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Just came back from the seamstress who was finishing my dress for a gala and she gave me the scraps of the fabric she cut off with the words: “Keep it and save it, because everything can be repaired.”

“If anyone steps on you dress and tears it, if anything bad happens, we can repair it, remember that.”

An that’s the most profound and old-timey approach I’ve heard, because she’s right and it’s sad that nowadays most people would just get another dress.

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In Accounting Info. Systems today we were going through why different processes happen in the way they do and if a control system were to fail what would detect the missing inventory/money. We got out of Real Estate about 20 minutes early which is always nice, today’s class was really interesting it was on budgeting when you’re renting out a place. Met up with my English language partner, we talked about stocks, gambling, alcohol, our countries legal systems, sports and geography for like 2 hours. After that I went to the computer lab until it was time for the Beta Alpha Psi meeting. Today’s guest speakers were from the WICPA, they were very nice and we’re going to get a discount code for student membership which is ace imo :^). We also got our certificates for being a member today [I was inducted last semester] I feel like being in a Fraternity is as close as I can get to a college secret society. Overall good day🐗

Please enjoy the blurry photo of my certificate

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Me: I should write a fantasy series because it's so different to what I do in real life. Escapism.
Also me: *designs fantasy diseases and their transmission*, *figures out physiological complications of magic system*, *designs a magical bureaucracy deeply intertwined with the legal and medical systems*, escapism.....
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It’s been a while since I read for pleasure, and inferior as the acedemia side of Tumblr may make me feel, they sure do make me remember how much I love to lose myself in a story only to stumble across myself, hours later, sobbing at the heart that never beat once, never, except in the space between those fragile pages

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Merle Miller, “On Being Different: What it Means to be a Homosexual”
And that includes the late Dr. Edmund Bergler, who claimed not only that he could ‘cure’ me but get rid of my writer’s block as well. He did neither. I am still homosexual, and I have a writer’s block every morning when I sit down at the typewriter. And it’s too late now to change my nature.
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It’s seriously upsetting me that my striking colleagues are sharing anecdotes of mental health breakdowns and MINI STROKES brought on by overload, and that people *still* assume the strikes are about pissing about. ESPECIALLY as a disabled academic.

(As a PhD student who is not a teaching assistant, I cannot legally strike. So I just turned my social media into UCU strike stan accounts.)

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