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something we realised yesterday as we were talking with our chosen family - if you want to change society, you can’t do it only in groups with narrowly defined boundaries. It’s best to work together with anyone who has the same or largely overlapping goals, even if they’re different from you in some ways. Build broad, diverse movements!

Then have smaller rooms within those movements that are safer spaces or empowering spaces for more specific groups. Spaces that can (and often should) have more narrowly defined boundaries and criteria for who gets to be part of it based on their identity or experiences. Spaces for meeting others like you, for self-help processes, for empowerment, for education, for safety, to just get a break from a mainstream culture that discriminates or ignores you. Define who should be allowed in and what kind of content and behaviour is welcome or not (safer space - for whom? safety from what? safety to do what?).

And for some people and some purposes, these safer spaces are all you need or want.

But for having movements that change society, more diversity, openness and the support of allies/accomplices/supporters is necessary. In this context trying to define who gets to be a part of it based on their identity (as opposed to their goals or tactics) is really detrimental! Of course, people who are directly affected by oppression versus supporters have different roles to play, but we all have roles to play if we fight for overlapping goals. 

Which of course isn’t to say that movements should ever be unsafe for anyone based on their identity or any other reason, especially not those who founded the movement! Fake allies or destructive participants in movements who make others unsafe, exploit or abuse them or constantly derail their efforts should be excluded, based on behaviour that goes against stated goals, agreements or tactics - not identity.

Of course within these broader movements there can - and should! - be groups for specific identities who do activism and fight for societal change. But movements are made up or a lot of groups and people. And movements must also have some room for people to organize around goals and not identity, because there are always people who are unclear about their own identity, whose identity is more complex, or who don’t want to be defined by it, or who define it on other terms or use other concepts to define it (cultural vs religious for example, or medical vs social model, etc), or who don’t want to/can’t disclose it, or who are not accepted by any group based on their identity - they should have ways to be part of the movements if they support the goals! And any movement also needs supporters/accomplices who aren’t affected due to their identity but who support the same goals.

tl;dr: Define safer/empowering spaces based on the identity of ppl welcome there, define movements to change society based on what goals we struggle for (kick out destructive or abusive ppl either way)

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Grey Academia is reducing student food insecurity

- food pantries

- community vegetable gardens for free harvest

- always having food on you

- rallying for free and reduced lunch

- paying off and campaigning to waive lunch debts

- acknowledging that food insecurity isn’t always visible and supporting those who need it no matter the outside context

- nourishing cooking practices and workshops

- reducing food waste

Your studenthood is political. Your presence in an educational system is political. That can be a burden, but it can be shifted into an immense power. Your friends are hungry. Your peers are hungry. Students above and below you in experience may not know how they’ll eat with certainty. No matter where you are in the picture, stand up.

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exactly one week away from my one year anniversary of arriving in new york, i was walking to trader joes with a friend, and a white man with a silver violin came in close and whispered “chink.” before we could react, he was gone in the union square crowd. 

i wish he had the fucking guts to say it out loud. But what would’ve i done if he did?

four months into my stay in new york, two black men at the construction site two steps away from my dorm would yell profanities and racially charged words at me when i walked by, pulling at the corners of their eyes and bowing. this continued for months. 

i stayed silent.

i was in a walgreens with my roommate one month ago, when the cashier pointed at us and said “wait, i know what you are. japanese and korean.” 

we laughed with him and said we were both chinese. 

i dress myself in american clothes, traded my hair sticks for claw clips, traded tea for coffee, miss the feeling of chinese on my tongue like a physical ache, and no matter how perfect the english i speak is, its the shape of my eyes and color of my hair and warm tint of my skin that will never make me feel welcome in this city. 

i know what it feels like to be treated as an asain american. i pass as one. but its the pain of knowing this while they don’t know im a first-generation immigrant that utterly destroys my hope to assimilate, and even more so for my fellow immigrants that speak with an accent and surround themselves with their own kind. 

so if im going to be treated like a chink, i might as well start acting like one. 

im done with assimilating.

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OK, real talk.

I’ve been working hard in the last few months to try to accept my life and my disability for what it is and integrate it into my life instead of pushing it away. I’ve been trying to, you know, be friends with it.

But damn, every time I see someone jogging or running on TV or in person — that’s one of the only times I feel jealous of ableds. I wish I could run.

For the record, I can’t even try because I’m a full-time wheelchair user. But I know that if I was even the least bit ambulatory, I would probably be an early morning runner, or as close to it as I could get.


I feel super shitty for admitting it, but yeah.


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Saying that climate change is real and something needs to change is great, thanks for spreading the word. Now we need to ACT by saying NO to plastics, thrift shopping, recycling, donating money to the cause, rallying for people who are fighting for climate change, planting trees or anything else really that you can physically do to help our environment.

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I’m so glad that tumblr has been an impromptu place for people with microidentities to explore and find new terms and make stuff if there isn’t anything they like and it’s so comforting to see lesser known identities like GNC trans men and women get visible representation when I didn’t know about anything but lesbians and gay men before I joined this website

Visibility of marginalized groups is something, I think, that Tumblr has played a huge role in and I don’t know what comes next but I hope people keep getting access to this kind of information long into the future because like

Sometimes I forget that history is happening right as we speak but it’s never more obvious than right at this moment in between social media transitions and the presidential election … I remember this website when Obama was elected the first time. Now gay marriage is legal in the United States, and so many things have happened- both good and bad- that it’s hard to really predict where things are gonna go from here. But I hope since I had zero clue that it would be legal to marry someone of the same gender in the entirety of the United States that means good things can happen too because why the fuck not? We deserve them, universe

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“The only way that you become aware of the enemy is you have to have your eyes wide open, you know. And having your eyes wide open also requires you to have a certain amount of self awareness to where you can see things that are not of your likeness, that are not of God, that are evil and I feel like once you get that type of awareness, I feel like those things start to surface themselves because you will always be able to address things that are not of the likeness of you or of the likeness of good if you have become aware of what good is and what that brings about in your life. Once we become aware of those evils and those things that are against us and those oppressions, I feel like you’re able to strategize, and strategize against those things that are against you.” La Speaks Volumes |Poet|Author|Educator.

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