith bc Starclan could in theory strip Brokenstar of his lives, or at least give lives to Nightstar and they won’t. Nightstar has to lie and possibly go against Starclan for the good of ShadowClan.

Featherwhisker’s Kindness- Featherpaw training under Goosefeather. Goosefeather is a good teacher, but is also a very unhealthy person to be around. Featherwhisker has to navigate having an extremely unstable mentor who becomes dependent emotionally on him. It ends with Goosefeather having a moment of clarity while dying wherein he apologizes to Featherwhisker and tells him that he’s sorry and that he was wrong to put that kind of burden on a child. Featherwhisker knows, and is still damaged from it. But as an act of kindness he forgives Goosefeather on his deathbed, letting his mentor go to Starclan, finally at peace.

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