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“It’s a great privilege to meet you again, Ragnar Lothbrok.”

Alfred, Caridwen, Labhraín, and Liusaidh all stood nearby each other as Judith introduced her son to the great Viking king. 

“Not every Saxon would agree.” The man was bald, bearded, heavily tattooed, and wearing what seemed like rags. He was barefoot. Caridwen didn’t think he looked very kingly at all this way. Judith’s hand guided her son’s back and Ragnar stood up, walking to get a closer look at the future king of Wessex.

“I’m not every Saxon.” Judith and her son shared a look that was lost on the princesses, the King, and the Viking. He walked forward and stood just before Ragnar. “This is my son, Alfred. He is the son— ”

“I know,” Ragnar interrupted. He seemed distracted and turned to look back and King Ecbert. “Without explanation.” Ecbert smiled and Ragnar turned around, walking right up to the young prince. It was then that the girls noticed the shackles on his hands. Liusaidh nudged Labhraín and gestured in the direction of his arms; the young sisters shared a confused look before returning their attention to the interaction in front of them. “You are Aethelstan’s son,” he smiled. In a moment of emotional rawness, Ragnar brought the boy to him in an embrace. The girls didn’t know who Aethelstan was; but clearly he meant a lot to Ragnar for him to hug the man’s son upon meeting him for the first time. Ragnar gave a breathy laugh, as if he had suddenly been brought to peace, and smiled warmly at the young boy. “You look just like your father,” he told Alfred. 

“People who knew him say that a lot,” he responded, and both cracked a smile. He returned to his mother’s side.

Ragnar turned his attention to the princesses. “I’m very sorry; excuse my manners. I am not a proper Englishman,” he joked, and the girls received it well. “Who are the young ladies?”

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Originally posted by aelfred

Requested by @worldisadirtyplace   , honestly I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR REQUESTS, I ALWAYS DO THEM WITH A SONG. I hope you like it, I’m sorry if this is not exactly what you asked, but I just thought it would be great to write it this way!


Song inspired: Something that there wasn’t there before

Plot: Alfred and you are getting married, and you don’t have a say in the matter. Since the moment you heard about it, you had hated the faceless prince; but now, he’s making it hard for you to hate him.

Your favourite place about that strange and big castle, without a doubt, was the library. It was not only the most secluded room, but also held books that you could only dream about in your kingdom. About adventures, romance and new undiscovered lands that made you travel far, far away. To a world where your future wasn’t ruled by people you didn’t know, or by your social status. As a princes of a small kingdom, your duty was to marry whoever your parents decided; and that turned out to be Alfred, future king of Wessex.

For two weeks, you had managed to avoid the meant to be confrontation, only seeing him in the corridors with his mother or in the dinning hall. When he finally had the chance to talk to you alone, you disappeared in that place. And it had been successful until that morning.

You had a pile of books in your hands, that seemed heavier than ever. Walking through the many corridors and bookshelves, you kept adding more to that pile until they all fell to the floor with a loud thud. You bent down to collect the novels, cursing under your breath unlike a princess should do. Heavy steps sounded in the hall and you were met with a clean brown pair of boots.

“Y-Y/N” Alfred’s voice sounded surprised. “Oh, do you need any help, my lady?”

That time, you held back the insult. His question was nice, and his intention was pure; but you couldn’t help the annoyed feeling of having him in front of you. After all, an arranged married wasn’t your dream. He seemed perfectly fine with it. You picked up all of the books and set them on a unoccupied counter. Looking up the future king, your face contoured into a scowl.

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man i was so excited abt this season and so far it‘s been pretty crap. thx hirst for more useless het romances that make no sense and so many ooc moments for various characters. the only thing that keeps me watching at this point is ubbe&alfred and hvitserk, and waiting for ivar to finally realise what freydis did jfc

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I never even watched last week’s episode and I’m not watching this week’s either. 😕 There’s nothing happening in these episodes and all I care about is seeing where Alfred and Ubbe’s friendship goes.

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Omg guys skip to 1:00 to hear what he says about Alfred and Ubbe’s relationship! I love that he points out the dynamic in their relationship and how even though Alfred is king, their relationship isn’t one sided in terms of who has more power over the other. They’re balanced. 

Check it out! It’s really interesting to hear his opinion on their relationship.

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Finally got round to doing an edit for these two! I love them so much! Their dynamic, the chemistry, every single one of the scenes that they share together are so good! I love that it’s not just tension, there’s a level of trust and honesty between them, and an interest to learn of the other. Can’t wait till the next episode!

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Originally posted by eduardica2



Ragnarsson Incest

Gif credit: eduardica2.

A/N: Ayyyy, Hvitty boy is gonna be a creep.

You were falling over your feet to keep up with Hvitserk. His shining oxfords were snubbing the ground so fast, you were struggling to keep up. He had swept your wrist out from under Alfred so quick, you had whiplash. Your heels click sloppily as he rounds the corner out of the staircase and pulls you up the stairs. You know he’s looking for the slight indentation just outside of the stairs where the smallest of auditoriums lies.

No one would be looking there for you.

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Tied in a Blue Ribbon: (Y/N) lives in a boarding school with her brothers. Her family bears criminal ties, making it difficult for her to date. But she’s fallen from Alfred, whom is from a rival family. Her lover Hvitserk makes such love impossible.




Chapter I

Chapter II

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