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Personality tests and stuff!

taken from @sulbordulake !

Zodiac Sign: Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces |


Life Path Number: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 11 | 22 | 33

Four Temperaments: Sanguine | Melancholic | Choleric | Phlegmatic

Enneagram: The Reformer (Type 1) | The Helper (Type 2) | The Achiever (Type 3) | The Individualist (Type 4) | The Thinker (Type 5) | The Loyalist (Type 6) | The Enthusiast (Type 7) | The Leader (Type 8) | The Peacemaker (Type 9) |

Celtic Zodiac: Birch (The Achiever) | Rowan (The Thinker) | Ash (The Enchanter) | Alder (The Trailblazer) | Willow (The Observer) | Hawthrone (The Illusionist) | Oak (The Stabilizer) | Holly (The Ruler) | Hazel (The Knower) | Vine (The Equalizer) | Ivy (The Survivor) | Reed (The Inquisitor) | Elder (The Seeker) |

Celtic Animal Sign: Stag/Deer | Cat | Cow/Bull | Horse | Butterfly | Adder/Snake | Seahorse | Fish/Salmon | Wolf/Hound | Fox | Wren | Swan | Falcon/Hawk |

Soul Type (one test): I’m too lazy to take this test I Hunter | Caregiver | Creator | Thinker | Helper | Educator | Performer | Leader | Spiritualist |

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor | Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw | Slytherin |

The Animal in You: Lion | Tiger | Dolphin| Bear | Wild Cat | Fox | Weasel | Badger | Dog | Otter | Wolf | Sea Lion | Wild Dog | Walrus | Gorilla | Deer | Rhinoceros | Hippo | Sable | Horse | Sheep | Mountain Goat | Warthog | Zebra | Baboon | Elephant | Bison | Giraffe | Cottontail | Mole | Bat | Porcupine | Beaver | Prairie Dog | Shrew | Mouse | Eagle | Rooster | Owl | Swan | Peacock | Vulture | Penguin | Crocodile | Snake |

Archetypes: Creative | Athlete | Rebel | Caregiver | Visionary | Royal | Performer | Spiritual | Tastemaker | Explorer | Advocate | Intellectual |

Brain Lateralisation Test: Left | Right|

Cerebral Personality Test: 1-10% | 11-20% | 21-30% | 31-40% |41-50% | 51-60% | 61-70% | 71-80% | 81-90% | 91-100% |

Multiple Intelligences Test: Kinaesthetic |Linguistic| Logical | Interpersonal | Intrapersonal | Musical | Visual/Spatial | Naturalistic |

Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale (Primary Psychopathy): 1 | 1.5 | 2 | 2.5 | 3 | 3.5 | 4 | 4.5 | 5

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The Brooklyn Museum wishes you a happy and prosperous Year of the Rat!  It’s the beginning of a new twelve-year cycle in the Chinese tradition. Legend has it that when the animals of the zodiac competed in a race to see who would be first in the cycle of years, the wily rat caught a ride on the back of the ox, then jumped off to cross the finish line before any of the others.

As busy collectors of stuff and parents to many offspring, rats represent wealth, industriousness, and fertility. People born in the year of the rat are said to be friendly and energetic, but they don’t like to spend their money. No matter what year you were born, there is something at the Brooklyn Museum to please your tastes, and the lunar new year is a great time to check out our newly reinstalled galleries for the Arts of China and Japan.

Posted by Joan Cummins
Egoyomi (Rat), 1752-1793. Color woodblock print on paper, sheet. Brooklyn Museum, By exchange, 37.443

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“恭喜发财! 祝你们新年快乐, 万事如意! Happy Nebular Year of the Rat, Earthlings!”

—- —-

The period of prosperity and luck has dawned upon us! Happy Chinese New Year to the human Asians of Earth from fellow Solar System starlings of planetary opposites, Aquarius and Taurus! Even if you aren’t celebrating the occasion, happy holidays to you all!

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“I Believe” by Christina Perri

For Pisces cause our words are “I Believe!”

If you got any good songs for your sign please message me or tag me!

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Few days ago I’ve talked with a friend about zodiac signs and asked her what she thinks about each zodiac. IT was funny how some were same as me but some were so different. So if anyone wants bit of astrology fun try this :)
Here is example:
I’m Gemini and this is what I think in general about other signs in one word or a phrase:
Aries - Leader
Taurus - Unique
Gemini - flexible informant
Cancer - Emotion bender
Leo - generous on light spot
Virgo - Sarcastic helper
Libra - Rainbow (because Libras are so diverse for me lool XD)
Scorpio - ambitious
Sagittarius - Lonely specialist
Capricorn - conservative
Pisces - friendly egocentric

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Aquarius: Everything has stopped. The voice is gone, the honey is gone. You don’t know why you did it. 

You love it, you do, you promise you do. Even now, you love it, and you love it so much it hurts, and gods but it hurts. It hurts, because it is dead, and it’s your fault.

You don’t know why you did it. You don’t know what you’re feeling. Feeling? You’re feeling? Your chest feels hollow, scraped out, raw and empty. It hurts. You don’t know what to think, you don’t know what you’re thinking. Are you thinking?

You don’t think you’re breathing. Were you ever breathing? You can’t recall. Your hands keep stroking it, searching for it’s rapidly fading warmth, trying to comfort. Too little, too late.

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The Witcher (netflix) characters as zodiac signs

Aries: Calanthe

Taurus: Mousesack

Gemini: Cahir

Cancer: Borch

Leo: Vilgefortz

Virgo: Triss

Libra: Jaskier

Scorpio: Yen

Sagittarius: Eist

Capricorn: Fringilla

Aquarius: Tissaia

Pisces: Istredd

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The Other aspects like marital life, friends, gains, losses, incidents, and accidents of life are revealed by this house. The number of accidents a person would face in his/her lifetime is controlled by this house. This house also reveals the interest of a person in research and things related to it; often the person who has a strong eight house is interested in research. It influences the amount a difficulties or problems a person will face in his/her lifetime.

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Pisces Sun natives need to serve others. Pisces natives are sentimental and romantic in love. At times they expect too much from others and then feel hurt if the other person doesn’t come through for them. They have a strong tendency to place their loved one on a pedestal.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish going in opposite directions connected by a cord. One fish represents the personality, and the other embodies the spirit. These two opposing forces operate within a Piscean, causing insecurity and indecisiveness.

Positively handling these forces is tough for them. Some will seek to escape these pressures through eating, alcohol, drugs or other excesses. That is what one of the fish represents.

The other fish represents the Piscean rising to great heights through self-denial, sacrifice and the ultimate attainment. Pisces natives learn through suffering, and they need to learn perseverance.

Pisces natives are very generous with their time in helping other people. They always feel their best when they are serving others in some capacity.

By using their compassion outwardly for others, they will not become as moody and introverted. Since Pisces natives are reluctant to hurt others or to face any confrontation, they can become involved in tough emotional situations which they find tough to break.

They have a difficult time saying no sometimes and will stay in dangerous situations thinking that they can somehow change the other person and then all will be well.

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Pluto brings some struggles in the life of a person. These struggles can cause emotional imbalances and pain.

Your area of power and transformation is your home, family and roots generally. If you’re comfortable with your family or racial background, then you truly have deep roots and a firm sense of belonging. If, however, there are shadows cast across the path that leads back into your past, then they could haunt you with feelings of statelessness and a profound inner loneliness.

Either the positive or negative qualities will be in evidence in your domestic situation. Someone in your life (most likely your father) went about in the time of your childhood in a similarly soul-torn state, but as a child you took it personally and now you feel that the ground could open up and swallow you if you don’t keep yourself very much to yourself.

If you’re to prevent what amounts to self-isolation from dominating your life – or someone from still dominating your domestic scene with a heavy presence (and that could be yourself!) – then it is imperative that you exorcise such a ghost. To do this you must delve and dig into your past history until you’ve found what’s obsessing you (and what you cannot forgive in yourself or someone else) and then actually forgive them.

Once you’ve accomplished this, you will at last feel that you have a power-base, a home that is your castle – because it will have been built on the only foundation that will satisfy you: a deep feeling of being here on planet Earth.

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