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#a little softness

you know how people say your OCs tell you a lot about yourself? and how fanfiction is often a kind of wish fulfillment? because I was going through all my OCs across the like four very different fandoms I write for, and I realized that I have at least one talking cat mentor in each fandom. and like it’s weird that I didn’t notice that trend, but also…do I secretly want to be mentored/parented by a talking cat? probably…

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Name: Nicholas Carol Collins
Nickname(s): anything but Nick
Age: 22
Species: human


Morality: lawful / neutral / chaotic / good / grey / evil
Sins: lust / greed / gluttony / sloth / pride / envy / wrath
Virtues: chastity / charity / diligence / humility / kindness / patience / justice
Primary goals in life (Now): become a doctor, lose that vCard


Build: slender / scrawny / bony / fit / athletic / curvy / herculean / babyfat / pudgy / obese
Height: 5′3
Weight: way too light
Scars/Birthmarks:  surgical scars over his chest and back
Abilities/powers: none / verse dependent 


Favorite food: shrimp fried rice
Favorite drink:  coffee
Favorite color(s):  blue
Favorite music genre: pop, classical, things you’d hear in a bookshop
Favorite book genre: medical journals, romance
Favorite movie genre:  romance, comedies
Favorite season: winter
Favorite curse word(s): ass
Favorite scent:  lavender 


Bottom or Top: bottom!
Sings in the shower: No
Likes bad puns: yes!

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Hey sorry to bother you I forgot to thank you for responding to my comment about ACW and your writing but I saw your post about ACW and you have no idea about how excited I am for this chapter you are one of the best writers on tumblr in my opinion and I can tell you love writing sorry if this seems like im sucking up to you but your such a good writer again I love your work ad I can’t wait for what you have in store for us!! Love you xx

You’re no bother at all, @marvel-lover123!

You’re seriously so sweet and kind to me from the two interactions we’ve had so far, and it honestly means a lot. :,)

I wish I could just go ahead and tell you what’s in store, but the things I’ve been holding back on are coming within the next few chapters so don’t worry— you’ll know soon!

I’m so in love with this fic and Wolf and Arthur’s relationship that it’s not even funny. I plan on starting on the next update soon!

It’s always a pleasure to write this fic, and an even bigger one to read messages from you and countless others who always pour in.

Especially now as the RDR fandom isn’t active like it used to be, and a lot of people have moved on, sadly. It’s been a little sad to see chapters and the fic itself not do as well, but I don’t intend for it to stop or hinder me. Because people like you have been so loving and present that I know, no matter how many people move on from the fandom, you guys will always be right here. :,)

So trust me. You’re not a bother. If anything, this is more than welcome for me. Your messages to me are like when you all get a new chapter of the story. I always get so excited to see anons, messages, comments, likes and reblogs, etc — in fact, they’re what I look forward to every time I post.

And fun fact: I like to post at night, right before I go to bed, so I can wake up with an array of comments from you all. It’s so fun and validating to refresh my inbox or email and see all the notifs that are waiting for me about my newest update. It’s probably what has kept me going with this fic like I have, because it has truly been a labor of love— and it’s a love that you all really helped form.

Because while this story or writing of mine may mean a lot to you, or it’s been impactful, or you think it’s great— I can say that the thing I’m thankful most for is the beautiful connections and interactions that I have been gifted with from this story of mine.

After not writing for a year and a half, after fearing I lost touch forever and couldn’t ever find my narrative voice and make something I’d be proud of, I’m happy to say that in that aspect, I was disappointed.

So thank you! From the bottom of my heart. :)

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what is your absolute favorite ship?

I have more than one!! My absolute fav ship from furuba is Shiitori, and as much as I love them I’m going to put them on the back-burner for a sec and gush about my other favorite, thiefshipping. If you’re unfamiliar with thiefshipping, it’s a ship between Marik & Yami Bakura from ygo/ygotas. I think this ship is unique bc not only is it a representation of a gay relationship, but of an interracial, gay relationship. Canon or not, for the time ygo was released, that’s some damn good lgbt and minority representation.

So thiefshipping is p coated in no homo jokes and sexual innuendos but at its core it’s pure dysfunctional, hopeless romantic bullshittery babey!! Bakura, despite how cold he acts towards Marik, genuinely cares for him so much, and he would lay down his whole ass life for him. And Marik, despite being so seemingly shallow and self centered, genuinely cares about Bakura just the same. They’re two heavily traumatized individuals who find solace in one another, which no one else in their lives had ever been able to provide. Together they grow and they learn what it means to love, and how to love, after so many years of believing they were incapable of giving it or receiving it. I don’t know if I believe in soulmates but I can sure as heck tell u that Marik & Bakura come the closest to convincing me otherwise. This is a top tier ship and I have to thank Little Kuriboh the creator of ygotas one could even argue the creator of thiefshipping for putting out so much good content of these two over the years.

love them thief boys !!!!

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10 or 31 with Cal 馃枻

(I already did 31 with Calum here!)

10: Little one coming to sleep with you after a bad dream.

“Daddy?” Calum heard the small voice, which pulled him from sleep. Since becoming a Dad nearly three years ago, he had become such a light sleeper, that even her tiny whisper managed to wake him. He knew his baby girl’s voice - and he could tell when she was upset. He opened his eyes, taking in his surroundings, remembering that he was on the tour bus, on the way to another city. He had worried that his daughter wouldn’t settle on the bus - it was an unfamiliar surrounding, with a lot of people. Even though she was very close to her uncles, she didn’t really know the crew, so Calum thought she would be more unsettled than usual.

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