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#acrylic painting

The Boatman (January 2020) WIP. I had mixed too much maroon for a different painting, so I used the excess to paint the entire canvas because I didn’t want to waste it. When I visited my boyfriend he showed me a song he had written about Charon, which was based on a short story about Charon that he had written in high school. I was still trying to decide what I’d use the canvas for so I decided to paint a scene along the river Styx. 

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The artwork revolves around the concept of change, healing, and standing up again after your feelings and circumstances in life tears at you in repetitive cycles. It’s about standing strong, planting your feet on the ground and breaking out of your protective shell to try and challenge life once more, so you wipe away your tears and unravel your bandages to reveal your scars, no longer afraid to show the world how vulnerable and hurt you have been.

The brilliant blues of the butterflies surrounding the subject is the morpho itself, an iridescent butterfly native to the Central and South American forests. They are illustrated to show change, metamorphosis, the renewal of being. The bandages and the scars, the tears along her eyes dancing against the wind are signs of hurt and pain, and her wiping them away is a testament to courage. The bright monarch butterfly on her left temple is a symbolism for hope and transformation.

The piece is meant to give hope to those who suffer from wounds of the past and the old. To remind people that change is not always horrific and something to avoid, and no matter how much you fall to your knees before the hardships of living, standing up again would be anything but fruitless—no matter what happens, it will all be worth it in the end, so one must
keep their eyes forward, and stand up again.

Actualized painting of the Morpho digi color study   °˖✧ (*´︶`*) ✧˖°

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A painting of a selfie of the first time me and Anndi met! 10 x 10 cm, acrylic on canvas

[Image: painting of two people from the shoulders up. The person on the left is brown and has black hair and is wearing a cap, sunglasses, and green ear defenders. The person on the left is white and has light brown hair and is warring a stripey button up shirt, light green ear defenders, and has gold sparkles on his cheeks. In the background is grass and a building and two dumpsters.]

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1800s lesbian moodboard


~Nowa bransoletka, 1883, Henryk Siemiradzki

~La Fiancée hésitante, 1866, Auguste Toulmouche

~A Roman Holiday, 1889, Frank Markham Skipworth

~Rosalind & Celia from Shakespeare’s As You Like It, 1862, W. Thomas

~Fin de Journee, en Provence, 1890, Théophile Henri Mayan

~The Favourite Poet, 1888, Lawrence Alma–Tadema

~A Thorn Amidst the Roses, 1887, James Sant

~Dolce far Niente, 1882, Charles Edward Perugini

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