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HILARIOUS! OLORI EBI ticks the boxes in delivering comedy! With these characters you cannot go wrong..🤣🤣🤣 we enjoyed watching this… check it out if you are in the mood to laugh… TGIF…
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OLORIEBI Now Showing on LibraTv

Reposted from @lala_dapo OLORIEBI is a satirical story, 100% Comedy with good lessons. Is coming out on YouTube via libratv on the 20th of February 2020. Produced by my humbleself. Please, show some love and repost.
@okunnu_1 @ronkeoshodioke @mznonetwork
Writer/Director/Producer: @lala_dapo
Production manager:  @solankezaedbabafemi
DOP: @official_lekan_bature
Second Unit Cam… @omoiyahanna
Continuity: @segunogunsanya01
Location manager: @amokeoja1 
Set design: @adelekeadewale_set
Makeup: @tolulope.oloko
Editor: @adebayoridwanmediasoul
Dialogue Director: @brainfieldmovies
Sound: @kowisound19
Gaffer : @zholarmediafilmworks
Photography by:
@bifstudios @callmeabidemi - #libratvee #libratv

Hundreds of Nollywood movies reviewed on our website! Hundreds of Actors and Actresses! It’s all about the best in Nollywood!

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#newmovie #instanews #newfilm #nollywoodtotheworld
#nollywoodmoviereview (at London, United Kingdom)

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I’m Jojo!! I’m from the United States and I’m currently 16.

I’m a native English speaker so I’m willing to attempt to help anyone learning it. I speak a bit of Spanish and German from my childhood and I would love to learn more.

I love video games. I haven’t played much recently to be honest. I play mainly games like RDR and Resident Evil. Zombie Army Trilogy remains one of my favorites.

I’m interested in ghost hunting and anything paranormal. I plan to ghost hunting sometime in the future. I’m terrified of aliens, though I’m not sure why. I like slasher/horror films along with war movies.

I have a major interest in criminal history. It’s one of my favorite topics of discussion. I like to read as well. I haven’t decided if I have a specific genre I like but novels like The Kite Runner and Slaughterhouse-Five are what I enjoy. I love anime too— Devilman and Hellsing are my personal favorites.

I’m comfortable with basically anyone. I’m open to any views and opinions.

Snail mail and just an internet friend would be cool. Emails are fine too!!


Tumblr: @xx-j-o-j-o-xx (I’m not active much tbh)


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RepostBy @elephant.__.lover: “Dok Rak….I watch this and I see a little elephant totally loved by his family. By watching the grown ups he learns. The log here is sooooo big for him, but he tries and he gets over it! I can jump logs! 🐘Family. Its so important for us all to learn from them. Elephants are no different. Dok Rak will never know what’s it’s like to lose his mother or his family. This is for life. There is no Crush, there is no bull hooks, no chains, no tethers, no saddles and no rides. Dok Rak will remain free. I love Dok Rak and for what he stands for. Elephants in sanctuary life. Please choose carefully when you are a tourist and not support animals in entertainment and elephant rides. It’s not cool, it’s crool. ‘tcool! FOOTNOTE: that’s Lek Chailert in the foreground watching her babies. @elephantnaturepark
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#amboseli #african_portraits #safari #worthmorealive #kenya #wildlifephotography #elephants #wildaid #africa #elephantlove #savetheelephants” (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

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