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“I have to choose. There’s no time to hesitate”.

— Levi Ackerman


This is the new kind of edit I’ve decided to do (manga coloring) and this will be under a separate section from the other photo edits in the Master Post.

The previous edit (the first new styled) is here.

Feel free to ask me stuff or request a photo edit (For the edits, they may take up to a week depending on my schedule but I’ll try to post them within two days)

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I watched new episode. I have already read manga, so I couldn’t care less about plot, but what amazed me is that they used the scene from a choice with no regrets, when Erwin was talking about “fooling everyone”… So he basically fooled Levi into thinking he is someone who thinks only about humanity and now he acknowledged that.

You know, when I first watched ACWNR I had headcanon that deep inside Levi can’t forgive Erwin. And I actually would like to see what Levi feels about Erwin right now. He saw Erwin as he is. I think that nobody have seen Erwin like that. So Levi is basically the very close person to him, but at the same time he is the one who got his friends and comrades die for Erwin’s own selfish reasons.

I can’t believe that Levi’s feeling towards Erwin isn’t conflicting right now. And what is most important, he won’t tell truth to anybody cause that will break people’s fighting spirit.

I like Levi as a charachter so much. This post is kind of messed up cause I am so excited and sleepy (it’s 10 p.m. in our country)

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levifar singer au where levi’s a singer and collabed with comedian farlan,,,,,,,,,,, who he had to teach how to sing and dance
“my bad” is a song about farlan’s struggle w being accepted by his parents as well as the struggles of so many other lgbt kids.
instagram: lord_momi
DO NOT REPOST WITHOUT CREDIT! THIS ART BELONGS TO ME! credit me with @lord_momi or @trashi_momi

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