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Would anyone like to see a Jake Peralta x Reader series that is written in the same format as the TV show? I’m planning to have each part of the series acting like a different episode, which include scenes from different charters and so forth.

Who would be interested?

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In a world where two soulmates feel each other’s physical pain, Amy still doesn’t really understand the whole soulmates thing, and she’s not sure if she really wants to understand it. She knows that she wants to meet her soulmate though, but she just doesn’t expect her soulmate to be Jake Peralta (he sure gets hurt a lot, though). 

I’ve been working on this soulmate AU for quite some time and I’m really happy with what I’ve managed to write! The title lyrics are from “Anyone Else” by PVRIS. Also, I wanna thank @exploding-snapple for reading this over and giving me advice and feedback on how to improve it and just being awesome in general, and @outofinspo and @cheddar-the-dog for reading this over for me and being so nice and supportive!!! love my mutuals so much :) <3

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When Amy Santiago is merely three years old, she steps on a lego, even though there isn’t a lego in sight. She dismisses it however, because she owns a ton of legos (mostly stolen from her brothers), and as a result, there are almost always a few littering the floor somewhere. So, she simply scrunches up her face and continues walking towards her father’s study, in search of some paper that she could scribble on.

What she doesn’t expect, however, is the feeling of about a million legos pressing into the bottom of both of her feet. Amy howls loudly and drops to the floor, trying to understand why her feet are hurting so bad even though there isn’t anything there (She doesn’t know it, but a young boy named Jake Peralta has just been dared by his best friend to walk across a floor of legos, and Jake Peralta is no coward to back down from a dare). Amy wails for her mother, but instead, her older brother Tony comes flying into the room. And that’s how she finds out about “soulmates.” The concept is far too complicated for Amy to grasp, but nevertheless she tries, showering her parents and her brothers with questions every opportunity she gets.

Pretty soon, though, the whole incident flies out of her head and she forgets about “soulmates”, because she’s three years old and there are more important things for her to be doing (such as filling up Tony’s math workbook with doodles, learning to read, and building complex buildings out of legos).

When she’s four and well versed in the art of reading, Tony, after much persuasion, finally agrees to let Amy come to the library with him. Amy is thrilled. As soon as they get to the library, she goes straight to the “soulmates” section and pulls out a book that looks to be about twice her weight. What she doesn’t expect, however, is the thin paper slicing into her index finger as she delicately turns the pages. Amy yelps in pain, quickly withdrawing her hand from the book and staring and the long red mark. It’s the first time she feels completely aware of her soulmate, ever since the lego incident.

She tells her brother while they’re riding back home on the bus. “I hurt my soulmate today,” she says innocently, peering up at Tony with large brown eyes. “But not on purpose.” Tony assures her that it’s “never on purpose,” but Amy suddenly realizes that it could be on purpose. She steers clear from harm though, even if her soulmate is constantly getting scratches and bruises here and there. The more she thinks about it, she realizes that she could do anything— stub her toe, nick her finger on a knife— to bring her soulmate to be aware of her.

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Persephone and Hades try to hide their relationship from their coworkers, part 2.

Thanatos: I’d love to see you date someone from work. Your head would explode.

Persephone: Your head would explode! Because of… how well I would handle it!

Thanatos: Huh, sick burn.

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Oh my god guys what if Jake and Amy have a girl and instead of her being born during the Heist Amy gives birth on the 24th of December and they name her Eve???? Or better!! They can not have children and they try they try but nothing happens but then Amy learns she’s pregnant/gives birth on that date?? Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Christmas miracle 🎄❤️

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