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@tonya-the-chicken asked me if i’d watched acwnr, and the short answer…is yes. 😏 thank you for the request, tonya! 

(ps: pose isn’t mine, it belongs to @winterfall_B19 on twitter!)

click for better quality ♡

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Anon about the YT comment. It was found in RT TV's react video "WE COULDN'T CHOOSE!". Its a few scrolls down in the comment thread by Kriter Max. A small thread on the discussion that brings up ACWNR.

I looked for the video you mentioned and found it here.  I’m slightly bemused by reaction vids, because I tend envisage anime fans as being fujos fangirls like me.  Seeing a bunch of dudes screaming about SnK is kinda weird for me XD  I scrolled down to the comments about ACWNR and there’s certainly a valid point there.  However I also had the misfortune to read some of the other comments, which gave me war flashbacks to the Serum Bowl, so I had to back button the hell out of there before I got too ragey :}

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I was going through youtube comments about the serum bowl. Someone mentioned a parallel with Erwin and Levi. In ACWNR, Levi mentions he'll be the one to kill Erwin. In Perfect Game, he makes the decision for Erwin to die. But the tables turned, instead out of rage, it was out of respect and honor. I'm pretty sure there's been discussions on this already, but damn. It really hits a spot and reflects how strange the world ties everything together.

Oh yes, the irony of this hasn’t been lost on the fandom.   At the beginning of ACWNR Levi sets out to kill Erwin out of arrogance and anger, but in the Return to Shiganshina arc he is the one that chooses to let Erwin die out of love and compassion.  It’s tragic, but it speaks volumes about the arc of their relationship. 


There’s another heartbreaking parallel between ACWNR and Erwin and Levi’s later relationship that I’ve seen less discussion about, and it’s this; when Isabel and Farlan argue with Levi, after he tells them that he intends to go off to kill Erwin alone, he manages to convince them his plan is for the best, and Isabel eventually agrees to trust his judgement, which of course echoes Levi’s own words to Erwin at several points later in the manga.  Sadly the consequences are very different. 

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