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#a levels

24th feb | 1/100 days of productivity

yes we are doing 100 days of productivity again - but this time, with a twist!! i have exactly 100 days till my first proper A level exam (chemistry paper 1, if anyone cares). I say *proper* because I have 3 further maths papers before then but I’m not counting those as my further maths grade is irrelevant!!

anyway, therefore, when I finish this challenge, my exams will begin… what good bloody motivation to do some work, ey! here’s some bio notes that I can’t remember if i’ve photographed before :)

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So, we were revising for our English a level exams today by looking at past questions/sample questions. One was about personal suffering of women in The Handmaid’s Tale (do all women suffer, ect). Our teacher asked us what we thought of the question, and one person said, “No, not all women suffer, Serena Joy seems quite happy”, and I shit you not the entire class turned to this person and said, “Does she, though?” The teacher looked so surprised and amused. It was magical. One of the best things to happen in lesson ever 😂 @miss-alice-evelynn

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I’m back!

Hello lovelies! I took a short break as I’ve been super busy with coursework, essays and it’s been my birthday! Officially old enough to drink 🍷

Today I’ve finished off my sociology essay and I plan on working through some psychology questions on issues & debates next.

What have you done today?💛

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gna move past the fact that i basically went awol again aldjksajfla

more equilibria problems! i’m not too happy with my mock exam mark, but it was an accurate reflection of how hard i worked. the only way is up from here on in!

listening to: pretty boy- taemin

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Been busy making flash cards, I find using colourful cards more helpful, and using spaced repetition has been the best way for me to actually remember things like equations and definitions. Getting closer to finishing the whole content, it’ll be such a relief because making them can be very time consuming. I’m pretty sure there are apps I could use instead of writing them but I haven’t found anything that works quite how I want, I’ll have to keep looking so I can use that next year instead.

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