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#achievement hunter

I love overtime rumble because Michael is always saddled with a teammate who will constantly fuck things up for the team.

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How does Edgar fit into the FAHC world?

Because I refuse to believe he just isn’t part of it. Is edgar the name of a cat or dog or something? Does Ryan have a stuffed animal? Or does he just have a cow in one of his many facilities? There’s definitely enough room and unexplored hallways. I don’t think the 2x2 hole would translate well to GTA because it feels a lot more real, so is the hole a room? Is it empty or suited out with staff awaiting Edgar’s every need 24/7? There’s got to be a window in the ceiling connected to one of his personal rooms so he can watch his prized pet whenever he wants. I’d love to hear your thoughts this is such a funny thing I just thought of

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【I mean, Kelly was considered a cold-blooded killer, but he was loved, ‘cause he was really like, a focal point of the resistance of the Irish-Australian immigrants.】

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