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Collateral (2004)

Director: Michael Mann

Someday? Someday my dream will come true? One night you will wake up and discover it never happened. It’s all turned around on you. It never will. Suddenly you are old. It never happened, and it never will, because you were never going to do it anyway. You’ll push it into memory and then zone out in your barco lounger, being hypnotized by daytime TV for the rest of your life. Don’t talk to me about murder. All it ever took was a down payment on a Lincoln town car. That girl, you can’t even call that girl. What the fuck are you still doing driving a cab?


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For every action, thought, or deed, make sure that it aligns with these two universal goals:
1.Will I have a healthy, conscious body when the soul detaches from this body and death happens?
2.Will I be having a pleasant memory and a feeling of love for others during the time of death, based on all the interactions I had with other human beings and nature?
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Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn (1983) - trailer

On a desert planet, warlord Jared-Syn is trying to convince a tribe of mutants that he’s their messiah and gain unlimited power hidden in a crystal. Ranger Dogen and explorer Dhyana, who’s father was murdered by Syn, must stop him.

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Wow, this movie is incredibly racist from beginning to end, Indiana Jones crossed the line from “jaded” to “just an asshole”, and both the female lead and the Asian sidekick are useless caricatures and I hate them. It’s not even good in terms of raw action, because all of the stunts are boring and predictable, so there’s literally no reason to watch this.

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Are you worried about not being worried, looking at situations that used to freak you out and realizing you are not bothered? Glad you noticed, but move on. It’s great. There’s nothing wrong with you. You made progress.

Are you bummed out because people can be so crappy and it seems like consequences don’t exist for them? The whole situation is demoralizing, but being a sad, stuck lump of ooze will not remedy anything. Turn your words, thoughts and emotions into focused action.

Are you feeling like you hit a plateau and are no longer moving forward (with weight loss, starting your business, writing a book, pushing the toxic out of your life)? Evaluate and reset. When you first start moving, momentum carries you forward. You have reached the stage where your hard work on the initial push paid off and now you need a new strategy to keep going and climb over the wall.

Are you bone tired all the time? After you rule out the medical, look to your routines. Make sure you are really and truly taking care of you, mind, body and spirit, which looks different for each person. One size fits all does not apply.

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Not the Van!: A“Bad Boys for Life” Review

    During recent years, there have been some complaints about reboots. While there were some that have flopped in the past, there were some that have done pretty well. This story is not exception.

    “Bad Boys for Life” resumes with our two main leads, almost twenty years later after the second one. Our main leads are back to take down a drug cartel along with the help of new characters.

    This film does very well by keeping the same elements of the franchise. Those elements are the witty humor, huge explosions, and hyped up color visuals.

    Both of our leading actors did pretty good with going back to their character’s personas. While watching the film, it felt like as if they did a well re-fitting of the characters.

    In conclusion, “Bad Boys for Life” is a great addition to the franchise as I can recommend this for fans it, newcomers to it, and those that binge on comedy.

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