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#all about eve
Hello my sweetie! How are you? sorry it took me so long to write, wasn’t that well myself to be honest – but now I’m better and I hope you are fine too :) You went to see Gillian Anderson, was it good? xo


Pretty crap rn to be honest. It’s ok! Things get busy and hard sometimes I get it.

It’s weird.. Honestly would have loved to see it like properly live but not exactly possible. They did like a live streaming thingy at a cinema near me so I went and yeah it was freaking awesome.. she’s like hot af like actually a babe. I really loved what they did with this production honestly.. I love the movie.. it’s like one of my all time favourites honestly it has issues though.. and I feel like they like worked around those issues so well. I really loved the confrontation between Addison and Eve near the end ugh so good.. also the lady playing Karen was hot as fuck.. like so hot I die. And as much as I love Bette Davis (and I do) I thought Gillian did a bomb ass job playing Margo. Anyway I’ve gotten a bit carried away… sorry 

Thanks for saying hi lol! Talk soon anon xx

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