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Your Highness VII


A/N: this is short, but I have already written so many future chapters, I just need to write like the middle parts😂 of dear lord help me. Gif: bonniebirdgifscentre | enjoy!


You got dressed, the silk rubbing against your body made you feel like a true queen. Why did they treat you like this? Only a few weeks ago, you were the biggest threat that walked their halls, now you were to be their queen with the finest jewels and fabrics at your disposal. A knock on you door interrupted your tying of the strings on your dress, “who is it?”

You could hear the door creek open a little, “Alfred.”

You smiled, “Come on,” he shuffled forward a little, “can you please tie this?”

“Yea,” you could feel his hands take the long strips away from yours, “they are to have a dinner for the success with the Vikings.”

You hitched your breath, a dinner? “I don’t think I will attend.”

You could feel his hands leave the back of your dress and snake around your waist, his head leaning against your shoulder, “they wish to hold it for you.” For you? They should be holding it for the lives that were taken, celebrate them in hopes some will reach Valhalla, even then, most will end up in Hel. You hands rested on top of his, “How are you?”

You could feel the heavy tears forming in your eyes, “watch your people die by your own doing and tell me how you feel,” you whisper, staring straight as flashbacks of the screams and blood fill your eyes.

The wetness, the spit falling down your hair. It made you wanna scrub your skin clean of the memories, but if would never fully be clean, no matter how hard you try. “Y/N,” he turned you to face him, but all you wanted to do was fall to the ground.

You felt weak, to heavy to even hold yourself up, you tucked your head in his neck, letting out sobs, “I let them die Alfred, they pleaded with me even spit on me, and I just let it happen,” you could feel his hands wrap around you, “I had to watch children, children,” you whisper into his ear.

“Y/N,” you could hear the sympathy in his words, “it is alright, we will be fine.”

“No, no we won’t, everyone says that, but it won’t be fine, we won’t be fine!”

He pulled away from you, lowering to caress your head in his hands, “why don’t we skip the dinner.”

You looked to the ground, “you cannot do that, you are the king.”

He made you look at him, “and you are to be my queen. We can just talk or sleep,” you smiled, which caused him to paint one on himself. “Is that alright?” You nodded your head, “okay, Come on,” he tugged your body towards the bed, moving the furs to help you get comfortable, then he laid down next to you, wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug.

After a while of silence, you broke it, “my brothers will wage a war on Wessex when they hear about this.”

“About what?”

You swallowed hard, “the killings, our marriage, me converting.”

He’s fingers drew pictures on your skin, “let them,” he almost mumbled it, “you are all I need and I’m willing to wait years if that is what it will take to see you happily reign by my side.”

You smiled, turning your body up to look at him, “thank you.”

Though you said thanks, did all your prayers to their god, and was taught every rule in their books, when you were alone, you found yourself breaking. You took deep breath’s, sitting in your tub. You tried holding the tears in, but they wanted to force themselves out. You leaned your head against the wood, why? Why was this happening to you? You could feel your face scrunch, trying to force the heavy droplets of water out from your eyes. No, this was not you. You turned back up, breath, you’re more than this. You hid your pain from anyone that wished to talk, Alfred was the worst. You found yourself fighting about the little things, questioning why you were even here. “I don’t believe we should hold the wedding so soon, we must wait, till their civil war has died down and their will be no repercussions.”

Alfred’s back was turned to you, “Y/N, they have already called for a day. We cannot hold it off because of their war, they are pagans.” That word, it hurt your head to hear. You were once a pagan, so why must he speak so ill of them. You grabbed your cloak, hearing him sigh, “where are you going?”

“To visit a friend,” you tightened it, looking at him with annoyance, “do not forget your fiancé was a pagan.” You slammed the door behind you, what were you doing? You wished you could turn back around, run to him and apologize and kiss him, but the damage was done. Tomorrow would be a new day, but you mustn’t tamper with what God had in store for you now.

“You have come to visit!” You glared to Cace as she jumped when she heard the door creak opened, “ooh! Let me guess,” she could see the despair on your face, “you husband doesn’t preform for you?”

You glared her down, “Cace! Shut up!”

She sat back, “fine, but what have you done with our people?” Your eyes went to the floor, “you killed them! I knew you would!” She smiled, her smile almost sadistic, “was it fun?”

“No, it wasn’t fun,” you muttered.

“But you are here, so it gave you some satisfaction.”

You bent down against the wall, pushing your head into your hands, “please just be quiet.” In truth, you only went down there for quietness, knowing Alfred wouldn’t even think about visiting a women who tried to kill him. You could feel the tears forming again, “Erica is still alive.”

Her eyes widened, “Erica? Where is she?”

You closed your eyes tight, trying to rid yourself of the memories. You took a deep breath, facing to look at her again, “in a cell, down the hall from you.”

You could see her questions appear, “well, do-does she know why she’s here?” You couldn’t answer that, you hadn’t even talked to her since you forced her here. You should have killed her, let her die instead of rotting in a place she doesn’t wish to be.

You stood from your spot, “I have to go.” Before Cace could respond, you found yourself in front of the doors of Erik’s room. Oh god, what were you doing? This isn’t right, she shouldn’t be here. You took a deep breath, pushing the door open, “Erika?”

You must have woken her from her sleep, because you could hear the chain suddenly rattle with the new voice within the room. “Y/N?”

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Your Highness V


Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre

A/N: I’m trying to plan to post another chapter to Cheater tomorrow or the next day. Also, Idk if people liked being tagged in Alfred things? So if you don’t wish to be tagged in them, please tell me. Other than that, Enjoy! Gif: bonniebirdgifcentre


“Your highness, we must take action to deal with these-these heathens that believe they may lay claim to our land!” You glared up at the short man talking to Alfred. His words burning holes in your ears, heathens, it made you wanna take your sword and kill him like he suggest killing your people. No, not your people, you had to remind your self, they were not yours, they were Lagatha’s.

You thoughts were interrupted when Alfred intertwined his hand with yours, giving you a reassuring nod before he went to speak again. It was like he knew what those words did to you, “like I said Bishop Aldin, my fiancé will have the final say on what will happened to her people.”

He whined, “but they could be planning a revolt!”

You couldn’t stay silent, not anymore, “they are not planning a revolt!”

“And how would you know? You stay in our lands and use your wicked games to force our king into marriage!”

Alfred’s face went bleak, “Bishop!”

Your anger began to control your words, “I did not use any form of games to have Alfred ask for my hand in marriage.”

“How are we sure,” he turned to the other advisors, “your mother was a witch was she not?”

“My Mother was not a witch!” They almost jumped when you stood up.

You could feel Alfred grab for your waist, “dear.”

You shoved his hands away, “no!” Turning back to the men, “just because you listen to stories of the Viking ways does not mean everyone else will believe them! We do not plan a revolt with our own Princess sitting in said castle! I was sent with a plan, and unlike you Christians they listen and will wait till they have confirmed words of our plans!”

He scoffed, “you Christians?”

You pulled away, somewhat offended by his words, “what?”

“Your highness, you said ’you Christians.’ Do you feel as though you are not Christian? If so, how must we bend a knee to a Queen who does not worship our God?”

You could feel you anger fill you more, not anger, rage. You wanted to run at the small man and take him down, hit him harder and harder till his incompetent words meant nothing. Alfred stood next to you, “I believe that is all for today, you may all leave,” when they didn’t move, he repeated himself, “leave.”

“Yes, Your Highness, but we will be expecting our answer before the sun set.”

Judith came up next to you, rubbing your shoulders and giving them a little squeeze, “they can be annoying,” her whisper was low in your ear.

You nodded your head and fell back into the small throne that sat next to Alfred’s. He said you would ‘rule together.’ So you would sit next to each other. You let out a defeated sigh, “Y/N,” you looked up to Alfred, “until you come up with a decision, they will continued to underestimate your presence here.”

You couldn’t kill them, they were the people you played with, drank with, danced with. They were the only form of family close to you right now, “what if I am not to be a Christian?”

You could tell your question caught him off guard, “what do you mean?”

“What if I was never meant to be here? If I should just go home empty handed instead of shaming my family?” You could feel your head sag, “what if I wasn’t meant to be with you?”

He knelt down to you, “why do you say this?”

He took your chin in his hand, forcing you to look at him, you sighed, “when I spoke to Cace, she told me to kill them, that I must earn my place in Heaven like I did Valhalla, but what if in the end, my gods mock me for my choices?”

You could see the pity spread on his face, you hated when people showed you pity, it made you look weak. “My love, when you allow for god to rest in your heart, that is when you will see how your gods do not matter. You-you have to accept it first, and that’s the hardest part.”

You could feel a tear roll down your cheek, “but how must I forget about my life, my family?”

He pulled you into his neck, brushing your hair down, “shh, my love… I don’t ask you to forget them, but to embrace your new beginning.”

“Ah-hum,” you looked up to see Alfred’s older brother, his hands resting against his sides, “the advisors had called for a decision to be made about the het-” he almost said it, almost ruined his good streak with you, “the Vikings camped outside Wessex.”

“Tell them we will be there in a moment,” Alfred turned back to you, “have you decided?”

You nodded your head, “let us go.” You walked down the hall, you head trying to ring high as you almost marched to the idiotic men who taunted you with questions of your beloved mother. You must breathe, you repeated that until it was engrained in your speech. Breathe and you will not fill with rage, but solitude, the door opened to all the men, watching as you walked to the head of their table. It was a pity, the only women in that room was you, and Judith who sat near the door.

The Vikings would never shame the minds of women, but embrace them, another reason you should just go home. The same bishop from earlier cleared his throat and began to talk, “your highness, have you made a decision?”

You looked to Alfred, he gave you a nod and you breathed, “I request the presence of your best shooters and warriors.”

He scoffed, “and for what my dear?”

You stood taller, he didn’t get to call you 'my dear’ as though your thoughts did not matter, “the Vikings that camp outside Wessex will be murdered for their unwillingness to see the true one God,” the words almost burned coming out. “They were my people, so I will be in charge of the murders. We will not be killing them mercilessly, as though they are nothing… For isn’t it on the belief of God we must forgive?” He looked stunned at your words, you could see the sly smile on Alfred’s face as you continued, “then Bishop, we shall forgive them, and give them a quick death. I will not stand to see them suffer.”

He raised his brows, “and when will this be happening.”

“Tomorrow,” they all shared scared looks, “they already think our plan has failed, so we must kill them before they can leave and reach Kattegat.”

And with that, you walked out of the dark room, you could hear Alfred behind you, trying to reach for you to pull you back, you could almost hear the joy in his voice, “you’re going to do this?”

You turned back to face him, “if it must prove that I am meant to be here… then yes.”

Tags: @ivarslittlebadgirl @naaladareia @tephi101

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Your Highness IV


Originally posted by drogonstone

a/n: Yaya, I’m updating your highness finally! This doesnt have alot of alfred, but it provides somewhat of an importance to the storyline, gif by: drogonstone, Enjoy! And why did I also forget I based this series on prompts I got?¿


You felt guilt leading you into Alfred’s room, you knew you had to tell him about Cace, about why you knew Cace was planning on killing him. You sighed, taking a step in and seeing him looking out of the windows, “Y/N,” he smiled when your eyes matched, he walked towards you, enclosing you in a tight hug. “Are you feeling better?" 

You nodded, trying to smuggle your way out of his arms, "Alfred.”

“Hm?” His eyes danced in yours.

“We should talk. . and I mean really talk.”

“What do you wish to talk about?”

You pulled away from him, looking out of the small balcony that was in the center of the room, “I was not sent here to discuss the terms of a territey… nor anything that dealt with peace.”

You could hear him step closer behind you, “Y/N, what do you mean?”

Tears filled your eyes as you tried turning back to him, looking at his face. Confusion wrapping its way around it, “Lagertha sent me to kill you, and every descendent that can hold claim to the throne,” you shook your head, “I’m so sorry Alfred,” trying to wrap your arms around him.

He pushed you away, “you were going to kill me?” His eyes searching for the answer in yours, “is that why you wanted to be close with me?”

You shook your head, “no,” trying caress his cheek, “no alfred.”

“You wanted to kill me, take Wessex for heathen land?”

You could feel the tears slowly falling down your cheek, “I did not want to, Lagertha told me to, she sent me here.”

He nodded his head, “but you were going to kill me.”

“Alfred, I-”

He walked to the door, “leave.”


“Leave!” he pushed it open just enough for you to walk past him. You wanted to tell him you weren’t going to kill him, you wanted to keep him safe, that is why you warned him. You wanted to talk and laugh like you did before, but you knew that wouldn’t happen, not again.

You brushed your hair out of the millions of braids it seemed to be in, taking a deep breathe as you contemplated your options. You could go back to Kattegat empty, or drop the head of a king at Lagertha’s feet. You couldn’t do either, if you went back, she would force you to fight. Fight against your brothers, kill the blood of your friends, and you could not do that. Your head turned at a familiar voice filled the room, “may we talk?" 

You smiled at the dark haired boy that stepped his way into your chambers, "I’m sure I cannot say no to a king.”

His head dropped, trying to hide the smile that flew across his lips. He made his way towards you, sitting on the edge of your bed as you sat at the small vanity, “Y/N.”

Before he could speak you interrupted, “I didn’t want to kill you Alfred, that is why I warned you about Cace, I really didn’t wish to. . Lagertha told me of a blood thirsty king who killed our people, but when I came here, all I found was a fresh king,” you could see his taken aback face at your words, “and I am rambling on?”

“No,” he smiled, “y/n, I know.”

Your brows moved together, “you do?”

“I didn’t think a viking would ensure my safety after fighting her friend for me.”

You sighed, “I wanted to tell you that.”

He took a deep breathe, “I talked to my mother, she agrees with me.”

You cocked your head more, “agrees? About what?”

“That I should marry a women who is willing to risk her own life to protect mine,” you raised your brows, was he asking to marry you? “And being you are a princess, it wouldn’t be so bad if. . if we were to wed." You smiled, maybe the biggest smile that spread across your face, "so,” his eyes moved to yours, “will you do the honor of marring me? Y/N Ragnarsdottir?”

You jumped off your chair, moving to sit on his lap. You kissed him hard, almost pushing him back, “yes,” a smile breaking you apart from him, “yes.”

He laughed, his hands wrapping around your waist to lock behind your back, “I’m glade.”

You were pushed into the light of the people of wessex, some women laughed ‘the king marring a viking shield maiden?’ They said behind your back, but you took a deep breath and ignored them. That was talk of the petty girls who thought they would marry a king, not a princess. “Have you been learning anything?” Alfred asked as he stepped into your chambers, they had you stay in your own chambers, until the wedding, then you would consummate your marriage.

You turned to him, a small smile reaching your lips, but your head dropped, “no,” you said with a sympathetic laugh. 

You spent your days with different bishops, they often got aggregated when you couldn’t communicate or even understand the stories and prayers you 'had’ to memorize, “what do you mean?”

You sighed as Alfred sat on your bed, making your way to him, “I do not understand these prayers, nor stories they tell me.”

He smiled, grabbing for your hands and pulling you down to him, “you will, it just takes time.”

He paused, and you could tell something bothered him, “what is it?”

He shook his head, “nothing.”

You knew that was a lie, “Afred, if I am to be your wife, I do not wished to be lied to.”

He sighed against your stomach, “your people? The ones who came with you? They are beginning to question you.”

You pushed away from him, “what?”

His head almost dropped from the sudden loss of weight that held him  up, “if we do not act not, they may revolt,” he could see the sadness on your face, “but,” grabbing your hands he continued, “I don’t want anyone deciding what we should do except you,” he kissed your knuckles, “they are your people.”

“You wish for me to decide if we must kill them?”

He shook his head, “I did not say that.”

“But you have thought it.”

He stood, “Y/N, it is your decision, whatever you want, I will agree with you.”

You didn’t look back to him, “and what if I want for them to have safe passage?”

He nodded his head, “if that is what you want,” he took your hand, causing him to look up to him. “But do not forget, nobody knows of our wedding, and if they leave, word will spread like fire. Lagertha will know you did not kill me, and do you think she won’t come back for you? For betraying her?”

You could feel tears in your eyes, “may I think about it?”

His arms wrapped around you, “yes,” he kissed your forehead, “just we need a decision soon.”

You nodded your head, taking in a deep breath as you watched him leave, before he closed the door fully he winked at you, you smiled, even though the happiness it was supposed to hold was fake. How could you kill you people? Kill everyone you grew up with just to please yourself?

The next day you found yourself in a place you never thought you would have to return to, “Have you wed yet?” Her questioned made your glare down to her.


“Alfred, don’t think because Im locked down here I still don’t hear things. The slaves talk of how cute you are together, how you changed religion for him… praising the christian God." 

You felt your nose twitch with annoyance, "No, Cace, we have not wed.”

She gave a sarcastic smile, “oh dear, please do invite me.” She took a pause, letting her words get to you, then spoke again, “why are you here then? and not with your king.”

You readjusted yourself in your chair, making your hands sit in your lap, “the people, that came to Wessex with us, they are still here. Waiting word on the death of Alfred.”

She laughed, you could hear the chains rattle when she moved, “ohhh! Thank the Gods, y/n,” she shook her head with a smile, almost not believing your words, “they,” she pointed up, “they are going to mock you, curse you, maybe even kill you.” She laughed even harder, “all because you wanted a Christian!”

“If I am not mistaken, my father and my uncle were found of the Christians, Rollo giving up his bond with his only brother to marry one, and Ragnar, listening to the words of one for wisdom.”

Her tone switched to serious, “and how many people died when Ragnar Lothbrok went to invade Paris? When his army was met with the great betrayer, Rollo?” You could feel your jaw tighten, “and who killed the christian your father worshiped? Why, wasn’t it his best friend, Floki, who killed him in prayer for the gods?”

All her words were meant to discourage you, and they did somewhat. You could feel tears in your eyes when you looked over to her, “then what do you suggest I do with all the people Lagertha sent? Hm? and please, I did not ask for a rude comment.”

She sat up, “you really want my advice?” You nodded your head, “kill them.”


She laughed to herself for a moment then nodded, "follow your uncle, but do not offer them a safe passage home, because if they reach Lagertha, you will die, just like your mother… If it was me, and I had the choice,” she nodded her head, “I would kill them and leave no one behind.”

“Kill all my friends?” This time your could feel a slow tear fall down your cheek.

She gave a faint smile, “they are not your friends y/n, you lost that right when you wanted to become a christian.”

You wanted to scream in her face, scream she was wrong, but you knew she was right. If anyone of those people got back to Lagertha, they would be her faithful pet, telling her how you disobeyed her, went against her. “How,” your whisper was faint.


“How am I to kill 30 of my people without one of them leaving?”

She sighed, crawling up to my feet, “oooh, poor little princess Y/N, you told me you earned your place in Valhalla, earn your place in heaven.”

You lowered your head, you hair was almost straight, rather in the complex braids it was used to, “Cace, if I kill them, they will force me to kill y-”

Her face grew annoyed, “hush, I am sadly prepared to die, do not worry.”

You lifted yourself up, “I love you.”

She smiled, “I love you to.”

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