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I see my life now, and I can only imagine the future, a future where I might actually be happy, because right now all there is for me to do is to search for that happiness that may end up being my future. I guess that’s what some people do when they feel broken, empty, lost and unhappy. I hope someday I can be the one telling the love story instead of telling myself the story of how I fell in love alone. Most love stories you hear are amazing and a joy to hear and see what became since they met, but what about us? The unrequited love, the ones who fell in love alone constantly searching for ‘the one’ but here’s the funny and heartbreaking truth; most of those we fall in love with don’t love us back. So, you found your one, congratulations, hold on to your golden ticket, but please don’t ask me when I’m going to find the one because when I watch what you have, your partner, your life, that love, it makes me feel so alone I’d rather die than find out if I’m ever going to find the one. I believe it’s all just a matter of time and we all will find our one and no matter how hard the journey is, I have to believe that it will be worth it.

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We grew apart and I missed you so much. But I was so afraid of rejection that I didn’t reach out….

But tonight was the night that I finally did and you showed me that there was nothing to be afraid. You welcomed me back with open arms and it was like nothing had changed.

I loved you then and I love you now… and that will never change

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I feel like I don’t belong.

I can’t relate to mostly anyone.

It’s like they have a different brain then I do.

Think different, or.. maybe the point is they dont think as much as I do.

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t, maybe the truth is too hard to face.

And they’re not wrong, it is hard to face.

We do have sunshine and rainbows, but it doesn’t make up for the filth in this world.

Atleast not for me.

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A warning to the people,

the good and the evil.

To the soldier,

the civilian,

the martyr,

the victim.

It’s the moment of truth and the moment to lie.

And the moment to live and the moment to die.

The moment to fight.

A warning to the prophet,

the liar,

the honest.

To the leader,

the pariah,

the victor,

the messiah.

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Sembra che l'immaginazione è la mia unica via di fuga…Quando la notte sale l'angoscia e non esiste più una scusa, una scusa per tutto quanto,mentre il mondo va avanti io cado sull'asfalto.

Diventa difficile anche stare con la gente,tanto per le persone non vali e non varrai mai niente.


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