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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I got my SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) appeal approved!

I got my financial aid!

I am enrolled in classes!

I cannot do anything else until the term starts March 3rd.  I am going to lose my mind, I am so hyped to get myself back on track but I’ve hit the ‘wait’ part of ‘hurry up and wait’.

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I drew this monster today while I was in a practice for an academics team, they’re going to state so they are getting pretty serious. 

This guy has some serious teeth, they are herbivore teeth so he’s not too dangerous. But I do feel like he’d be a pretty big guy. He was drawn in the corner of the paper i was using so he doesn’t have a full body. :(

I like most if the things about him, it’s just the shoulder that i don’t like, but he made like this so it’s going to have to stick, unless I redesign him. I mostly like how he looks now so I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon.

When I was lining him with the fancy pen my sister gave me, I learned that I popped a tire when I was driving earlier. );

There are some elements in him that I can see in some earlier drawings, but he’s not a carbon copy of those drawings. This is my first herbivore monster, the other monsters I’ve drawn have largely been carnivores and omnivores, the guy I drew hunched over with pimples on his back is an omnivore(for example). I think it’s the teeth and the body shape that determines what they are.  

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after a long summer, I’m going back to uni next week 👏🏻👏🏻 at a brand new uni - the Australian National University ✨ I’ll be studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Political Science. As I’ll be in this new degree for a few years, I’ll be continuing to use this account. I hope you’ll stick around 🌸🍂

I hope everyone has a successful academic year

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17 february 2020

Today is a day off so I’m going to try and get ahead on my assignments. The title on this one didn’t turn out like I wanted. I’m running into issues at the moment because the pages of my notebooks are really thin so everything bleeds through. I might try using colored pencils for the titles.

It’s kind of a distracted day of studying. I’ve got season one of the vampire diaries playing while I work. I also got an Irish cream cold brew when I ran to the store earlier. It’s been a good day. Sun is shining, it’s warm out, and I’m finally getting through a lot of my psych work.

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Does anyone have any tips on how to get an internship ? Idk how any of this works but I’m gonna be 16 next year and I’m trying to get my grades and stuff in a place where I could apply for something tech related?? I can code and build robots and stuff, should I try to get into AP classes? My classmate got one but I’m too akward to ask how. (I live in California if that helps.)Help plz

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Heya this is kind of a odd question but have you ever received any negative responses when people find out you're a business major? On a couple of studyblrs I've noticed this weird trend of hating on business majors? And I'm honestly super confused as to where this came from? Like even as a very (American) liberal person myself I think it's very clear that someone being a business major doesnt reflect their political beliefs so I'm not sure why those posts love to suggest otherwise. Cheers!

Hello anon!

Hmmm….that’s the first time I’ve heard about it. I haven’t personally received any negative feedback when it comes to posting my homework/study sessions/etc. Regardless, I think people should be respectful of one another, no matter what you study, or what you believe. We’re all here to encourage good study habits and provide tips for academic enrichment. 

Thank you for making me aware of the situation!

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Hey glamourous babies…

Coming to you live from my bedroom in a disoriented manner~

This past week has been extremely difficult and I haven’t had any time for myself. So much academic stuff I have to deal with. I finished my english project but i have to put it together. I’ll show you all soon. But i still have this 3+ page essay for dual enrollment and i just haven’t had the time to dive into it. I’ve been prioritizing things the best I can but I just wish for time myself. It sucks but I will fight to the end!

I hope you guys had a great week. I’ll see you soon. I love you all.

Jada 🌿🥀❤


Here’s my favorite song right now:

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Okay but knowing academics as I do… yeah, that’s probably true.

Also now I’m sad thinking about that…

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friday | 2.14.20

happy valentine’s day. remember to take some time for yourself today! this morning i let myself sleep in until 9:30, and now i am outside at my favorite coffee shop soaking up the sun, eating some yummy food and studying. (i am so happy to see the sun, it makes everything better.)

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This is honestly so heart wrenching nerve racking…

My supervisors are busy having a meeting regarding the future of my project and I’m not allowed in yet, and all I can do is sit and stress and feel so damn bad…feeling like I let them down…not taking it where they envisioned the project to go…

Not a great Friday for me…

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thursday | 2.13.20

today I had classes from 10 to 3, spent some time decompressing until 4, now we’re back at it. i’m very ready for a nap but there are things that need to be done and i am proud of myself for prioritizing them. I’m listening to my favorite lofi playlist, having some water and food, might make myself a tea. time to crank out some art history research.

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To complete my thesis application last year during my semester abroad, I had to spend a lot of time staring a my transcript (counting credits, calculating different GPAs, etc., etc.,). In doing so, I realized something… I was half way to a minor in the Study of Women and Gender department! So, after double checking the requirements and making sure that I was definitely done with my major, I returned to campus and declared a minor in my second to last semester at Smith.

This time last year, I had taken three classes towards the minor: SWG 150 (the intro class), Postcolonial Women Writers in the English department, and the Sociology of Sexuality. In order to finish it, I needed to take a class on race and gender, a seminar, and another elective to hit all 6 requirements. After taking White Supremacy in the Age of Trump with Loretta Ross (!!!) last semester, I am now taking a seminar called Memoir Writing and a colloquium called Reproductive Justice, both in the SWG department.

The ability to have a double major or minor was a big reason why I wanted to study in the US and at Smith specifically, so I’m really glad that I’ll be able to graduate with more than one field on my diploma. I’m grateful that I was able to explore my interests and end up in two fields that reflect the work I have enjoyed most at Smith.

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I’m a writing consultant for a top-tier university and can’t tell you how many students I’ve shocked with the suggestion that they use first person in their academic papers. They’re always dodging and weaving with the third person or - god help me - second person to avoid claiming their own arguments even WHEN IT IS AN ARGUMENTATIVE PAPER. It’s happened so often that I can’t help but wonder if it speaks to some larger problem with academics. As though students believe they haven’t earned the right to claim their own voice, and in so doing they have to hide behind ‘we’s’ and ‘you’s’ because how dare they say something outright and open. The divide between what academics is meant to do (teach self-autonomy and independent thought) and what it has become is frightening. If we don’t encourage students to use their own voice within the security of education, then what the hell is the point?

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