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About the Fic | Clexa AU | There’s been a business merger with 13 wine and spirit brands coming together. 13 Clans now exists, and Lexa and Clarke need to jump right into things and start working together. Lexa is by the books, Clarke likes to blur the lines. There’s a lot of travel, there’s a lot of team drinks, and there’s definitely about to be something between the two.

Link to Chapter 6:

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Miss FQ: Fear The Walking Dead is back! What can we expect from the upcoming season?

Alycia: Everything’s just become more epic. We’ve got huge set ups, big stunt sequences. There’s smoke and fire and there’s a plane crash – there’s so much going on, it’s awesome!

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«I’m so not the kind of killing machine that she is [Alicia Clark]! I’m a kitten! In my personal life, I’m very opposite. Even when it became spring here [in Austin] I was like, “oh my god, guys look at all the flowers! Can I put them in my hair?!” And they were like: “no you need to be serious, here’s your weapon!” And I’m like: “I don’t wanna! Let me roll in the hills!” Because of that, it makes it easier to disconnect and for it to be a completely different thing. I’m probably far more similar to first season Alicia – normal Alicia!»

- Alycia Debnam-Carey for Miss FQ Magazine

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