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#a little softness
‘ this is your favorite, right? ’ shuichi and kaito.... soft

send  these  or  perish.

            ‘  yes  !  well  –  this  and  season  twenty-four  .                        i can never pick between them. it’s such a break from the usual formula. don’t you think it’s always so much more interesting when the person contributing in the class trials turns out to be the blackened later on? or, even… the mastermind?’ eyes glinting with the reverence he saves for danganronpa, his head falls onto kaito’s shoulder. it all looks very absent and innocent, but the snaking way his fingers press into kaito’s palm is a little bolder than that. ‘are you free? i bet we could get through the whole season today…’

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       THE DEAD OF NIGHT was normally the time when everything was at ease, where silence &. stillness put one`s thoughts at a calm plateau, regardless of the unknown &. mysterious nature of the darkness in nightfall. Both peace &. dread, simultaneously existing in the same body. Strangely enough, this was the time Ochako felt the most relaxed — not surrounded by people ( though, a social butterfly like her finds that being around her friends was her own way to recharge ); but, basking under the moonlight beneath the stars. Alone. It brings her comfort. Like she can finally breathe, a time to unwind without the weight of gravity.

       Yet, tonight… there was no relief in being alone. Not even the comforting presence of the moon &. stars can put her at ease; they were merely balls of light that were too far away, away from her reach. Afflicted with racing thoughts without her friends to serve as a distraction, she was hit with an insomniac episode that kept her awake with no signs of reproach. Her back faced the living room space as she stared off outside the window, absent-minded, anywhere her eyes followed to the ground below. Lonely. Like she forgets that, sometimes, she shouldn`t always hold her breath &. actually breathe. Thoughts of failure, jealousy, inability to live up to expectations, feeling weak — Ochako learned to carry that weight, but forgot to exhale.

       Both peace &. dread, simultaneously existing in the same body.

       Or, so she thought.

       It was already pretty late at night, &. Ochako was sure no one else was going to be awake at this hour. And why would they? The world ends by sunset, &. begins anew by sunrise. Besides, it was a school night! Everyone should be fast asleep right now, in their own beds, beneath the waves of their blankets, getting prepared for training &. other long-winding lectures scheduled in the morning. All the snores &. steady breathing that echoed throughout the hallway signified that there was no other living soul where she sat.

       So why, oh-why, was he in here?

       “Bakugou-kun?” There was no mistaking those heavy footsteps, always standing out as if he was deliberately making his grand entrance in the arena; she can just tell without having to turn around completely ( if the mess of blonde hair she caught from the corner of her eyes wasn`t already a stark indication of his unique presence ). The loud grunt that followed gave her enough indication that her assumption was spot-on. She can`t help but suddenly feel nervous, her hairs standing upright in shock, like she was caught in the act of doing something she was not supposed to do. “W - What are you still doing awake?” She stammered before holding her breath.

@ofiignition caught that  .

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" Would you like for me to braid your beautiful hair, dear ? " the maiden stated softly with a warm smile and a little something in her hand, besides a hairbrush rested between her fingers a hairpin with the appearance of a lotus flower. // for Paula's new daughter sakura

┊ ❛  ❈  ⊱     m - mom  ??    &    @humblemaid.

              e  -  ehh    ?    `     the  other’s  voice  was  soft ,    kind     ———     like  the  gentle  caress  of  the  morning  sun     (    warm     &     just  right    ) .    unfortunately ,    sakura  was    unaccustomed    to  kindness .     not  that  her  family  was  unkind     (    she  loved  her  parents  dearly    ) ,    but  so  many  others  didn’t  display  the  same  warmth .

          downward  tipped  crown     /     petal  pink  locks  fall  forward ,    all  to    obscure    the  growing  blush .     UNCERTAINTY    distorts  her  countenance    …     it  manifests  as  a    tremble    on  lithe  hands     &     she  tries  to  hide  it  by  crumpling  the  ends  of  her  skirt .     what  does  one  do  in  the  face  of  kindness    ?     what  does  one  say    ?

              …    y - yes ,   please .   `     would  it  be  too    selfish    of  her  to  accept   ?         o - only  if  you  w - want  to   !!    `

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“Where do we go when we sleep?”

The question caught Scout off guard. He glanced up, briefly, before turning back to the sketchbook he had in his lap. “We don’t go anywhere. We stay right here,”

AJ leaned his had against Scout’s shoulder, watching him draw and then adding his own pencil to doodle a bit on the edge of the page. “Yeah, but…dreams. Where do we get dreams?”

“Um…” Scout’s lips parted a little as he tried to think of an answer. Was he ever taught this in school? If he was, he didn’t remember. “I dunno, actually. I think it’s like…your brain makin’ movies,”

“Oh,” AJ seemed a bit disappointed at that answer. “But I thought you knew everything,”

Scout snorted. “Me? Hell no. I mean, I know a lot of things, but dreams aren’t my department, I guess,”

“Oh,” his son replied again, going back to the sketchbook. He drew a little plane and then pointed to it. “I saw this plane outside today,”

“Did ya?” Scout leaned over to look at it. “Mm, did it drop anythin’?”

AJ shook his head. “Nah. It flew by all boring. But it was cool,”

“Yeah,” Scout agreed, and he set his pen down. “Look, I drew you,”

AJ looked up, surprised, and he observed the drawing. “That’s me?”

Scout nodded, reaching over to ruffle his kid’s hair affectionately. “Yep, sure is. I haven’t drawn you since you were a lil’ baby,”

“I didn’t see that,” AJ piped up, suddenly very interested.

This took Scout by surprise. “I didn’t? Well, it’s right here,” he scooted over to the cabinet beside him, where he pulled out one of his many sketchbooks and selected one. He flipped to a tagged page and then opened it to show AJ. “See? Drew this a couple days after you were born,”

AJ studied the drawing for a long time, and he grinned at it, taking the new picture and comparing the two. Scout couldn’t help but smile back: AJ was adorable, he was just such a perfect child in Scout’s eyes.

Without warning, AJ grabbed the other sketchbook, flipping to a blank page and tearing it out, grabbing a pen and flopping back on the sofa. “Hey, whatcha doin’?” Scout wanted to know, setting the drawing down and leaning over to investigate.

“I’m gonna draw you!” AJ answered in a chipper voice, looking towards Scout to study his face and then going back to the page.

Scout could only laugh, and he coiled his arm around his son and planted a kiss against his mop of hair.

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I noticed some new things after she got spayed

She barks a lot more now, its even more high pitched than before

She LOVES belly rubs now

And I don’t know if its just after spaying, or teeth removal, she bites less, which now its mostly flea biting or lightly holding a hand or a foot in her mouth

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“ i love you. “ ( kdsjnfksdjnfkdsj CRIES)

    Random Sentences     /   @fiktivatecken

    To say her words had rendered him speechless would’ve been an understatement. Though he had to admit, the shock itself was not unwelcome. With a turn of his head, he turned his attention to the direction where Sjofn sat beside him, and he trained his gaze onto her eyes. Normally, his eyes tended to habitually flicker to every single detailing of her face. Her eyebrows, her eyelashes, stray strands of hair by her face. But at this moment, he kept his eyes with hers, exploring them. His heart hammered so hard in his chest, he could feel his pulse in his ears and his breathing becoming erratic. Nervously, he pinched the inside of his left palm with his right hand before, as gently and slowly as possible, cupping his hand over one of her cheeks. Though, he made sure to give her the window she needed in case she needed to pull away if she got too uncomfortable. Taking a short breath to clear his fear once more, he gently rested his forehead against hers, allowing his eyes to open as his thumb lightly caressed her cheekbone. Closing his eyes, once more, he released the breath he’d been holding. “I love you too, Sjofn.”

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