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‪"The world speaks about the survival of fittest, but God gives power to the faint and he gives might to those who have no strength.“

Alan Redpath //cool quote

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The Hill I Die On

“The fuck!” you say, “How can it be

“that sluts like you won’t fuck with me?

“I’m a nice guy, a real man

“You’re just too stupid to understand

“That Captain Marvel’s a shitty flick,

“Jameela Jamil’s an ugly chick,

“and Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

“is worse than Trump flying off the handle!

“You’re so ugly, you basic whore,

“that I’d only fuck you through your back door.”

I purse my lips and roll my eyes

I used to be so fucking nice

But that shit died when chivalry did

So I stick my finger up. “Die mad, bitch.”

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she was not born to raise you,

she was not born to take care of you,

she was not born to pick up your slack emotionally,

she was not born to be your cook,

most importantly,

she was not born to serve you physically, mentally, or emotionally.

-a daughter who is tired of performing emotional labor for her father

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Ian McKellen makes me happy because he’s a gay who Made It and I aspire to be that way 

like imagine living that long through that much and coming out a successful and awesomely skillful actor with a great career. Imagine still being an activist working hard with the community at 80. What a legend

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3 years ago I made the decision to begin hormone replacement therapy. And as a woman of color, it was a difficult thing for me to push through. I lost a lot of family and close friends. I felt like I lost a huge part of my culture for going against the Catholicism that’s engraved in my Mexican roots. Although, It was extremely lonely and difficult, I was lucky enough to surround myself amazing people who supported me when things got extremely difficult. It’s been 3 years, and I’ve never been happier.

I recently started a podcast with another trans woman and I thought I’d share it here. We talk about a lot of our experiences and I truly believe it could help so many who have gone through similar situations/ those who may be struggling. No pressure, but if you’re want to listen, I’ll leave it here. 💜💙❕

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#Lee Feminismo
En “Vivir una vida feminista” Sara Ahmed muestra cómo la teoría feminista se genera a partir de la vida cotidiana y las experiencias ordinarias de ser feminista. En este texto, Ahmed busca hacer una intervención sobre el feminismo académico, al tiempo que tiene un pie fuera de la academia tras su dimisión de Goldsmith College en 2016. Siguiendo el legado feminista negro, ofrece una reflexión poética y personal crítica con el distanciamiento del mundo que se critica, nos llama a nombrar y fijarnos en los problemas, como por ejemplo el acoso sexual, y dar un chasquido feminista que nos guíe en la transformación de este mundo. Tras hacer una fenomenología queer, cuestionar las miradas reduccionistas del “hogar”, cuestionar y derribar “lo postrracial”, y renegar de la “felicidad” como forma de monitorizar y controlar el sexo y el género, Ahmed incorpora toda esta experiencia en un libro que señala y reivindica el papel de la feminista aguafiestas. Nos llama a inventar soluciones creativas, como crear sistemas de apoyo que nos ayuden a sobrevivir a las experiencias devastadoras del racismo y sexismo. Incluye un kit de supervivencia aguafiestas y un manifiesto aguafiestas, que cierran su propuesta y que nos ofrecen herramientas prácticas para vivir una vida feminista, fortaleciendo los lazos entre la teoría feminista y vivir una vida feminista.

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The Alt-Right has a new plan: to make the hashtag fascist.

Trigger Warning: F-slur, Nazi imagery

On 8chan, one of the most prominent websites for fascist and racist rhetoric and discussion (think 4Chan but worse), the alt-right is planning to make the hashtag symbol ubiquitous with fascism.

A similar situation happened with the OK symbol being rebranded by white supremacists as the “white power” symbol. But the implications of this are much more sinister, as the hashtag is a symbol used on many social media sites, most notably Twitter.

If you see anyone calling the hashtag fascist, even if they say they’re antifascist, they are either a misguided leftist or somebody posing as leftists.

Please spread the word.

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i just had this sudden urge to cry bc of capitalism and how our society is wired. its just so.. if you just realise, everything we could to better, with so little effort? im so sad. we are not supposed to live like this. not everything should be about numbers. and money. and grades. and time. and our weight. and age. and beauty. we should make art and sing and dance bc its what we, as a human race, do. not bc we profit from it? we should live in small communities. no war. no bombs. no guns. no pain and suffering. a world where people feel safe and we live in peace with animals. we grow our own vegetables and fruit and don’t overproduce food filled with chemicals. we save the bees. we thrive as a human race. I’m crying. im so sad. 

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Heads up: people use tumblr for escape as much as others use it for activism.

So if some people are only posting positivity, “everyone is valid” posts, etc. fucking let them. They’re not harming anyone. They’re just trying to be happy for some amount of time in this fucking hell hole of a society we live in right now.

I promise you that they know what’s happening in the world. I promise you that if they are affected by it then they are concerned.

Just let people do things that provide them happiness.

Also stop calling people who are just spreading positivity “tucutes”. It’s rude, and you don’t know why people are spreading positivity instead of the harsh reality of the world.

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Just venting here. I’m so fucking tired of self-flagellating leftist Asians. The whole “oh we’re so terrible,” “why are we so bad,” bullshit. I saw a bunch of it on Twitter the other day and couldn’t say anything about even though I really wanted to lay into those people.


1. It’s unrealistic. Asians aren’t that bad, we’re just flawed human beings like everyone else. A few fuckheads like Michelle Malkin or Dinesh D’Souza or Ian Miles Cheong suck up a lot of oxygen because white people love them, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept them as our unelected figureheads. Every time you overemphasize those people and underemphasize the good ones, you’re making the problem worse.

2. It’s guilt-ridden. And guilt is always useless and toxic if it doesn’t produce change. Asian guilt can become just as toxic as white guilt, in fact it’s more toxic to other Asians, especially young ones growing up in the diaspora who desperately need positive role models who fight their internalized racism and don’t engage in white-worship. If you have truly constructive criticism of your local or remote community, great! Put it out there! Let’s act on it! But if it’s just useless “why oh why can’t we live up to some impossible standard I guess it’s cause we’re terrible and we’ll never get better” don’t lay it on other people who have worked through any guilt and are actually out there trying to do the work.

3. It’s fetishistic. Most of the non-Black Asians doing this kind of self-flagellation fetishize Blackness in a disturbing way. “We are weak and should be more radical and strong, like Black people” is their unstated assumption, but that conceptualize Blackness as an absence, as something in opposition to whiteness. So in seeking to attack the pervasive problem of Asian anti-Blackness, they’re actually just reaffirming it through self-flagellation. And it actively undermines the people doing real concrete work to address anti-Blackness (like “The Letter”).

4. It’s stupidly binary. “All we care about is representation, we don’t do any real political stuff—” Which goes back to point number one. Asians are shallow because human beings, on the whole, are shallow. Fucking deal with it! Because it’s never going to change! YOU might not care about pop culture, but most people do. That’s why it’s “popular”. And just because someone cares about having an Asian actor in a popular movie doesn’t mean they can’t also care about, say, Black maternal death rates, or SE Asian deportations, or climate change, or abolishing prisons. 

5. It’s narcissistic. The assumption is that you’re one of the “good Asians” the more you chide the bad ones and talk about how other Asians are hopeless. A lot of white leftists engage in this holier-than-thou elitist shit, and it’s the worst kind of example for Asian leftists to follow. Any politics that isn’t grounded in faith in the people is pointless and elitist. It seems like a lot of activists who are Asian don’t even like or respect other Asian people and wish they were anything BUT Asian, and that’s just sad.

If you’re doing this, stop it. If you see your friends or family doing this, tell them to stop it. Please.

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