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Ok who remember Jonny quest I wasn’t born in the 60s but I grew up watching the reruns of the school everynight on boomerang. But I started looking back into it and is amazing.

You got two gay parents( well not really cause 60s but come on now and day it would be gay) trying to raise their two sons one is adopted while simultaneously protecting scientific information from enemy. It’s amazing and still up to date relatively. If you haven’t seen it I suggest watching it

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Weird take on the Names=Death AU. This idea I had is totally irrational, but I thought it was funny and I needed to share. So, a leader gets visions for what to name new warriors and gets told to name a cat with the suffix -star. Everyone is confused and thinks this must mean the cat will be killed by a leader or StarClan. The cat gets a character arch about this crazy story, blah, blah. But, really, there’s a tiny meteor (shooting star) that hits the territories and crushes the cat. The end. 💕

thtz wht jakez warrior name would be

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Distraction idea #1: if there’s a person who is annoying you, make some popsicles. But make theirs with hot dog water. That’s a good insult too. Telling someone they smell like hot dog water and dog paws.

bahahaha you know i might have to try this… i am going to have to stay in house with someone i Hate so very much for a week in August and that sounds like the perfect opportunity…. thank u for this

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Il meglio si fa attendere. Certi sempliciotti pensano che, se toccano il culo ad una donna e lei non protesta, il più è fatto. Principianti. Il cuore della donna è un meccanismo complesso, insensibile ai rozzi ragionamenti del maschio avventuriero. Se si vuole davvero possedere una donna, bisogna imparare a pensare come lei. Tutto il resto, il morbido involucro, viene di conseguenza.”

- L’ombra del vento.

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