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#ace talks

First is (at least for now) discontinued and here’s why

Ok. First off, it’s not cuz I’m going inactive or anything; I know I haven’t posted new stuff in MONTHS but college and work are tough and I need to do that stuff first!

The reason is that the story is personal to me… sorta. Kinda. Let me explain.

Lots of the pieces that make up and move the story are things I’ve struggled with or still struggled with, except in this setting, I’ve bent it into a very extreme. It feels melodramatic now. In most cases, that would be ok, but because a lot of these pieces are close to me… I don’t know. It just feels weird.

I still want to explore parts of it. It’s therapeutic to put parts of yourself into something and turn it into something positive. I just feel like I can’t right now, because I’m still trying to find the positive in my own life.

Maybe someday I’ll continue it, but for now, it’s hard for some reason.

I’m sorry if it’s a disappointment.

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Hi guys! Just a friendly reminder that I’m fifteen, and even though I do like sharing some of the highlights of my life on here, it doesn’t mean I want to share every personal thing about me! Please don’t assume I’m okay with very personal and sometimes inappropriate questions just because I like talking to you guys :)

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Three random facts about you?

Uhhh alright okay yeah okay

  1. I have seven siblings, two parents, eight chickens, a dog, a leopard gecko and a cat at my house
  2. My little sister calls me Not-Mom because when she was a baby I would babysit her a lot while my mom worked and had to keep reminding her I’m not her actual mom
  3. I learned how to do addition in Roman Numerals
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#when you’re so desperate for David Tennant content that you resort to watching Ducktales and then it ends up being a good show and then your selectively mute five year old brother who rarely interacts with you starts watching with you and cuddling with you and tells you you remind him of Webby because she’s smart and nice and now you want to send Disney a personal letter just to thank them even though you HATE Disney-

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I just found an old monologue I wrote when I was like twelve and questioning my whole life about a lady who’s son dies and she legit just… screams at god for four paragraphs and calls him a coward.

Twelve year old me was metal

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So there’s this huge dudebro in my class, who, yesterday, sat next to me. And I’m sitting there sweating because like… I’m wearing my shirt with the lesbian flag on it, and he’s the most popular jock in school, and always has this look on his face that say ‘I can and will kill you’. He looks me up and down, stares at me for a minute and then goes, “So. Girls in skirts and long socks, am I right?”

To which I nodded solemnly, both out of agreement, surprise and also a healthy amount of awkward fear. He nodded and went, “You get it.”

I said, “Yep.” He fistbumped me, and on went our lives.

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Genie: What are your three wishes?

Me: I wish I was pretty

Genie: ✨Granted✨

Me: Nothing happened?

Genie: Exactly!

Me: Awwwwwww




Me: Okay but like do I still have all three wishes because that one literally did nothing-

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