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#akashi seijurou

When Akashi gets a new shirt

And quickly thinking of an idea for a Couple Shirt.

(I will make a part 2 once I have new faceplates for Furihata. Now I only have the shocked one 😂😂)

I really need to make a proper photoshoot for those two 😭

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I didn’t really feel inspired with anything, but @fallwiththesun wanted me to do a continuation of the Akashi piece and I did want to do that already :D


Originally posted by redxblueihateloveyou

Ever since that moment, it had only gotten worse.

You had started visiting every one of his basketball training sessions, doing school work to pass the time. It wasn’t awful, but the stress of being forced and the heavy stares he shot your way every now and again made the entire ordeal feel so exhausting. Every night you had trouble falling asleep, his gazes and words replaying in your head.

You were brought home after the training every evening in an expensive car with Akashi sitting next to you, engaging in conversation that felt faker than it ever had. Despite your obvious discomfort, he kept a good mood, smiling every time the two of you made eye contact.

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Can I ask for a yandere Akashi Seijuro? Thank you!

ye hope you like this :D


Originally posted by shotous

Akashi was the king of Rakuzan, both in social standing and influence over the actual school. Girls adored him and boys feared him. Everyone knew he had connections in quite high places due to his family so going against him was risking your place in Rakuzan.

A teacher that had complained to the board about Akashi’s controlling behaviour in class and in the basketball team had been fired within days. The official statement being that he had performed insufficiently as a teacher, but rumours surrounding the incident were all pointed at Akashi’s influence.

Students he didn’t like changed classes, or even schools depending on the level of dislike. Social excommunication was not uncommon. It happened frequently to people that had made the mistake of acting too familiar or insulting him. People in hallways generally avoided his gaze, and only those in the basketball team he was captain in dared to address him casually.

Safe to say, catching the negative attention of Akashi could have disastrous results for your future. 

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Hi! For the matchups I’m a ENFJ gay boy who’s hobbies include writing, traveling, being involved in my school’s mock government & model un programs alongside just studying (most my classes are honors/AP ones). I enjoy traveling & trying new foods along with music & having random discusses/debates on random topics. Lol idr all that I need to send in & I’m bad at describing myself but people tell me I’m funny, caring, easy to talk to, trusting (everyone says I have a trusting vibe haha). [PT 1]

I also enjoy to cook & try new things. Oh & I enjoy playing basketball & volleyball. I struggle with ocd, depression, & anxiety but I’m doing my best to work through it all. Oh I’m also very witty & tend to work a lot. I enjoy socializing but also enjoy having “me time” & my own personal space. I’m also a Virgo lol. The anime I’d like for this match up is KNB (& my gender preference is male if I haven’t already stated that). I believe that’s everything, but message me if I missed anything.[PT 2]


I ship you with Akashi Seijuro of Rakuzan! You and Akashi would get along so well because the both of you have a sense of balance in your lives, not to mention you’re both super smart and focused on success. You and Akashi are literally peas in a pod, and it’s unheard of that you two had a fight; Akashi is super diplomatic in your relationship and always takes your feelings into account when making decisions involving the both of you. He often surprises you with impromptu weekend getaways or an outing to a new/interesting restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. The best thing about having Sei as a boyfriend is that he will support you in everything that you do and help you achieve your dreams. If you have to practice for debate club, he’ll have a friendly (okay, sometimes it’s not so friendly because Akashi is a competitive boi) little debate to warm you up or get your ideas flowing and your thoughts articulated. Akashi loves your humor and easy going nature because he doesn’t have many people in his life that can cheer him up and relax him like you can, so he plans on keeping you around for a long long time.


Originally posted by xoxomyseriesxoxo

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Pairings: Akashi Seijurou x Reader

Summary: Being an Akashi comes with a responsibility and being his significant other means helping to ease that burden

Warnings: None

A/N: This was written like a long time ago… I want to cringe at this :’)

Piles and piles of work stacked on his desk. As each day pass, the possibility of squeezing some time to even breathe have started to diminish. Endless hours have been poured into each and every paper he filled, every plan he formed and it was nothing below impeccable.
Nothing less was to be expected of this red-headed president.

He was proclaimed the emperor, the feared captain and the perfect man in all kinds of way. But to those keen eyes, it was obvious that all his countless commitments have started to etiolate him. However, he cannot break. He was not allowed to. This was not a matter of pride and reputation. No, it was about the respect and responsibilities he was thrust upon. Even if it means no sleep and his health deteriorating, even if it means he has to put a cracked facade to cover up the complications that lie below, he cannot shatter. Even if he tears himself wholly on the inside -

“Sei?” Her whisper so melodious and her existence being the fresh air he didn’t know he needed until that moment. He’d rather hear her ramble about her day than being caged in his spacious study.

“Here’s some tea I made,” straight to the point was she. After placing the fine China set on the corner of his desk with a clutter, she made her way to his chair. Her nimble fingers planted themselves on his shoulder, pushing and pulling at all the knots before her arms relaxed around his neck. Her head was buried in his neck and shoulder juncture, her scent overwhelming him in the most pleasurable way.

He hummed in satisfaction. Every tense muscle loosens automatically. He did not need pride and reputation. Nor did he need jewels and wealth. All he needed is her.

For she is the sun while he was merely the moon.

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platonic kise/akashi + 48 (…out of habit.)

Ryouta wasn’t exactly a spoiled child. Sure, his parents never mistreated him, but they weren’t the kind to dot on their children. That caused the eldest Kise sibling to leave the house as soon as she finished high school. She had always been a rebel, much like Ryouta himself. Noriko, however, was much more nurturing and patient, kind and comprehensive. She was the one to calm things down when her older sister snapped and the one to put a stop to her younger brother’s whims. 

Ryouta loved Noriko more than anything else in the world.

He was a restless little boy, always running around and exploring… and getting hurt. Noriko would always patch him up when he came home with tears in his eyes and scrapes on his knees. 

“Thank you, big sis,” he would always say. 

“No, no, no thank you,” she’d always reply. “Pay up.” And she’d tap on her cheek with her index finger until Ryouta giggled and paid her with a soft kiss.

When Noriko was offered a modeling job overseas, Ryouta was happy for her. He was no longer the little boy that would come home crying (not often, at least, and not over scraped knees), so he forced a smile and cheered her on. She deserved to be happy, after all. 

That doesn’t mean he didn’t miss her.

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heya! could i please have scenarios of oikawa, akashi, iwaizumi and kise as older brothers please! thank you!

My ask box is literally ridden with nothing but nsfw asks, but this saintly, heaven sent ask popped up and is gonna wipe my smut record clean, if only for a hot minute.

“What’s his name?!” Your head rolled to the side and your bored eyes landed on your older brother. His voice dripped with offense and his face matched it in disgust. 
You were simply looking at your phone, checking your snapchat, when your crush had sent you a cute snap of their selfie, with a caption “How’s your day going, _______?”
You sighed. “What are you talking about, Tooru-chi”.
“You’re smiling at your phone! And-and-and not just any smile!” He had risen out of his seat at the kitchen table by now, stomping over in his alien-clad pants, cereal bowl in hand. “I’ve been running a volleyball team filled with teens for a while now and I know a dopey, love-strucked smile when I see one!”

“Oh, like when you see Iwa-chan?” You snickered.

“Oh haha, you’re so funny! But seriously, who’s texting you? Or snap-per-chatting you?! Is it that classmate of yours you like? From english?”

“For your information, you nosey bozo, it is! And they asked me if I wanted to get ice-cream later!”

Your brother’s pout on his lip quickly flipped as his eyes began to sparkle with excitement. 

“A date?! Let me help you pick out what to wear!” He scrambled to get up, drinking the last of the milk straight from the bowl and running to your room. “Hurry up and tell them yes so we can start getting you ready! Your dating lessons from the one and only Oikawa Tooru starts now!”

“I want this date to go well, Tooru! Not end my dating life before it even begins!”


A mansion. A mansion is what you owned, and even with the unfathomable square footage, you still couldn’t get some damn alone time.

“I know you’re there, Sei. Stop spying on me.” You muttered, legs dangling off the tiles and dipping into the outdoor fountain. The navy blue, star-lite sky was the background to the neon blue arising from the flowing water. It danced on the walls, the fountain, and on your face, hiding the fact that tears were running down.

“I’m only spying because I know you are not well.” He stated simply, coming to sit beside you after rolling up his pajama bottoms. “You’ve been extremely stressed out lately, even with how flourishing your department is. I thought you might want an outlet to talk to, me being your business partner.”

You stared at the dancing water. Squinting your eyes.

“I’m your sibling, Sei. Sibling before business partner.” You could feel your older brother’s eyes on you after your statement. “Ever since I’ve been old enough and qualified enough to run my own department, i-it’s like the family dynamic is completely gone. We never have dinner at the same table anymore, we’re all in different countries for holidays, and birthdays come second to milestones in the company. I know my department is flourishing, but it’s beginning to seem so gray. I miss the colour our family was.”

You didn’t realize you were crying until the tear had joined the water below. Your older brother sighed, before re-crossing his legs in the water. The sound breaking the silence.

“I couldn’t agree more with you, and now with you and I both in the business, we have more power together. Let’s make breakfast tomorrow, and discuss what we’d like to change. Not in a meeting room, but our dining room.”

You looked up at him, smiling for the first time in a while. “And watch cartoons on the carpet?”

“While eating our famous chocolate chip Akashi pancakes, yes.”

Family vacation was a highlight to any summer. The cottage was like a second home, with no problems or worries following you, only sounds of the wilderness and the lake awaiting you to jump in. 
But this year, your parents had decided to bring along friends, and leave you and your brother, Iwaizumi alone at home. You both begged to go, insisting you’d even set up a tent, but were denied at the reason of ‘adults only trip’ with a ‘break from the kids’. You were barely kids anymore!

Throwing your book onto your bed, you glanced around. Your room was so boring! White walls, gray carpet, only a brown desk; Where was the colour!? 

“Oi… Haji?” You called, walking into the door frame of his room.

“What’s up?” He responded, pulling his headset off his ear closest to you, eyes still focused on the battle royale game he was playing (Yes, he was playing fortnite). 

“Would you be up for painting my room with me? We can put all my furniture in mom and dad’s room while they’re gone. It’s like the perfect time! My room is so boring and blah, it’s just plain colour!”

After some aggressive clicking on his controller, and deciphering, he looked at you, shrugging.

“I don’t see why not. Move everything you can without me and I’ll be in in 5 minutes to help. This game’s almost over.”

Within minutes, your older brother was helping you move your desk, bed, dresser and anything else into your parents’ room down the hall. 

After driving to the store and picking out the perfect shade of your favourite colour and painting supplies, you began painting the middle of the wall as Iwaizumi lined the top and bottom, and around the windows carefully.

“How impulse was this decision, ______?” Iwaizumi laughed.

“If you didn’t do it with me, I probably was going to ask Oikawa.” You joked back, looking back at your brother in amusement. “Thanks for helping me, though. I appreciate it a lot, Haji.”

“No problem! I’ve got your back any time, little bro/sis.”

After finishing up painting, your older brother held the bag up to you, leading you to reach in and grab the last object that was in it… Christmas lights?

“I snagged them at the store when you were debating what colour. They were on sale, and I figured they’d suit your fancy. Give your room a little extra… extra-ness that you like.” 

Your jaw dropped at the surprise before you hugged him, making the stay-cay renovation week even better!

You rolled your eyes walking into the bathroom. The house sure was a lot more lively when Kise was home from modelling. He’s been gone lately, getting job after job, basketball game after game, and travelling lots for appearances, and now he was home for a month, and the house seemed to balance again. 

“Turn down your music.” You shoved his arm before reaching for your toast that had just popped.

“Heey~ I just got home! You should be nicer to me, you know. I missed you!” He giggled before scraping butter onto his own slice of toast.

“Oh you know what. Since you’re home now,” You offered before opening a cupboard. “Can you make that dip you always make for our chips? I’ve been really missing it.” You laughed at his over-the-top hurt expression.

“Missed the dip more than your lovely older brother? I’m hurt.” He stated before scrolling through his phone. “Yes, I’ll make it. But you gotta help, and you gotta dance.” 

You shrugged, grabbing a large mixing bowl before bobbing your head to the beat. “Don’t you forget the singing!” You added before biting into your toast.

This is what you had missed, you thought to yourself. The random dance parties at late night hours with your older brother while you made the most delicious chip-dip you’ve ever tasted. Ingredients flew all over the place just like the notes coming out of both your mouths did. Spatulas were microphones, stirring sticks were guitars and oven mitts were drums as you and your older brother enjoyed his new playlist he had compiled over visiting all the foreign countries.

“Can we watch Mama Mia?” Kise said, sprawling on the couch.

“Shouldn’t you have more energy as a basketball player? How will you ever be a broadway star if you’re tuckered out after 13 songs?!” You poked fun, dipping your chip and watching it snap in the dip!

“…I’m not even gonna sass you back because the chip did it for me.”

“Don’t laugh at my demise, Kise-chi!!!”

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