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Originally posted by honestsycrets





Alenna woke up feeling a kiss on her shoulder and on her back, one hand massaging the girl’s waist gently, Alfred.
-Good morning my king.
The girl said as she turned to face him. Alfred pulled her by the waist and gave her a kiss.
-Good morning my queen .- they smiled between the kiss and soon Alfred was already on top of Alenna .
-You definitely woke up hungry this morning, didn’t you?“ The girl asked as Alfred kissed her neck.

-You can’t judge me you’ve been away from me all this time and now I don’t want to leave this room anymore.- He kissed her again with more intensity. Alenna took the opportunity and threw Alfred across the bed smiling and whispered in his ear.

-For me we stayed here all day.- She kissed him and her kisses went down, down his neck, belly and finally she reached his sex and then she kissed the tip and licked.

Alfred impatiently pulled the girl by the arms and made her come up to him again.

-I’m very hungry for these games my love.

Then Alenna smiled and kissed him again.

Alenna began to move over Alfred’s rigid member and then she lifted her body to receive him.

Alfred penetrated her in seconds.

-After all isn’t just me who are hungry here.

Alenna sat on top of him and with her hands resting on his chest she began to move down and up very slowly.

-Don’t torture me, my love.

-I like to see you at your extreme my king.- Alenna answered increasing the speed.

And the two of them stayed like this until Alenna bent down to kiss the king, Alfred grabbed her ass and thrust hard, Alenna moaned on his lips then Alfred did more and more, until Alenna couldn’t take it anymore and asked.

-Please, my love, take me.

Alfred didn’t think twice, he was back with Alenna ’s legs entwined on his back as he moved quickly inside her.

"Are you going to cum with me, my love?- Alfred asked and Alenna only knew how to moan, she was almost on the peak. Then Alfred felt Alenna ’s pussy tightening around his cock making him not stop moving, her nails scratching the king’s back until she came.

-aaaah so beautiful, I’ll cum inside you and you’ll give me a son as perfect as you.


Alfred force himself and then he moaned with his forehead against the queen as she tugged at his hair. The two of them caught their breath and Alenna gave Alfred a bite on the lip and made him smile and open his eyes again to her.

-I missed you.- Alfred said. -I’ll never let you go from here again, have you realized that?”

Alenna smiled and before she could respond, someone knocked on the door.

“ALFRED, YOU’VE GOT THINGS TO DO!” His brother shouted from the other side of the door.

Alfred moaned in frustration and threw himself on the bed. Alenna got up and put on her clothes that were on the floor.

-You should go he looks very impatient.- Alenna smiled as she headed toward the door.

-Wait! Are you going to leave like this? Aethelred is on the other side of the door he will see you.

Alenna began to laugh and opened the door talking - And you still belive that he doesn’t know, I’ll see you later my king.

As soon as Alenna comes out the door Aethelred came in and looked at his brother.

-Ah, like old times!

Alfred looked at his brother in awe and Aethelred started to laugh and tossed his brother’s shirt on the bed.

-Get dressed, you have to train.

And so Alfred was left alone in the room laughing to himself.



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Originally posted by alittlebiteverything

PAIRING: Alfred X Reader



SUMMARY: The fallout of Cuthred’s murder. Princess Ealhswith arrives in Wessex, and Y/N finds out a secret that Alfred has been keeping from her.

PART 1 , PART 2 , PART 3 , PART 4 , PART 5 , PART 6 , PART 7 

A/N: Yup, this took a long time. Inspiration only recently struck (apparently I only write when I’m procrastinating). I changed the POV, I hope you guys don’t mind (if you prefer the previous one, let me know and I’ll change it back). Hope you guys enjoy this part! 💛 PS: If your name has a strikethrough, it means I couldn’t tag you. Send me an ask if you want to be added to the tag list!

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Today is the season finale, so I want to pay tribute to the best battle of the entire season (A+B). I don’t think the battle of tonight’s episode will match that, because, you know, Bjorn and Ivar will be leading… yes, these two annoying kids throwing a tantrum in the middle of Kattegat.

Ubbe leading (best thing of this season), Alfred narrating, the Bishop dying (LAGERTHAAAAAAAAA), Gunnhild and Bjorn, and the music, the fucking music!!!!

“God works in mysterious ways…”

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PAIRING: Ivar x Reader / Alfred x Reader (in next parts) 

WARNINGS: a bit of angst, sadness

Will I ever finish a multi-chaptered fic? Who knows. I know it’s annoying, I am so sorry but here you go…

PS: parts in italic are flashbacks

Originally posted by honestsycrets

Kattegat had changed.

Ivar had changed.

Every night you looked back at your life, at when everything had changed.

Gods, everything you wanted was your queen Aslaug back on her throne.

But she was dead and with her, something in Ivar had died as well.

“Is it possible to speak to my King Ivar the Boneless without the fear of being murdered?” You said getting up from your chair.

“Ivar… who is she?” Freydis whispered at him but for the first time, he ignored her.

“I regret my choice Ivar.” You said out loud.

The ale had given you the courage of speaking the truth.

“What?!” Ivar shrieked, offended and embarrassed in front of all his warriors and shield maidens.

“I regret I chose to stay with you instead of Ubbe. Here everyone is afraid to speak because only the Gods know what you could do to someone that goes against you… but you know what?! I don’t care!” You yelled in front of everyone that sat drinking and eating in the Great Hall.

“Y/N, it’s not worth it,” Hvitserk said, trying to make you seat down, but it was all useless.

“Everybody! OUT!”  Ivar roared and in few seconds the Great Hall was empty.

Only you and Hvitserk had remained in front of the divine Ivar the Boneless.

“Ivar… she is just playing with your mind.” Freydis said with a little smile on her lips trying to get his hand in hers.

“You… go out as well.” He whispered.

“Ivar.” She attempted. 

“Freydis, go out. We’ll talk later.”

She was offended but stood up and walked away with her pregnant belly from the Great Hall.  

“You are an idiot and you don’t deserve to be King of Kattegat.” You spoke, not losing eye contact with him for a moment.

“I could make you burn alive for these words,” Ivar stated but he knew he could never harm you. 

“That would be a nice way to treat the woman you once promised to marry.”

“We were kids.” He said, trying to remedy at his mistakes.

“I don’t think so.”

“The only kid in here Ivar is you.” Hvitserk finally said.

Originally posted by honestsycrets

Ivar gave a furious look to his brother but the second after when his eyes met yours, shiny and full of sadness he knew he had just said a lie.

“I haven’t forgotten you, I still remember all the things we used to do together.” He whispered.


You were the first person, besides Floki and Aslaug, that Ivar felt truly comfortable with. He lusted to spend time of his day with you.

“Why you spend all your free time with me?” Ivar asked you.

He laid on his back under the shadow of a big tree, his eyes lost in the hundreds of branches.

“Because I love your company.” You admitted resting on one side.

“No one loves my company, not even my brothers.”

“I do. You know I love to be with you more than I want to be with anybody else.” You whispered as your nose was tickling his neck.

Ivar’s body tensed, it was like he was paralysed under the pleasant sensation of your touch.

“I don’t think this is right.” He mumbled.

“I think you should just let yourself go.”

Your lips closed on his neck giving him slow, full kisses that made him shiver and close his eyes, losing the track of time for a moment. You sat over him and made eye contact waiting to see if he was comfortable with what was happening. His hand intuitively went on your hips, holding them softly.

“Y/N, you know I can’t.”

“You can own my body in other ways Ivar, I don’t care in which ways, I only want to be yours.”  You crashed your lips on his tasting his deep kisses as his hands ravished your body.

“Not here, let’s go in my chamber.” 


“I think you have forgotten Ivar. Now all you think about is killing Lagertha and your new wife. You broke my heart Ivar.” You said as tears fell out of your eyes.

“Don’t’ say these things.” Ivar was destabilized.

He could remember how he had changed behaviour with you after the only thing that he wanted was to kill Lagertha. And then Freydis had arrived.

“Freydis… she has poisoned your mind… Ivar the only reason people don’t overthrow you is because they are afraid of you. Do you really want to build your power over fear?” At this point you were crying.

“She is carrying my child. My divine child!”

“How can you think the baby is yours Ivar! I know you better than anyone else… my love wasn’t’ enough for you but hers it is?!” You screamed furiously against him.

“Y/N, let’s go. Ivar has lost his mind.” Hvitserk interrupted the two of you and held your hand starting to walk to the exit.

“Y/N! You can’t leave me!”

“You are doing nothing to making me stay.”

And then you went away.


Thanks for reading! 💕

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I hope I tagged everyone that asked me to, if not please let me know and I’ll fix it! 😘

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Originally posted by alittlebiteverything

PAIRING: Alfred X Reader with special guests, Ubbe, Bjorn, Torvi and Lagertha.



SUMMARY: The arrival of Ubbe, Bjorn, Lagertha and Torvi causes some tension between Y/N and Alfred. Judith puts a plan in motion to replace Y/N with a more appropriate wife for Alfred, while Y/N learns of a conspiracy in the Church.

PART 1 , PART 2 , PART 3 , PART 4 , PART 5 , PART 6 , PART 8

A/N: This took a LOOOONG time. Sorry to keep you waiting, but I hope me making it extra long makes up for the long wait! Thank you all so much! PS: If your name has a strikethrough, it means I couldn’t tag you. Send me an ask if you want to be added to the tag list!

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man i was so excited abt this season and so far it‘s been pretty crap. thx hirst for more useless het romances that make no sense and so many ooc moments for various characters. the only thing that keeps me watching at this point is ubbe&alfred and hvitserk, and waiting for ivar to finally realise what freydis did jfc

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I never even watched last week’s episode and I’m not watching this week’s either. 😕 There’s nothing happening in these episodes and all I care about is seeing where Alfred and Ubbe’s friendship goes.

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Omg guys skip to 1:00 to hear what he says about Alfred and Ubbe’s relationship! I love that he points out the dynamic in their relationship and how even though Alfred is king, their relationship isn’t one sided in terms of who has more power over the other. They’re balanced. 

Check it out! It’s really interesting to hear his opinion on their relationship.

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Finally got round to doing an edit for these two! I love them so much! Their dynamic, the chemistry, every single one of the scenes that they share together are so good! I love that it’s not just tension, there’s a level of trust and honesty between them, and an interest to learn of the other. Can’t wait till the next episode!

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