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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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i just had to rush out of the kitchen back to my room to laugh because my mom mentioned when there was puke all over our carpet and she still thinks it was my dog …… i got blackout drunk once because i was suicidal and puked all over our livingroom and blamed it on him cos he was sick and old and i THOUGHT my parents didnt genuinely believe that and were just playing along but no. 3 years later. they still think it was the dog

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Swam this morning but husband didn’t want to do leg day this evening as hamstring too sore. Seen as DS was at my mums we had an impromptu date night. Dinner where I did not order alcohol. Go me! Then the cinema to watch Spiderman. I recommend it by the way.

I’m trying to drive everywhere so I cannot drink. I never drank until I got depressed and although it was never excessive it was still more than i would like, plus I think most of my weight gain was from wine.

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Loca, quiereme así, dime que soy perfecta para ti, porque yo quiero a un loco como tú…

Vámonos a donde tu quieras. Lo importante es que me quieras. En este mundo yo quiero ser tu viajera por que te amo de veras…

Me encantan tus anomalías y me gusta ser la reina de tus fantasías, amo verte de noche y al despertar de día.

Me gusta ser la luna y que tu seas el sol, seamos uno mismo como los hielos con el ron…

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“Youcanalwayscrashatmyplaceifyouneedto,” Martin said, forcing the words out of his mouth fast enough that he couldn’t think better of it and offer to call his boss a cab instead.


Martin took a deep breath. “I said, ‘you can always crash at my place if you need to.’” It took all of Martin’s willpower not to close his eyes. Instead, he watched Jon’s face, waiting for the shorter man to make up his mind.

Shout out to @lime-pigeon for the concept!

I’m dreamycastaway over on ao3 also, this fic is posted there under the same title as this post. no links because tumblr doesnt like them i guess

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